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EXTENDED PROMO | Grey’s Anatomy 14x01 - “Break Down The House” & 14x02 - “Get Off on the Pain” (SEASON PREMIERE)

“Quando iniziamo a dipendere da un ciclo, il pensiero di romperlo ci spaventa, anche se quel ciclo ci fa soffrire. Ma a volte, quando rompiamo un ciclo, troviamo qualcosa di migliore. Qualcosa di inaspettato. Qualcosa che non avevamo il coraggio di pensare fosse possibile. Troviamo la libertà. Troviamo la pace.”

-Owen Hunt

This entire season of Grey’s has been a total mess. Like scattered and disjointed with no storyline. Watching it has been a punishment but as an ardent Grey’s fan, I sat through every episode, every pointless storyline, every unnecessary scene. Like clearly Minnick was pointless and bringing Leah back was for no reason. Alex going to prison was a stupid storyline and the Japril centric movie did nothing (why did ee meet his dad?)

The last two episodes were okay though and I can’t lie I enjoyed them. But it’s only cause they seem to be creating new possible storylines.

So now I’m waiting for September so I can watch season 14 and see what Megan is like and if Omelia and Jolex will be redeemed and what the hell Shonda thinks she’s doing with Japril and Maggie cause I’m not fucking here for whatever this is.

TL:DR: My point is that clearly no matter what the hell Shonda puts me through I will keep coming back to suffer more.


Gators working on those “E” passes

Ok, I got this!

S14 premiere in a nutshell:

Hey, look, it’s Megan Hunt!

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(except now her face looks different, her hair looks different, her entire physique looks different and no one bats an eye). lets all pretend 10 years in the desert changed her DNA too. 

Then as expected, Megan is taken to GSMH. She has just been transported overseas for long, long hours. But somehow, just as she arrives, she requires immediate medical care! 

And Megan’s not the only ghost from the past to reappear. Teddy, you’ve made it too <3!

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Just like the hospital that burned, Megan is also in a bad shape. Stephanie Edwards was supposed to be in the burned unit because there has only been a day, but she has already recovered and fled the scene. 

Everyone is super committed to making it work for Megan, which is awesome. Some people will be seeing each other for the first time in long years, and I don’t mean you, Megan (*cough* Teddy *cough* Riggs). The tension is there.

 We’ll endure long minutes of Meredith being the victim because she just needs to be the one treating her ex’s ex who he just chose over her. (Because the hospital doesn’t have any other general surgeon, right). 

After 3 seasons, we are reminded that Andrew Deluca still exists and OMG HE IS STILL AN INTERN. 

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After five years. (George O’Malley would be proud). 

Wait, he has a sister! (”the doctors are introduced to new faces”)

Could the sister conveniently be involved with some controversial research that would be relevant on a current patient’s condition? wink, wink.  

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Meanwhile, Meredith is still trying to “save Megan”. That’s the bathroom break part. Enjoy.

Hey look, Deluca’s sister has a new line of research that maybe can actually help Megan? How unexpected. What a coincidence!

All attending disagree whether or not to go for it (Riggs and Owen especially) and eventually Amelia is thrown in the eye of the storm by being the brainy specialist. (Amelia faces a conflict over a patient?) . Amelia is so torn because she wants to do right by Owen and Megan but somehow professionally disagrees with him and maybe leans towards what Riggs thinks? Tension. Drama. Fun bantering. Dark humor. 

And before this part ends, lets just never forget about this friendship:

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Hour 2 begins.

Did Maggie and Jackson have a scene together implying some sort of romantic attachment? Let’s all pretend we didn’t have to see that. 

Bailey and Webber discuss something like “we need to raise our babies” (even though they are all attending and supposedly know better by now).

Meredith is somehow still very much involved and “struggling” to help Megan. Why? Maybe she just likes to suffer. 

She-Deluca’s research is finally used, she makes a breakthrough and its shocking how it helped Megan, of all people! (”Andrew’s sister’s controversial research leads to a shocking discovery”). But wait, there is more. Shocking Discovery?

PLOT TWIST: Riggs cheated on Megan. AND it was with TEDDY.


It wasn’t Owen who convinced Megan to get up on that chopper. It was Teddy.


Riggs cheated on Megan. But Megan had cheated on him first.


OMG Megan did cheat on Riggs first and it was WITH TEDDY.

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Ok, I am done. If nothing else, there will always be fan fiction. hahaha see ya later guys

i’m sorry but i dont like the hunt family. i understand amelia, i wouldn’t feel comfortable going in either. teddy comes back barking orders at everyone. nathan was falling for meredith and i completely understand that he thought megan was dead and now shes not but i also believe he has handled this whole situation in a very shitty way.

they’re very exclusive in their little clique and both megan and teddy dont really know amelia’s past to be attacking her this way. i get how amelia is feeling especially when she said “owens sister got to come back from the grave and my brother didn’t” it sounds terrible but when you lose someone like a brother or a dad (like in my case) sometimes its really hard to deal with feelings or death rationally

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featured designer: Alexander McQueen
'Grey's Anatomy': Making Sense of the Jam-Packed Season 14 Premiere | THR

New co-showrunner Krista Vernoff, who returned to the Shondaland drama after working as a writer for its first seven seasons, talks with THR about the ups and downs of the two-hour opener.

ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy returned for its 14th season Thursday, delivering a fast-paced and jam-packed two-hour premiere that featured a few key returns (on-screen and off), several nods to its past and one massive bombshell.

Kim Raver’s Teddy returned to support old friend/crush Owen (Kevin McKidd) and his former POW sister Megan (Abigail Spencer), with the latter setting up a new love triangle that involved Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and Nathan (Martin Henderson).

Owen planted a long-awaitd kiss on Teddy, who with his mother and sister, agreed that his wife Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) was just not his person. Head of neuro Amelia, meanwhile, delivered the premiere’s biggest stunner — as she learned in the closing moments that she had a brain tumor.

April (Sarah Drew) realized it’s time to move out of ex-husband/baby daddy Jackson’s (Jesse Williams) place — despite her feelings for him — while he pursued Maggie (Kelly McCreary).

Jo (Camilla Luddington) and Alex (Justin Chambers) patched things up with her estranged and violent husband Paul (Matthew Morrison) still looming if the couple really want to get married.

Ben (Jason George) admitted to feeling a “rush” when he helped save Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton) in the season 13 finale as the series set the stage for the character to segue over to the firefighter spinoff.

After Eliza (Marika Dominczyk) ghosted her, Arizona (Jessica Capshaw) got her groove back on (again) — with Andrew’s (Giacomo Gianniotti) Italian sister Carina (Stefania Spampinato), whose study about the female orgasm helped reveal Amelia’s tumor.

Peppered in among all the twists and turns were several nods to the past — including multiple references to Mer’s late mom Ellis (Kate Burton), nod to George (T.R. Knight), Derek (Patrick Dempsey), Callie (Sara Ramirez) and a photo of Cristina (Sandra Oh) in a medical journal. The blasts from the past — and return to its classic humor — came from Krista Vernoff (Shameless), who returned to the ABC Shondaland medical drama as the co-showrunner after helping to launch Grey’s as part of its core writing staff for its first seven seasons.

Below, Vernoff opens up about season 14’s eventful start and where ABC’s top drama goes next.

The first two hours are really eventful. How much of that is setting the new pace of Grey’s vs. setting the stage for the season to come?
Setting the stage.

There were a lot of nods to the past — we see Cristina’s photo and there’s a reference to George. Why was it important to acknowledge the past?
I’m not sure that it was important so much as it felt natural to me. I think it’s a little bit like, “I’m back so they are, too!”  Also, we are doing the 300th episode this year. I think I came into the season planning to acknowledge where it all started.

Webber points out a few times how similar Meredith is to Ellis. Is that part of bringing the show back to its origins or part of looking forward to a potential Alzheimer’s story?
It’s neither. It just felt really organic for a man who grew up with the mother of the woman he is now working with to acknowledge similarities and even be a little haunted by them. Also, Meredith has a surgical birthright that we are leaning into this season. This is the season of Meredith being something of a medical superhero — like Ellis was.  

There’s a lot of humor in the first two episodes — all that was missing was a “seriously?!"Is bringing that humor back part of a larger effort to bring the show back to its roots?
It’s not about the roots so much as where my heart lives right now.  I’m not interested in writing darkness. I feel like the world has gone dark enough. I feel like we who are part of the resistance right now need some relief in our entertainment. I feel like it’s part of my personal activism to help people sit down and laugh at night so they can get back up in the morning and fight the good fight.  

There’s a parallel between Megan returning home and creating the triangle with Nathan and Meredith to when Addision returned and created the same for Derek and Meredith. Will you be exploring that more?
That’s interesting, and it honestly hadn’t even occurred to me! No, I don’t want to give away too much — but I am writing this story very differently.

Is there a potential for Abigail Spencer and Kim Raver to stick around longer — maybe series regular status — this season?
If I had the budget for it I would bring them both back forever, immediately. They are incredible talents and it’s a joy to write for them and to work with them.  

Amelia has a brain tumor. Talk about the decision to go that route — does that explain her behavior last season too? What’s the larger story you’re looking at with her?
When I caught up on the show, I thought Amelia had been behaving really oddly. It got my wheels turning and this is where they landed!

Has Owen given up on his marriage to Amelia when he kisses Teddy?
I believe that he has. Which is why when he learns that a brain tumor may be the answer for how Amelia’s been treating him — it will be really complicated.  

How might Meredith respond to Amelia’s tumor? Is there a place where she goes dark and twisty again?
No, Meredith has already survived too much to return to dark and twisty. I really believe that. I believe that as people survive the unimaginable they tend to get lighter because they know now that they can survive anything — unless they go completely the opposite direction, which Meredith, happily has not!

Jo and Alex are moving forward — and Paul is coming back. Where do they go from here and what will that look like?
I can’t answer that without giving away too much! But I will say — for all my talk of light and hope and joy — that it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy if there were not some dark and twisty turns here and there.  

Ben felt a "rush” from saving Stephanie. How will he lean into that and what does that mean for Bailey?
Well, since it’s been announced that Jason George is going to the firefighting show I think everyone can anticipate how he’s leaning into that! And as you can imagine, that is an extremely complicated thing for Bailey to process. It makes for great drama and Chandra Wilson is so incredible I’m really enjoying writing it.

April is moving out of Jackson’s apartment as he has interest in Maggie. Will he fight for her?
April is moving out of Jackson’s apartment because it is causing her pain to continue living with the man she divorced. When she thought she recognized feelings between Jackson and Maggie, she realized that living with a man you still love but are divorced from is maybe not the smartest thing to do. I feel like it’s a really beautiful, grown-up move from April. I also think that there were not necessarily feelings between Maggie and Jackson last season! I think her jealousy led her to that conclusion but when she said it, she opened a kind of Pandora’s box. I think it will be a lot of fun to see how it all plays out.  

Arizona and Carina are really funny together with Andrew. How will this relationship be different for Arizona?
This is a season of fun! And Carina brings so much fun! Because I am anti-spoiler, that’s all I’m going to give you on that!

On The Brink

Hi guys!! This fic is based on a prompt from @omeliafics

‘Prompt: Taking place after the S13 finale- Amelia try’s to cover up a bunch of pregnancy symptoms from Owen while they’re taking care of Megan at the hospital and he notices.' 

This is a collab between myself and @ailingnoor. We’ve worked very hard on this and are SO excited about this because we both LOVED the prompt! Part 2 will be coming shortly. Enjoy! :-)

The strong wind was blowing on their faces as both Owen and Amelia stood side by side at the helicopter pad of Madigan Army Medical Centre.

Amelia took a sideways glance at Owen. He had a stoic look on his face, and she wondered what was going through his mind at that moment. Was he anxious? Excited to be reunited with his sister? Or was he still in a daze? She didn’t know. He wasn’t the type to show emotions in public.

She was pleasantly surprised when he suddenly took her hand in his and gave it a subtle squeeze. It indicated that that he needed her support and was grateful to her for being there for him. Although their marriage wasn’t in a good place at the moment and they had many unresolved issues and unspoken words between them, she was glad that at least they were holding hands. They were in this together.

Keep reading