megan lavey heaton

Debuting at TCAF 2017 - Namesake Vol 3 by Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heatong

Emma Crewe has returned home from Oz, but rather than finding her sister, she winds up in the clutches or a group calling themselves the Rippers, who seem to know a lot about her powers. One peculiar Ripper named Nose seems to even have childhood memories with Emma. Meanwhile, Elaine and Calliope are on a quest to reconnect with her newly Earth-bound sister, against all odds and in Oz, Warrick, Selva, and their friends deal with the aftermath of finding Princess Ozma. This volume contains the second Intermission through chapter 15.

Size: 8.5x10
Pages: 172
Price: $20 US/$25 CAD - softcover / $30 US/$35 CAD - hardcover

“You, sir, are going to die.”

“Very intimidating, Em. I’m sure it’s scared.”

I finally finished this! Yay! I love these two, they’re adorable. Headcannon that the Calliope staff got tired of replacing all the fighting dummies that Emma kept destroying during practice, so they decided that they needed to shield them. And Warrick volunteered to help. Because it’s good practice. Yeah. Practice. 

Both characters are from the webcomic Namesake, which belongs to Isabelle Melançon and Megan Lavey-Heaton. Read it! It’s super awesome!