megamind's parents

But what about this. Head's up: long post & you may need a tissue box

Aliens come to Metro City, leaving messages and other alien cliches in urban areas, and everyone thinks that Megamind and Minion were messing around.

But they deny it, saying that “no, [they were] NOT in those areas at that time.” They set up a communication system with them, using the telescope in the lair and images shown through it via projections. Until it stops.

And the day comes when the aliens land. The craft lands in the center of Metro City, at the footsteps of the mayors office. Megamind, Minion and the city are out, waiting for it to open.

It does, after a time, and smoke comes flowing out of the upwards sliding door as silhouettes are visible. And, as the shadows move into the light, down the ramp connecting the ship to the ground, and everyone is in shock. Minion and Roxie lower their weapons, one is confused and the other is in awe.

And then they jump when Megamind, in shock of what he is seeing, drops his weapon. Coming out of the craft are two aliens, that look like him with bald heads and blue skin.

One is tall, and has a beard with brown eyes. The other is slightly shorter, with green eyes. Megamind’s green eyes.

Silence falls over the town square, watching with baited breath as Megamind slowly took steps towards the aliens. Awe and confusion in his face.

The two of them are smiling; the more feminine of the pair has tears in her eyes and the male, he looks proud. So proud of him. Of Megamind.

When Megamind stops, he’s several feet away. His mind’s eye is repeating the memory of the last time he saw his parents, the only other time he had seen another living being that looked like him. And he’s crying as he remembers. Crying because he knows its them. Standing in front of him.

A sob leaves his mouth as he rushes towards them and wrapped his arms around them, and they do the same to them. And they are all on their knees, crying and holding each other.

And the male stands up, a smile on his face as he walks to Minion and pulls him into a hug. “You fantastic fish you.” He says letting go.

Megamind and the female walk towards the pair, she wrapped her arms around Minion, thanking him for watching her “baby blue.” as Megamind went to Roxie with a smile despite his still crying eyes.

He gently pulls her over to them. “Roxie, these are my parents.” he says with a mixture of emotions; happiness, astonishment, pride.

“Mom, dad,” he pauses at these words, addressing the older two aliens. It feels so gratifying to say these words. It sends more tears rolling down his face. “This is Roxanne. She’s my girlfriend, and she’s precious to me.”

Whatever Roxanne expects, it isn’t to be pulled into a hug by the mother, a strong but delicate handshake from the father, tearful thanks for her looking after their boy.

And finally Megamind stands up tall with his arms spread wide, “mom, dad, welcome to Metrocity.”

what if it wasn’t a black hole

blame at @setepenre-set because I just read the latest chapter of code safe word and the part where they talk about megamind’s parents kills me anyway

what if it wasn’t a black hole

what if megamind’s and metro man’s planets weren’t sucked into a black hole, but into some odd worm home–time break–something that just…let’s say put their planets elsewhere.

somewhere like in our galaxy near our sun.

what if one day two new planets show up and it baffles the science community because they showed up out of nowhere. And they’re near Earth kinda. In the way that things can be near Earth that doesn’t fuck up all the gravity.

And of course, this all happens the one weekend that Megamind, Minion, Roxanne, and Wayne to go like freaking camping and unplug for the weekend. No technology whatsoever. They have no idea idea. They’re just in the middle of the woods enjoying the fresh air and lakewater. 

(Wayne is an awful swimmer. He can’t float, really.) 

But as they’re stargazing one night, they realize that there are some new things up in the night sky. Megamind is itching to find out what because Wayne can see that they’re not stars per say, but the world doesn’t seem to be in turmoil, so they just let it be. 

The moment they get back to Metro City and when Megamind turns his phone back on, it’s flooded with voicemails and text messages and everything else. 

Roxanne’s phone is too and when she finally manages to call her boss back in a rushed conversation, she stills. 

“What is it?” he asks. 

“Just…turn on channel 8.” 

Bewildered, Megamind does as she asks and his breath catches in his throat. There is a non-human broadcast filling the airwaves. 

And the person speaking looks just like him. 


Seeing Megaminds parents with the collar up, just as Megamind wears it, makes me wonder if theres more to it than just looking like a bad boy, or as many says, to cover up his sensitive neck.
I fooled around with the thought a bit and I came to wonder; what if Megamind wears his collar that way becuz he’d seen his parents do it?
But what I come to believe in the most, is that his race have a rather exposed and sensitive neck, and therefore tends to cover it up, with such as their collar.


“Mom, Dad, Look! The earthlings sent another air-ball!”

Dont strangle me, I know they look ugly af BUT IM IN A HURRY AND I JSUT DREW THIS IN THE SPEED OF LIGHT AND I GOTTA GO NOW AGAIN. Wanted to post something for Megamind 5 year anniversary :D
If I hurry back home, Imma make some more EHUEHUE

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