megan leitschuh

Siberian Queen

I watched the opening ceremony of the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics and thought the festivities were great, of course. I also really liked the headdresses that the ladies leading each country’s athletes wore. The outfit’s shape as a whole reminded me of the architecture of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow.

The lady leading Team Russia out was totally workin’ it and reminded me of some sort of ice princess with the all-white outfit and headdress.


Jiji plush

I hope everyone had a great Halloween! Mine was certainly fun because I dressed up as Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service. And you can’t have Kiki without Jiji– so I made a Jiji plush! Felt body, pellets in the seat, made a nice bow, and hand-stitched the nose– the whole shebang.

I also made the bow headband I wore, made a felt “sleeve” for my crossbody bag so it looked more like the one from the movie, and made the broom as well.


lobo-guará (maned wolf)

My final illustration of 2013 is of the maned wolf, a super awesome canine that is NOT a wolf nor a fox– it is its own, unique species. No, I’m not even exaggerating how the long their legs are! They live in the grasslands of Brazil, so those long/tall legs make sense. They also have this cool vocalization called a roar-bark

can you tell they are one of my new favorite animals

Anyways, Happy 2014, everyone!

Layered Lepidoptera
repeating pattern, Painter 12/Illustrator

Oh man I haven’t made a pattern in way too long. I usually do my patterns solely in Illustrator, but I tried something different this time by doing the moths in Corel Painter 12 & assembling everything in Illustrator as usual. Another thing that was different was that I had 4 layers in this pattern (2 layers of moths, 2 opacity layers), as I usually only have 1. Pretty sure I’ll make some more patterns now…

Backyard Birdies

Now that winter is coming (ugh), the birds are visiting the feeders in my backyard a lot more. The best part of this impending cold weather is when the birds fluff their feathers and look all chubby– a look that inspired the shape of the birds in the pattern.

I tried out sooo many different background colors for the pattern before settling on white (a rare occurrence in my patterns). There’s just so many colors going on with the birds that the background didn’t need to add yet another color.

Can you name all the birds? :)

Edit: As per request, below is a hi-res tile of the pattern that you are free to use for your computer background!

My Geometric Fox painting made it onto Tumblr Radar yesterday and I am so super blown away by the seriously massive amount of notes & followers that have flocked to my tumblr.

I’m always updating my tumblr with sketches, in-progress work, & final art… I’m so excited that I will get to share my work with so many of you.

I put together the illustration above to show my appreciation (this one was done in Illustrator as opposed to Geometric Fox ’s acrylic paint)

A handful of you guys reblogged Geometric Fox and added “what does the fox say?” … the fox says “thank you”


The Fire
Corel Painter 12

This is an idea I’ve had in my head for a loooong time and I finally got around to getting it out. I really pushed myself and did a full background and glowy lighting to boot! It depicts a dream I had in March and I’ve kept telling myself that it would make for a great illustration… the story is below and might be tl;dr, but you should read it anyways because reading is good for your brain.

I walked into my porch, opened the door leading to the outside, and stepped out onto the deck. It was nighttime, but my backyard was lit up in a way it wasn’t supposed to be. One of the pine trees was on fire, but not completely engulfed yet. I ran back inside and grabbed a bucket and started filling it up in the kitchen sink. Through the kitchen window, I could see that more of the pine tree was burning now. I went back out the porch door with the bucket of water in hand, but it wasn’t my backyard anymore. I was standing with a forest behind me, flames burning in front of me, and even more flames in the distance. Confused, I turned around, trying to get a sense of direction. I faced forward, looking at the flames in front of me, but now there was a wolf standing there. It stared at me for about five seconds, then looked to my right and was staring at something else. I turned to my right to see what it was looking at, but then everything disappeared. I woke up.