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Bendy is great will kids of all ages, even 1-2 yr olds. Megan and Boris seems to agree~.

A little comic I made for a scene in my Childhood Bendy AU. I hope you enjoy is as much as i enjoyed drawing it! 

Inktober 031: scruffy, long-haired college boyfriends for @notallballs, who is the worst and the best all at once <3

Tools: Zig Cartoonist Sumi Ink, a dip pen with a Manuscript Leonardt Drawing Nip (DP801), Strathmore Bristol Board, Copic Opaque White

When Sasuke gets back to Konoha and starts hanging out with his old team again he’s gonna start making dork!faces b/c Naru and Saku both do it and that shit is contagious. SO HAVE SOME DORKY!SAUCE and some smiling and sexy!Sauce thrown in as he relearns what it means to facially… emote??  But mostly I’m trying to learn how to draw Sasuke because he’s tricky. :( 

~Spoiler-y fanart for Thick as Thieves beneath the cut~

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Not dead yet, just ill. And not on Tumblr much anymore because why would I subject myself to that XD anyway, I’m mostly on Instagram now (I made an art account specifically to help remind myself to post every day to keep the juices flowing.) Here, I ran out of paper so I had to make due with the old Wacom. Enjoy. /goes back into hiding*


idek this is so cliche I just I wanted to draw something fluffy for a certain baka because I’m a terrible friend and drawing is the only thing I can do I’m sorry

I drew this I Was Kidnapped By Lesbian Pirates From Outer Space in honur of Rosalarian’s birthday (it’s late as I’ve been unwell)

I chose IWKBLFOS as it was the first series to get me interested in Gedris’s work and was the first piece of LGBT media I got my pawns on as a teen discovering my attraction to the womens.

This is the line that stuck with me the most, I think I got the firs tpart wrong, but the comic’s been taken down, so I can’t check. Gedris took IWKBLFOS off the web last year because of some very messy business and I support her decision to do so.

Megan Rose Gedris, if you read this, Happy Birthday to you! ;)