megan calvert

Kinda related to what Miss is talking about.

I remember back when Don proposed to Megan and people HAAAAATED her. Because she was obviously inferior to Betty or Faye and omg how could Don want MEGAN when he just broke up with FAYE.

Like why does that matter? Why must we hate Megan because other female characters are more deserving of Don? Because that’s kind of what you’re communicating to me when you hate Megan because Don chose her over Faye or Betty.

ANYWAY, all of this to say is that I think that due to people being determined to hate Megan from the moment Don proposed, most of fandom hasn’t bothered to understand her as a character.

Megan isn’t perfect, but she is someone who is generally sweet but also naive in a lot of ways. And I think knowing that about her is really important to understanding who she is as a character.

She came to New York to be an actress, but she ended up working at an ad agency and got caught up in Don Draper and instead of being the actress she wanted to be, she became Don’s Wife. She lost her way and she lost who she was. And it’s not that she doesn’t love Don or that she never loved him or anything like that, but Megan came to realize that she doesn’t want to be Don’s Wife.

I mean I think she’s still very naive and while she wants to not depend on Don anymore, the realities of life as a struggling actress might be harder for her to handle than she thinks they’ll be.

But yeah, Megan’s journey as a character is the same as many other characters on the show- she’s figuring out who she is and what she wants and maybe she got lost along the way, but now she’s trying to get back on track.