megan mcgarry

#3: MAMA (January 19th)

Would I recommend Mama to someone who easily goes into mild cardiac-arrests at the slightest jump scares, literally feels her skin crawl when things move unnaturally, or to someone who was going movie-hopping with four guys that he or she couldn’t use as a human pair of horse blinders? No. But, I am that girl. I saw Mama. I lived, and possibly even enjoyed it a bit.

Mama is no instant classic or the usual artsy flick that my film school friends would recommend to me, but it served its purpose as a quintessential PG-13 ghostly horror film. Orphaned in the woods, sisters Victoria and Lily (Megan Mcgarry & Isabelle Nélisse) are looked after by a haunting apparition they call ‘Mama’ (Javier Botet). When the girls are discovered five years later, they’ve developed animalistic tendencies and must be integrated back into a normal life with the help of their Uncle Lucas (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau) and his live-in girlfriend Annabel (Jessica Chastain) - but 'Mama’ isn’t ready to let her girls go.

Overall, Mama was fun. I saw it with a bunch of my friends and I love the adrenaline rush of being scared, even if it by some silly 'pop out and scare ya’ moments. There are some obvious flaws in the way director Andres Muschietti chooses to use 'Mama’ in nearly every scene and the mystery that surrounds her ghost is revealed far too quickly, but Chastain’s role as a mother-figure to these two little…wood-beasts is actually pretty sweet and believable and it’s a very un-American horror film in the way it ends and how the audience is led to feel about our spooky antagonist. Check it out and we’ll talk about how uncomfortable this ghostly bitch’s crumbled up, skittering all over the place, multi-jointed body makes you feel.

“She gets jealous…” - Victoria.

★★★ / Three hair roombas outta five!