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AU where Hiro couldn't quite hold his breath long enough and has to be resuscitated after the car goes into the bay.

:( those tiny little lungs just couldn’t take it. 

they all pop above water, laying on Baymax. Honey Lemon enthusiastically says her line “I told you we’d make it!” And they’re all honestly relieved. But then Fred, who’s right next to Hiro, notices something off. 

“Guys, Hiro’s not breathing!” 

They get onto the docks as fast as possible, because they really can’t do anything to help while in the water. Hiro’s lips are turning blue by the time they’re on land and can lie him down. all of them know CPR, but Fred is the most practiced in it. You don’t wanna know how many times something weird happens at a charity event in which CPR administration is required. He starts doing the standard chest compresses to the right beat, with Baymax set up at Hiro’s head scanning Hiro and reading his vitals, heartrate, breathing rate. They’re all both staring anxiously at the screen on Baymax’s chest (which reports a slowing heartrate and a nonexistent breathing rate) and Hiro’s face, which is slack while Fred presses down on his chest.

CPR is not as pretty as movies make it out to be. Ribs are frequently broken, and Hiro is already so small. Fred feels bad when he feels the crack of bone beneath his palm, but as long as he succeeds in resuscitating Hiro he figures Hiro will understand.

Finally, Hiro sucks in the most painful and watery sounding breath any of them have ever heard. Baymax reports that his breath has returned, and his heartrate is steadily rising easily into “he’s panicking” territory. Gogo and Wasabi help hold Hiro steady as Fred tilts him onto his side to cough up water, and then they pass him into Baymax’s arms so Baymax can warm him, hold him steady so he doesnt aggravate his broken rip, and provide a fake breathing rhythm so Hiro can try to match his breathing to Baymax’s steady pulses and calm down and stop coughing and spluttering all over the place. 

They need a place to go where they can get dry, and where Hiro can rest safely without fear of a man in a kabuki mask roaming the streets out to kill him. 

Cue Fred’s line, “I know a place.”

Fred has many beanbag chairs that Hiro can sink into and that can mold comfortably to the line of his body so he doesnt get hurt lying on a flat uncomfortable bed. Baymax stands at his side, keeping watch like the good healthcare companion that he is, and the rest of the team? Theyre on the couch in Fred’s room, worrying. They talk in hushed tones while Hiro rests, about what just happened to them, what they’re going to do, and how they’re going to protect Hiro. Because they are going to protect him. None of them ever want to see his lips turn blue or his chest stop moving or hear his heart stop beating ever again.

- Megamod

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AU where nobody is neurotypical. Not in an Insane Asylum AU sort of way, more in a "Character A's in class, they're talking about mental disorders, someone says they have a sensory disorder, someone else adds that they have OCD, that gets the ball rolling for everyone else to say what they have, and Person A's like 'You mean I'm not the only one?'" sort of way.

:O an interesting AU idea. could be totally canon tbh! 

Wasabi pretty much confirmed has OCD, however intense the compulsions and obessions are are up in the air. It varies. His tools he’s very rigid about. One out of place sends him into a fit where he has to straiten them all. He keeps his car clean, and locks it five times before leaving it in the school parking lot. He does routines like this with a lot of other things too, but also is pretty lax about some things. He’s not constantly consumed by obsessive thoughts like a lot of people with really intense OCD are. 

Hiro also pretty much confirmed has chronic depression. He became depressed after getting bullied as a kid, and Tadashi’s death triggers it again. He’s constantly fighting it though. Aunt Cass gives him a set amount of “comfort days” that he can use to stay home from school and help in the cafe or just curl up with Baymax and watch a movie for when he has a bad day. I can also see him having some sensory issues too - on one profile thing that I think is supposed to be like Fred made it, it lists one of Hiro’s favorite foods as “red”, so Hiro having synthesia that is mainly centered around assigning colors to tastes or vice versa can totally be a thing. 

Gogo has ADHD. She does well with sticking to schedules and taking meds and keeping herself calm, but she needs things to be fast. She needs things to be to the point and not drawn out, or else she’s going to lose focus real quick. She’s able to benefit though from this while riding her bike. Stuff happens fast out on the streets when youre zooming down San Fransokyo hills, and she’s able to quicky notice “distractions” and other things that otherwise would be unnoticed. 

Honey Lemon might be the ONLY neurotypical tbh. But she could have depression issues as well. She takes medicine for it though unlike Hiro or Tadashi, and thus has no problem staying upbeat and happy. She takes pictures and wears bright colors to remind herself that her depression doesnt dictate her experiences or life, and in low moments those pictures make her smile and help her a lot.  

Fred and Tadashi both have severe anxiety issues. Fred copes with his anxiety by latching onto fictional things and pushing all of his attention and caring into that. He ends up hoarding things though, and doesn’t like getting rid of even the stuff he doesnt need bc he gets anxiety that he might want to have it later on down the road (even though he wont.) Meanwhile, Tadashi deals with his anxiety by actively getting things done and being productive. He can’t be anxious if he doesnt have anything to be anxious about, so he conquers problems quickly and if he cant do it at first he looks for a new angle. Hiro’s bot fighting gave him many, many anxiety attacks though. Especially when he’d come home to find Hiro not in their room and the GPS trackers that Tadashi put in Hiro’s hoodies pin pointing Hiro at halfway across the city and in the bad part of town. Tadashi also has slight depression. It kinda runs in the Hamada family I guess. His isn’t as severe as Hiro’s, and is more like an apathy towards self-preservation. He isn’t as concerned with life-threatening things or with preserving his life as others are. Hence running into the fire with little thought of his own life. 

- Megamod