megan and liz confessions

I don’t understand how the Keens can be compared to Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Tom was a spy who married his mark. Liz was an FBI agent who married her boyfriend. Tom spent their entire relationship lying to her. Liz spent it fully trusting in him, in their marriage. Tom was actually pushing to adopt a child into that lie. Liz hadn’t any control because Tom “had” her. He had her and he victimized her.

The more I read about Agnes possibly being Ressler’s, rather than Tom’s, despite absolutely no UST between them on screen (and no flirting etc), the more I think she could be Red’s. At least there, there is chemistry, undying love, opportunity, flirtation (from Red anyway), love from both sides (canon). If Agnes could be Ressler’s, there’s 95% more chance she’s Red’s!