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This entire season of Grey’s has been a total mess. Like scattered and disjointed with no storyline. Watching it has been a punishment but as an ardent Grey’s fan, I sat through every episode, every pointless storyline, every unnecessary scene. Like clearly Minnick was pointless and bringing Leah back was for no reason. Alex going to prison was a stupid storyline and the Japril centric movie did nothing (why did ee meet his dad?)

The last two episodes were okay though and I can’t lie I enjoyed them. But it’s only cause they seem to be creating new possible storylines.

So now I’m waiting for September so I can watch season 14 and see what Megan is like and if Omelia and Jolex will be redeemed and what the hell Shonda thinks she’s doing with Japril and Maggie cause I’m not fucking here for whatever this is.

TL:DR: My point is that clearly no matter what the hell Shonda puts me through I will keep coming back to suffer more.

THE COLLECTIONS - models: Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull & Nyasha Matonhodze - photographer: Erik Madigan Heck - stylist: Leith Clark - hair: Sebastien Bascle - makeup: Andrew Gallimore - set design: James Hatt - location: The Ham House National Trust, London, England - Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2017 (150 Years Edition)

featured designer: Alexander McQueen

On The Brink

Hi guys!! This fic is based on a prompt from @omeliafics

‘Prompt: Taking place after the S13 finale- Amelia try’s to cover up a bunch of pregnancy symptoms from Owen while they’re taking care of Megan at the hospital and he notices.' 

This is a collab between myself and @ailingnoor. We’ve worked very hard on this and are SO excited about this because we both LOVED the prompt! Part 2 will be coming shortly. Enjoy! :-)

The strong wind was blowing on their faces as both Owen and Amelia stood side by side at the helicopter pad of Madigan Army Medical Centre.

Amelia took a sideways glance at Owen. He had a stoic look on his face, and she wondered what was going through his mind at that moment. Was he anxious? Excited to be reunited with his sister? Or was he still in a daze? She didn’t know. He wasn’t the type to show emotions in public.

She was pleasantly surprised when he suddenly took her hand in his and gave it a subtle squeeze. It indicated that that he needed her support and was grateful to her for being there for him. Although their marriage wasn’t in a good place at the moment and they had many unresolved issues and unspoken words between them, she was glad that at least they were holding hands. They were in this together.

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THE COLLECTIONS - models: Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull & Nyasha Matonhodze - photographer: Erik Madigan Heck - stylist: Leith Clark - hair: Sebastien Bascle - makeup: Andrew Gallimore - set design: James Hatt - location: The Ham House National Trust, London, England - Harper’s Bazaar UK February 2017

featured designer: Gucci

This was requested by @chileangirl, who wanted a fic of Amelia meeting Megan. I really hope Megan’s character is something like this in the show–I can see so many great moments taking place if she is!

Filter Sisters

“Okay, follow my finger,” Amelia says, slowly moving her finger up and down, left and right. “Good, lift your shoulders, yep just like me,” she says. “And down. Squeeze my fingers. Great.” Amelia smiles as Megan lets go. “Looks like your neuro follow-up checks out.”

“Hmm,” Megan says, humming lightly. “Does that mean I can get out of here soon?”

“We’re just waiting on a few of your labs to come back, but as soon as they do, I will grab your discharge papers.”

Megan smiles. Turning to Owen, she says, “Did you hear that? I’m going to be fine.” She reaches her hand over to squeeze his, giving him a tight smile. “Get some sleep.”

“Megan, I’m not leaving you.”

She shakes her head in faux exasperation. “It’s been forty-eight hours. I’ve slept, you haven’t.” He shoots her a look. “Fine, at least get yourself a cup of coffee.”

“I don’t need–”

“–O, she’s right. You need to take care of yourself, too,” Amelia pipes up. She sees the tumultuous expressions passing across his face–fear, fatigue, hunger, remorse. “I’ll stay with Megan. She won’t be alone.”

He finally looks up, meeting his wife’s eyes. “Thank you.”

Her blue orbs soften. “Of course.” She pats his back. “Go get some coffee. And food–you need food.” He nods absentmindedly, sending a small smile in his sister’s direction, before leaving the room, both women watching him as he goes.

“You’re his wife, aren’t you?” Megan asks, startling Amelia out of her trance. She turns around, eyebrows furrowed. “He’s wearing a ring. You’re wearing a ring.” Megan shrugs. “The way you two look at each other makes it pretty obvious.”

“Oh,” Amelia says, moving to sit in the chair Owen once occupied. “Yeah, yeah we’re married,” she says quietly.

Megan smiles, patting her sister-in-law’s hand. “I would say that Owen’s told me a lot about you, but I’ve kind of been living under a rock for the last ten years,” she jokes. Amelia meets her eyes, surprised at her candor. Megan chuckles. “It’s okay to laugh. I’m hilarious.”

Amelia lets out a few laughs, the sound caught between sadness and humor; it’s the sound of moving on and facing the past. “You always this way?” Amelia asks, gesturing to the woman’s demeanor.

Megan nods. “Since I was a kid.” She coughs, the pain surging through her chest.

Amelia stands, grabbing the cup on the bedside table. “Here, have some water.” Megan takes a sip, grateful.

Once she relaxes back against her pillow, she turns back to Amelia. “I know you two are going through a hard time.” She chuckles at the look on Amelia’s face. “I’m a fairly observant person.” She shrugs, watching as Amelia fiddles with her fingers, refusing to meet her eyes. “But it’s clear that you love him. And that he loves you.” Her voice cracks as she says the next words. “Take care of him. Please.” Amelia looks up, tears in her eyes, silently urging Megan to continue. “Don’t let him blame himself for what happened to me.” Megan reaches out her hands, waiting for Amelia to hold them. “Promise me that?”

“What’s going on here?” Owen says, the women jumping slightly at the sound of his voice. Turning their heads, they see his brows furrowed in interest.

Megan is the first to speak. “Oh, you know, how I’ve been MIA for the past ten years and am terrorized and weird.” She chuckles, then turns back to face Amelia. “Sorry, I don’t exactly think before I speak.”

Owen lets out a teary laugh. “Don’t worry,” he says. “She doesn’t filter either,” he motions to his wife.

Amelia stands up, squeezing her sister’s hands one more time, nodding her head in confirmation of her promise. “I’ve got to go do rounds, but I’ll be back to check on you.”

“With my discharge papers?”

She laughs. “With your discharge papers.”

“I think we’re going to get along just fine,” Megan says, grinning. And, for once, Amelia can’t help but agree.

The Odd One Out

This is written as a reply to the prompt: Owen finds out his daughter is taking birth control pills

Btw- Happy Fathers Day, Owen!!

This is part of my family fic universe.

In this universe- Owen and Amelia have 3 children - Charlotte Addison, Noah Christopher and Olivia Megan.

This latest fic focuses on their youngest child, Olivia, who’s 17 years old here.

 Thank you @jia911 for proofreading for me as usual! <3

And special thanks to the girls in the group chat and to @filterlessmia for answering some questions of mine while writing this fic ;) It lead to a very interesting discussion about birth control in the group chat ;)

For the full family fic universe , check out this link below:

           In the waiting room of her family doctor, 17 year old Olivia Megan Hunt sat alone, fidgeting with her hands and shaking her legs nervously. Her heart was pounding and her mouth was dry.

           Although she had sat in this waiting room many times before since her childhood, this time it was different. This time, she wasn’t visiting her family doctor for the bad flu, red eye or gastroenteritis. This time, she was here for an entirely different reason.

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Amelia Rami, Anya Lyagoshina, Lulu Valentine, Megan Bull and Nyasha Matonhodze by Erik Madigan Heck
HARPER’S BAZAAR UK February 2017

(1) Dior (2) Dolce&Gabbana (3) Alexander McQueen (4) Valentino

Lean In

Amelia and Owen began to make amends in 13x24. However, that is not the end of their healing process. Here is the start to their journey back to each other. 

It was requested on @omeliafics for a post-13x24 Omelia fic and a Charlotte FaceTiming Amelia fic. Here is my interpretation. I hope you like it! ❤️

AO3    FFN

“Can I get you anything, Megan?” Amelia asks, returning to the living room with a turkey sandwich and glass of water for her husband.

“I’m not really hungry,” Megan says, closing her eyes and focusing on her breathing exercises. She’s reclining on the couch, wrapped up in sweats and a wool blanket despite the heat being on, quite literally staring into space.

Amelia feels more than hears Owen’s sigh of pain, of hurt, from her place behind him. “Are you sure? I can make anything you want?” She chuckles slightly, trying to lighten the mood. “Well, I wouldn’t exactly say anything.” Megan doesn’t respond, but she hopes the joke curved the corners of Owen’s mouth, even just a little bit.

Megan keeps her eyes closed, attempting to stay calm. She shakes her head. This is all too much–being back. There is so much destruction in her brain. There is so much that has changed in her mind. And then there’s her brother who is not the man she left. And Riggs, the man who bruised her heart. And Amelia, practically a stranger and caregiver all at once. There is no reprieve for the living, she thinks.

“Alright,” Amelia says, more to herself than anyone else. She takes a seat in the bay window, curling her legs under herself and turning her eyes to the television. She doesn’t know the show–it’s not like she can focus too much on it anyway with all that’s going on–but she looks there for the sake of staying busy.

The room is silent, clothed in tension and things left unsaid. It’s ten minutes before another word is spoken, this time by Owen’s raspy voice. “Amelia,” he says, waiting for her to return his attention. When she looks at him, he continues. “You can go.” At the look of hurt on her face, he hurries to correct himself. “I know you were going to FaceTime with Charlotte today. It was in the calendar.”

“I really don’t have–”

“Go,” he says, gently but firmly, leaving no room for discussion. She’s spent the last week in the hospital with him and Megan. She’s sat by his side as he held Megan’s hand, willing her to wake up. She drove them back and forth from their home to Madigan every day. She called work and took off the next two weeks for the both of them, not taking no for an answer. She drove him to appointments for his PTSD, and today she started taking Megan as well. She needs a break, too. She needs a time to process things. She has given that gift to him and he only thinks it’s fair to return the favor. Because that’s what he and her do: they always look out for each other. “We’ll be okay.”

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Past and Future

So @shepherd-hunt/@omeliafics asked for something angst involving Megan Hunt, PTSD, comforting Amelia and her Unicorn Baby, so I took advantage of the shitty mood I’ve been feeling lately to write it.

This is probably the most emotional fic I’ve ever written and also the longest… There were just too many feelings and it was really hard for me to put it all into words.

Hope you all like this // Previous fics can be found here (x)

She found him in an on-call room.

It was dark inside, his back was facing the door and she could hear him muttering something, though she was having trouble understanding the exact words.


“Where is she? Where is she? Where is she?”

She walked around him, now facing him, and could see the tears running down his face. His entire face was frowned, the lines on his skin more evident than ever. His whole body was shaking and sweating. He look like he was in so much pain, she just wanted to take it all away.

“Owen?” She was standing right in front of him and looking him in the eye, but he kept looking ahead, as if he was staring right through her, as if he hadn’t realized she was even there.

“I have to find her! I have to find her! I have to-“

Amelia reached up to cup his wet cheek and called for him with the smoothest voice possible, failing to hide the worry, “Owen!”

Next thing she knew, she was being pinned against the wall, his strong hands tightening around her arms, lifting her from the floor.

“We have to find her!” Owen was no longer muttering, he was now shouting.

Amelia loved him, and most importantly she knew him, all of him. There was no way he’d ever hurt her, but the situation they were currently in was scary, nonetheless.

“Owen!” The grip on her arms kept tightening, “Look at me Owen!”, she shouted.

Suddenly, it was like he snapped out of it.

“Amelia?” He set her down and could see the fear in her face. Amelia flinched away from him, rubbing her arms, which were surely going to have bruises soon. “Amelia, I’m so sorry.”

“I’m fine. Are you okay?”

“Amelia, I’m- I’m sorry, you know I’d never hurt you.” His breathing was still erratic.

“Owen, you were having a PTSD episode.”

“No, no, that was nothing.” He tried to deny it, but as always, Amelia saw right through him.

“How long have you been having them?”

“It’s not- I’m fine.”

“How long?!”

“Damn it Amelia! I told you it wasn’t PTSD!” he screamed, took a deep breath and tried again in a softer voice, “I’m fine. Just leave it alone…”

“Owen, just talk to me, I-“

“Like you talk to me?”

The room became silent.

That was a low blow, but with the way things have been between them lately, all was fair. They didn’t really know where the lines were anymore.

Amelia decided to ignore his jab, “Was it about Megan?”

“Why did you run away?” he threw back at her as a response.

Amelia shook her head in clear disappointment. She just wanted to help him and make him feel better. And deep down she knew it was a little hypocritical of her to be mad at him for refusing her help, especially when she’d been practically ignoring him for quite a while now and shutting down every attempt he made of getting her to open up.

“I’m not gonna force you to talk. You know where I am when you feel like it.” Amelia already had her hand on the door handle when his voice stopped her.

“There was this patient…” Owen cleared his throat and continued his sentence once she turned to face him. “It was around the time you were on leave. There was this guy who came in, he was disoriented and dehydrated and kept asking for a woman, saying he was looking for her and had to find her.”

Amelia took a seat next him, on the uncomfortable bed, and took his hand in hers.

“We hooked him to an IV and gave him a sedative. I came back the next day, checked on him and found him awake and lucid. And we talked.”

“What did you talk about?”, Amelia asked softly.

“His sister.” Owen paused and swallowed hard, “He was looking for his sister. He told me he was around 17 when he lost her. He went to the park to meet with some friends and his little sister wanted to go too, you know, typical younger sibling behavior. Anyway, he got distracted hanging around with his friends and when he looked up to see where she was,-” a tear slipped out of his eye and he quickly cleaned it away, “she was nowhere to be found. They never saw her again.”

“He was still looking for her? Now?”

“Turns out he is schizophrenic and had been off his meds for a while, which caused a crises. That’s why he had been wandering around the woods looking for his sister. He said it’s been 20 years since he last saw her, and he just missed her so much…” his voice wavered.


“I just miss her…”

Amelia nodded and laid his head on her chest. She could tell there was more he wanted to say, so instead of saying anything to make him feel better, she simply ran her fingers through his ginger curls, hoping that gave him so comfort.

“Before my dad died he built a swing set on the background for me and my sister. And one morning, it was raining really hard, you know Seattle style, and Megan and I snuck out of the house and went to the swings. I remember going down the stairs holding her hand and telling her to be quiet but she couldn’t stop giggling.” Owen paused and smiled at the memory, “We got outside and started playing around. Eventually Megan started complaining she wasn’t going as high as I was on the swings, so she asked me to push her higher. She had me wrapped around her little finger, I couldn’t say no. So I pushed her. And she fell.”

Owen started laughing, and as confused as she was, Amelia had to laugh along with him.

“What happened next?” she asked, her fingers still in his hair, though he was now lying on her lap.

“Well, Megan started crying and screaming so loud my parents woke up. They came outside and my mom picked her up and carried her inside, while my father dragged me by the ear inside the house.”

Owen was still laughing, but suddenly the laughter mixed with the tears, thought they weren’t falling, simply blurring his vision.

“You know, you were right. Before. That was a PTSD episode.” Amelia simply nodded, she didn’t need him to say it, she knew. “It started a few weeks ago, this patient brought up a lot of stuff and that added to the fact I haven’t been sleeping properly…”

“Why aren’t you sleeping?”

He paused before answering.

“You’re not there…”

The guilt was evident in her face. She never meant for that to happen. She just didn’t know how to deal with her feelings, or how to make him understand them, so she ran. But she never meant to cause him this much pain.

“I’m sorry…”

“I know…” Owen turned to look up at her face, gave her a small smile and got up from the warmth of her lap, sitting by her side. “I just wished you’d talk to me.”

Amelia turned her face and looked away from him.

“I’m not ready yet…” she whispered.

Owen nodded, not even mad or disappointed in her. He was simply tired. Tired of fighting. Tired of feeling like he was the only one invested in this marriage. Not that he doubted her love for him, but it can’t be just one doing all the work.

He squeezed her hand, and got up to leave.

Amelia felt the squeeze in her hand, realizing how much she missed the feel of his skin against hers.

Why was it so hard for her to open up? Why was she always so willing to help others but whenever someone showed concern for her, she completely shut down her feelings and ran? She was a runner, always had been, no surprise there. But every time she thought she had grown a little and was ready to face anything life threw her way, her mind proved her wrong. And that was frustrating as hell.

The thing is, right now, at this precise moment, Owen was leaving, walking out the door. And for some reason it felt like he wasn’t just leaving the on-call room… She had to say something to stop him.

“I’m pregnant.”

It was a whisper, but Owen heard it. 

The words he so longed to hear danced around his head, loud and clear.

He turned around just in time to see her break down. Much like she had when he took a bag of oxy out of her hands on the porch of her dead brother’s house.

“I’m scared, Owen. So scared.” She said in between sobs.

He knelt down in front of her and grabbed her face between his hands “Are you sure?” his face an unreadable mask. He couldn’t handle another pregnancy scare.

He saw her nodded as tears kept running down her face. He looked up, as if saying thank you, but kept his happiness to himself, knowing that, right now, that was not what she needed.

“Amelia, breathe! Alright? Just breathe.”

Once she had her breathing under control Owen placed a tender kiss on her forehead, “Why are you scared, uh? Talk to me.”

“There are a million things that could go wrong, Owen. That idea you have, of a family, of a normal family… You might not have that.”

“I know tha-“

“No, you don’t!” she shook her head, trying to keep the tears that were threatening to fall, under control. “Rationally, you know there’s always the possibility of something going wrong. But you’re not actually considering it. No one ever really does. Everyone thinks that kind of stuff only happens to other people. Until it happens to them. And reality hits them so hard-”

Owen grabbed her hands, “I know, okay? I know life isn’t perfect. I know there’s always the possibility of you having complications during the pregnancy, I know there are a million things that could happen to the baby, I know-“

“Have you ever seen an anencephalic baby?”

Her question took him by surprise. 

And the fact she was staring him dead in the eyes gave him a weird feeling in the pit of his stomach.

“I gave birth to one.”

Her revelation was met with silence.

Owen’s reaction was normal, expected even. How was the appropriate way to react when someone you love tells you something of this magnitude?

“It was already too late to do anything when I realized I was pregnant. I had just gotten out of rehab when the symptoms started. I thought it was just my body adjusting to being drug-free. But then I remembered I hadn’t bought tampons in months, so I bought a pregnancy test, instead.”

Owen was at a loss of words. There was genuinely nothing he could think of that would be appropriate to say right now. But then again, maybe it was better to stay silent and let her say everything she needed to say.

Also the look in her blue eyes… It was as if with every word she spoke, she transported herself back to those days.

“I was scared. Gosh, I was so scared when I told Addison. I thought she’d be mad at me, I was afraid she’d think I was still the irresponsible teenager she once knew. But then she hugged me and I just let myself be happy about it.”

He nodded, letting know he was listening closely. His mind saving every word she said.

“Addie did the scan, and I’ll never forget the look in her face when she saw there was something wrong with my baby.”

Amelia took a deep breath, as if to get herself together, but it was futile.

“I was alone, Owen. Everyone was there, asking how I was, everyday. But I was alone.”

“I understa-“

“When I gave birth to him, it was beautiful. He was beautiful.” She had such a radiant smile on her face that he couldn’t help but smile as well, despite the tear marks along her cheeks. “You know for a moment, I forgot I had to let him go. I was holding him, and I was so happy. That baby was my son and I was his mother.”

“What was his name?”

“I never named him. I only called him my Unicorn Baby.”

His brows frowned in curiosity, but the smile stayed on his lips. “Why unicorn baby?”

“When I was twelve I believed in unicorns. You know, beautiful creatures that bring nothing but joy and do magical things. That was just like my baby. He donated all his organs and brought joy to dozens of parents and little babies around the country. And to me.”

Owen noted the proud look that made her whole face glow. And he made a mental note to acknowledge the fact that Amelia said ‘he donated’, as if it had been her baby that made that honorable choice, and not her. She really didn’t give herself enough credit, and it amazed him that she didn’t realize just how amazing she was.

“I would’ve loved to meet him.”

“I think you’d have liked him.”

“For sure.” He nodded and smiled. He already respected her before, but now, the pedestal he had already had her on was so much higher.

“I have this reoccurring dream, you know. I picture him giving his first steps and taking him to his first day of school, and him telling me everything he learned and the friends he made. And then everything suddenly changes and I’m lying in a bed. I know it’s Mother’s Day so I’m waiting for him to come in and give me a kiss and say ‘Happy Mama’s day’. But he never comes…” she breaks down, crying, “And I’m just left there, alone…”

He had to hold her. He hugged her so, so tight.

“Owen, I’m so scared.” – she cried. “It would kill me.”

He didn’t have to ask what ‘it’ meant, he knew.

“Amelia, you-“

“It would kill me, Owen.”

He desperately wanted to make her feel better. Seeing Amelia in pain was one of the worst things he had ever had to face.

“Amelia, I can’t promise you everything will be fine. As much as I want, I can’t do that. I’m scared too.” He said, with the utmost honesty possible, while pushing her scrub top up and kissing her exposed skin. Their baby, their miracle, was in there. “But I can promise you, no matter what happens, you’ll never have to face anything alone. Ever again!

He said it with such fierceness.

Such certainty and conviction, that she had no choice but to believe him.

“I can see us, you know. Waking up at 3am, to change smelly diapers. Constantly looking at the clock in ORs afraid we will miss a football game or a play. Fighting, because our kid asked for a dog and you want to say yes, and I’ll have to be the reasonable one and say no, but you’ll eventually win me over, as you always do, and I’ll be stuck walking it every day. I can see myself, waking up one morning, turning over and reaching out to wrap an arm around you, and I’ll find a little body curled up on yours, and you’ll both be smiling in your sleep and you both have that cute dimple on the left cheek.” Owen smiled, looked at his wife and stroked her temple, “I can see it all. With you.”

She could too.

And she’d be thankful every day, if they got to live every single one of those scenarios.

And many more. If they’re lucky.

They were silent for a while, before Amelia murmured againts his neck.

“I missed you.”

All Owen could do was smile and bring every curve of her body closer against his.

“I’m right here.”

The past gives you an identity and the future holds the promise of salvation, of fulfillment in whaterver form…

Chances Part 2

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed, re-blogged or commented! You sure know how to make someone’s comeback feel like a good one. Not sure how many parts this little series may have, but we’re not done yet!

Part 1

She was two people ahead of her, there were two bides standing in front of her and letting Owen’s missing sister walk away forever. She quickly shoved through them both, apologizing as she ran to catch up with the red head right as she entered the terminal.


The woman turned around, her smile still intact but looking questioningly at Amelia. She shifted her bag to her shoulder.

“Did I forget something on the plane?”

“No… I. I need to show you something.”

Megan looked at her confused, as Amelia whipped out her phone and quickly clearing to her home screen, a picture of her and Owen from their wedding. She held the phone and leaned towards Megan to show her. Megan’s smile immediately dropped at the picture, looking like she had seen a ghost.

Amelia hit her pictures quickly and pulled up a picture of Owen and Nathan at the wedding, watching as Megan paled even more.

“I… I have to go.”

She watched as the woman tried to bolt, Amelia grabbing her arm quickly and pulling her towards a quieter corner.

“Please let go of me.”

“They think you’re dead. Both of them. They both searched for you.”

Megan pulled away from her, holding her bag tight to her body. She tucked a curl nervously behind her ear.

“They have no idea you’re alive. What have you been doing for the last 9 years? Hiding?”

“Look they don’t need to know where I am. It’s better this way.” she replied as she turned to walk away. “And I’d really appreciate if you don’t mention that you ever saw me.”

“Megan your mother thinks you’re dead.”

She watched as Megan stopped in her tracks, clearly hesitating. She went to move again, this time clearly walking away.

“Fine. You know what, screw you.”

Amelia watched as she disappeared into a group of people waiting to board their flight. She sighed as she juggled her bag, throwing her phone back in, looking for wallet, every intent of turning around and going back to Seattle.

“She’s alive?”

Amelia nearly jumped at Megan’s sudden presence. Megan looked uneasy staring self-consciously at her feet before looking back at Amelia. Amelia nodded, as Megan let out what seemed to be a small breath of relief.

“Are you going back to Seattle?”

Amelia nodded. “You should come with me.”

“I… I can’t. What am I supposed to do just show up on her doorstep? I am just supposed to be like “Hey mom I know you thought I was dead, turns out I’ve been alive this whole time.”

Amelia went to open her mouth to argue, Megan abruptly cutting her off.

“And what about Owen? “Hi big brother. Sorry I faked my own death. Hey gee what ever happened to Beth?”


Megan’s cheeks flushed, clearly realizing her new sister-in-law had no idea who Beth was. Amelia shrugged her shoulders.

“No it’s fine.  He’s been married already.”

“What? To who? Okay, not the point.”

Amelia chuckled slightly, at Megan’s need to constantly talk, the habit seemed strangely familiar. She watched as Megan’s body tensed up again.

“What about Nathan? Am I just supposed to forget the fact that he cheated on me? That our relationship was destroyed the last time I saw him. How did he even end up in Seattle?”

“Maybe he was looking for you. I don’t really know… he’s only been here about a year. Owen and he are just now on five worded conversations.”

Megan sighed, knowing how stubborn they both could be. She shifted uneasily.

“Can I see that picture again?”

Amelia nodded as she pulled out her phone, pulling up the picture of the two men. Meghan smiled slightly as Amelia watched her eyes fill up with tears. Amelia swiped to the next picture, a picture of Owen and her with his mom.

Megan’s eyes closed in defeat at seeing her mother. Amelia put her hand on her forearm as she put the phone back in her bag.

“Come with me to Seattle.”

Megan opened her eyes again, trying to find another excuse as to not go her, mouth opening in exasperation but nothing coming out.

“You said it before. He wouldn’t want you to feel this guilty.”

Megan eyed Amelia, her own previous words of advice being used out of context and against her. She watched as Amelia stood, staring at her waiting for a response. Finally, for whatever her reasoning was, she caved.

“Great. Let’s go find a flight.”

Both women took off towards the ticket counter, Amelia glancing over as Megan kept up with her pace, but still looked visibly nervous.

“We’re going to Seattle.”

Megan nodded, her eyes wide, as she nervously cleared her throat.

“We’re going to Seattle.”


Amelia knocked on the door of her house, shifting uneasily. Both her and Megan had agreed that they probably both shouldn’t just show up at the door, so Megan was in a coffee shop downtown, waiting for a text from Amelia to take a cab.

Amelia should be worried that she would bolt, take off and never look back. But she had to believe in her a little.

She waited and then watched as the door opened and there stood Owen, who upon realizing it was Amelia at the door, looked visibly taken aback.


She watched as Owen continued to stare at her, her heart feeling like it was in throat. Maybe this was a bad idea.

“I know you’re probably really mad. And I’m sorry. But I had to leave and I know I shouldn’t have just left a note but I didn’t want you to-”

She was cut off as Owen enveloped her in a near bone crushing hug. She sighed as she relaxed in his embrace. She felt a hand go to cup the back of her head, his fingers raking through her curls to almost make sure it was her.

“You don’t want to throw me out?”

Owen sighed as he pressed a kiss to her temple before pulling away slightly so they were more loosely wrapped in each other.

“I didn’t know where you were. Or if you were safe. I was worried.”

Amelia felt her hand go to his cheek as Owen let out a pained sigh, as she truly saw the emotional impact her sudden disappearance had left on him.

“We need to talk. I know we do. About us and… everything. But there’s something else we need to talk about first.”

Owen hesitantly looked at her before nodding. She pulled away as they stepped into the house.

“But I’m going to need you to call someone first.”

Amelia paced nervously in front of her coffee table as Owen and Nathan watched her.

“Okay I’m just going to come out and ask- are the two of you trying to tell me you’re having an affair?”

Amelia and Nathan immediately responded with a chorus of “Owen! No.” and “Seriously mate?”.

Owen shrugged in confusion as Amelia shot him a dirty look, Nathan looking just visibly uncomfortable at this point.

“Seriously Shepherd, why did you need to speak with the both of us? If this is you trying to meddle…. we’re good. Right mate?”

Owen nodded in agreement as Amelia smiled lightly at how the two men finally seemed to be getting along.

The door bell rang as Amelia immediately ran to answer it.  Both Owen and Nathan looked at each other equally as lost.

They both turned as the door closed, neither of them prepared for the person who was standing behind it.


The Hand in the Hair Habit II

A/N: Sorry I’ve not been active, but I bet you’re tired of hearing that from me so here- instead, have a habit:

She tells me I do this thing…

I never realised I did it until she said something. It was after she first mentioned it to me though that I noticed she has her own version of this thing. Her hands are small and delicate with strong and nimble fingers that are God’s gift to neurosurgery. I’ve felt her hands’ strength alongside their gentle touch. Sometimes they’re used to comfort, sometimes they can be inappropriate and mischievous, I definitely know their capabilities for pleasure, other times they can inflict pain. Small, delicate, inappropriate and strong: a summary of my wife, ladies and gentlemen.

She does this thing…

I remember telling Amelia that Megan was still alive. That day, the day that two officers had come to our front door and said the words I’d been wishing for since I lost her. That day I should not have gone to work, I should have known my limits, but I needed anything to take my mind off the high-pitched ringing in my ears. That day I should not have pushed away the thankful mother of a baby I saved and should not have rudely walked away in a near-PTSD episode.

Amelia was the one to find me, my fists digging into an exam bed’s mattress, kneading out the panic and fear rising in my chest. She said nothing and waited. I knew that look- she wasn’t leaving. I told her about the officers, about how they’d found Megan, and I couldn’t say the last bit. It was the bit that was haunting my every thought that day. She was saying something about finding peace and I wanted to cut her off but the words wouldn’t come. Then she stood up and wrapped her arms around my neck, and I felt her hand stroke my hair. It was the first time that day that I felt myself able to breathe enough to say the words, “She’s alive.”

She drove me back to Meredith’s house, took care of me and handled the situation perfectly. She was perfect- something in the past we had agreed we definitely were not. Amelia, through Teddy, confirmed that it was Megan and I suddenly broke down. As I collapsed into her arms, it was her hand in my hair that encouraged me to cry harder and cling on tighter. By the end of the night, I was dehydrated and exhausted and she ordered me to lie down with my head on her lap. Her hand played with my hair and lulled my reluctant eyelids to close. She was my hero that day.

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