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fereality-indy  asked:

@Squad: Here's my voice casting part 2. Missy - Megan Fahlenbock (Gwen from Total Drama) A talent who can sound smart, sweet, and snarky if needed. Victor - Michael Rosenbaum (do I really need to tell you who he is) Again do I really need to explain. Roman - Vincent Caso (Bladezz from The Guild) I can see him easily portraying the cool, suave voice of Roman. Jack - Ben Pronsky (Killia from Disgaea 5) From playing one demon to playing another.

E: Miss- I remember her. She fits a lot with Missy character and i remember gwen’s character pretty well from first 3 seasons. I think maybe half a step high in terms of octave but i’m perfectly content as is. 

Viktor: That was a choice that took me a minute to remember but haha that would be funny especially since Viktor is only a little taller than Sol but he’s really 14 so the natural roughness of his voice really could mess with people and make a recurring joke “Yes this is my voice, no i’m not 5.

Roman: agreed. He’s really got a natural smooth, laidback tone that just oozes Roman 

Jack- Ugh, i still need to play 5. I mean i played all the others, i just haven’t had the chance to pick up 5. right voice acting. I love this voice buuuut not for Jack.. I mean Ben Pronsky sounds amazing a demon but I’m thinking he’s a bit too demon for Jack. perfect for Jack’s grandpa Hades. for Jack, i have an alternate idea thanks to you. Not Troy Baker because haha no one has that money but something along Valvatorez style from Disgaea 4. now that i think of it Kate Higgins’s Fuka would be another excellent Nova choice.


Crying because Chris Potenza and Megan Fahlenbock. Aka. The fucking people who gave me some of the best laughs of my life (extra photos of Jude (Chris) cause he was my favourite character and I actually role played as Jude for a year or so on a forum a few years back.

I just. Like. Sobbed in the cafeteria after because these people made my life. If there’s a 6teen fandom, let me in man.

Back at the hotel for a short while and then tomorrow I’ve got two photo ops. One with Billy Boyd. One with Robert Englund.

Pippin and Freddy.

Nerd life is good.