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This entire season of Grey’s has been a total mess. Like scattered and disjointed with no storyline. Watching it has been a punishment but as an ardent Grey’s fan, I sat through every episode, every pointless storyline, every unnecessary scene. Like clearly Minnick was pointless and bringing Leah back was for no reason. Alex going to prison was a stupid storyline and the Japril centric movie did nothing (why did ee meet his dad?)

The last two episodes were okay though and I can’t lie I enjoyed them. But it’s only cause they seem to be creating new possible storylines.

So now I’m waiting for September so I can watch season 14 and see what Megan is like and if Omelia and Jolex will be redeemed and what the hell Shonda thinks she’s doing with Japril and Maggie cause I’m not fucking here for whatever this is.

TL:DR: My point is that clearly no matter what the hell Shonda puts me through I will keep coming back to suffer more.


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The April/Jackson/Maggie love triangle was no surprise, but I don’t understand it ??? Unless I missed Jackson and Maggie hints before episode 23 but like um ??? I’m very neutral with April and Jackson’s characters, but I love them together so I wonder how season 14 will play out for the three of them.
Megan Hunt. Oh, this is going to be interesting. I’m glad she’s alive after all those years, but I’m sad to know she went years of traumatic experiences, I wonder how she will react to seeing Owen…and Nathan. We all know she’s going to be a big focus in the next season.
Merthan…You already know I’m a big Merthan fan, hell, I even started a Merthan fic. I love how Meredith finally started opening up to seeing Nathan, I really wonder how Megan’s return will impact their relationship. As much as I want Meredith and Nathan to be together long term, I understand that Megan’s return will probably halt their relationship. I wonder if Nathan’s going to be by Megan’s side at the hospital and just recovering in general. We all know that if it were Derek, she would do the same. Will they still be together? Will Meredith just stay away from Nathan again so that HE can be happy? We can tell from how she told him about Megan that she was so supportive of him going to the Army hospital so he can see her. It makes me wonder if this is a hint to their ‘relationship’ next season. As much as I love Merthan, I think anyone can agree that if their SO, who was assumed dead or just missing in general, came back after YEARS, they would quickly be by their side the moment they found out. I’m so shook, it’s basically going to be Megan/Nathan/Meredith and I’m so sad, but I understand.
I have high hopes for Omelia next season, I’ve shipped them since they started having a thing, I’m hoping that the whole Megan thing makes their marriage stronger. I want them to be happy. You can tell that Owen is a complete mess, but Amelia is there for him with open arms and full support.
Quick thing: Fuck Eliza Minnick. Her character was such a huge NO for me. She really acted as if she owned the place. I want Arizona to have a SO, but she acted as if Arizona would automatically say yes to everything. I mean Arizona clearly likes Minnick, but I HATE her personality.
Miranda freaking Bailey firing Minnick was beautiful.
Stephanie Edwards, bless her soul, she did EVERYTHING just to save Erin. I’m sad to see her leave the show, she will definitely be missed.
Alex? Jo? Who are they? Yes IRL Jo was pregnant this season, but little mention of her in the finale, besides Alex talking about his visit with her (not so ex) husband. I hope their storyline gets better, I just want Alex to be happy and have a family.
I guess that’s it, but I wanted to see Megan Hunt in the gurney tbh, but yeah that is all.


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anonymous asked:

Steve which do you like more Tony as a man or Tony as a woman?

Reason why Tony is a woman

Originally posted by luvindowney

‘’I must say Tony is very attractive as a woman but I’m married to a man and I would like to have my handsome hubby back.’’

Originally posted by fash4us

‘’Are you answering questions without me, babe?’’

Originally posted by chrisevansz

*whispers* ‘’Oh, c’mon. That’s not fair.’’

Originally posted by awsucker

‘’Did you say something, Steve?’’

Originally posted by chrisandchips

‘’Umm, no. I didn’t, honey. Just…go back to being sexy.’’

*Tony walks towards Steve and kisses him* ‘’Hmm, you’re the sexy one here, babe.’’


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