megan and liz writing

the pirate’s son

prompt: On the occasion of lizzyc807shipscaptainswan’s birthday, I have filled this prompt she sent me a few days ago: Liam is in Kindergarten and Killian is called to the school because Liam is pretending to be a pirate, which entails him hoarding toys and pillaging lunches for gummy bears. (also dedicated to accioecho and lenfaz who asked for something similar!)

word count: ~1200

rating: there’s not much of a plot, but there’s plenty of fluff

“Swan,” Killian says as he steps into the house, nerves fraying in his belly and his thoughts higher than the clouds.

Emma turns toward him, smiling as she puts her hands to work, cleaning the table of breakfast dishes.

“Oh, hey,” Emma walks the plates to the kitchen sink and turns the water on and Killian nervously curls his fingers into his palm. “I was thinking that we could take the kids on your ship later. It’s a really nice day today.”

She narrows her eyes slightly and turns the water off when he doesn’t reply. “What happened?”

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