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In An Alternative Universe - Sapphic Animated Couples! <3

  • Movies used: Frozen, Tangled, How To Train Your Dragon II, Epic, Hotel Transylvania, Tinker Bell; The Secret of The Wings, Wreck-It Ralph, Inside Out, Megamind, Monster In Paris
  • Program used: Photoshop
  • Editing time per piece: 30min-1h
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Concerning the M’ega and the Mnyn (edited version with additional information)

( “Mnyn” is pronounced as “minion” with the initial “i” swallowed and the “io” spoken as a kind of sliding “y” sound, as in “syx” )

The M’ega and the Mnyn have a close symbiotic relationship; in prehistoric and early historic times, this involves them working together with hunting, school/pod protection from predators, and child rearing.

M’ega, as a global language, is spoken by both the M’ega and the Mnyn. There are, however, many geographical dialects and accents, and the dialect/accent of the Mnyn often differs from the accent of the M’ega found in the same geographical area.

Although their societies are intertwined, they are still distinct; the Mnyn have an oral history, and they also supplement their use of oral language with gestural language—the gesture language of the Mnyn can also be used without spoken language, so that communication may be silent.

The M’ega choose their own names; the names of the Mnyn are given to them by their social group. These names develop organically, like nicknames. And, as with nicknames, different members of the group may call the same person different things, depending on their relationship.

Megamind calls Minion “Minion” in canon / main Set-canon for the same reason he calls himself “Megamind”—he thinks that remembering their world and people is important. Even then, though, “Minion-you-fantastic-fish” is something like the long form of Minion’s name, with Megamind. (Not with other people, though; because Minion doesn’t have the same relationship with them.)

The “true and final” form of a Mnyn’s name is only given to them after death, when they are added to the oral history song. This is why the Mnyn in general—and Minion, specifically—are so reluctant to use the true names of M’ega and humans. They find it not just inappropriate but morbid and creepy. Roxanne is “Miss Ritchi” (or, in Safe If We Stand, “Miss Roxanne”) until she is “Ma’am”, and Megamind is “Sir”. Metro Man mighy convince Minion to call him “Wayne” only by asserting that it’s not his *full* name, and after much argument.

As the M’ega come to spend more time on land, their relationship with the Mnyn changes; the Mnyn stay in pools and rivers near the M’ega, and spent much of their time assisting and looking after children and other vulnerable members of society, with some of the Mnyn still joining the M’ega during hunting. Even when the M’ega hunt land animals, the Myn still work with them: the M’ega drive large prey or herd animals into the sea, pools, or rivers where the waiting Myn attack from the water while the M’ega attack from the land with spears and arrows.

As agriculture and technology develop among the M’ega, hunting is de-emphasized as a way of obtaining food. The M’ega share their technology and food with the Mnyn, and the Mnyn keep the M’ega’s beaches and swimming areas safe from predators, and help to look after groups of M’ega children.

@nigaiamaiyume​ mentioned thinking that the M’ega bonded to Mnyn would include those of high status in need of assistance in their work, and the more I think about it, the more I think this idea is right. (I knew there had to be some social tension around bonded pairs, and I think this gives that tension nuance.)

Some Mnyn obtain robotic suits from the M’ega; these are usually the Mnyn who look after groups of children, individuals, or the Mnyn who choose to bond with one of the M’ega. 

Bonds mostly happen when both the M’ega and the Mnyn are young. The bond is chemical / has a pheremonal component; a bond will not happen unless both the M’ega and the Mnyn involved wish for it. A bond can later be broken, if either (/both) party should desire it, but this is difficult and unpleasant.M’ega bonded with Mnyn in their early life will sometimes use a system of gesture language based on the Mnyn gesture language. This can be supplemental to verbal communication, or used instead of verbal communication.

Individual M’ega that are helped / cared for by a personal Mnyn include those of high status or exceptional gifts who require assistance with their work, the disabled, the elderly, and the neuroatypical. The elderly do not always bond with their personal Mnyn. High status M’ega and exceptionally gifted M’ega, as well as the disabled and neuroatypical, usually bond with their personal Mnyn; 

Megamind is neuroatypical for his species–the M’ega equivalent of autistic and ADHD, but he also still struggles with depression. In canon, his depression is greatly worsened due to trauma, but even in a universe where the Black Hole Event does not occur, the depression is still there. 

Some aspects of autism and ADHD would be seen as desirable as the M’ega: the ability to hyperfocus, special interests–even impulsivity, to a certain extent, and hyperactivity, if channeled into productivity. Some of the differences in social interaction and communication and difficulties paying attention that come along with autism and ADHD would be seen as less desirable. Though, since they are understood to be connected to the desirable aspects, they are more accepted on M’ega than on Earth. Autistic and ADHD (equivalent) M’ega are also more common than autistic and ADHD humans, and much more likely to occupy places of high status, authority, and power.

Megamind is exceptionally gifted for his species (It’s also possible that is family may be high status.) Even in a universe where the Black Hole Event does not occur, Megamind is still bonded with Minion. (Minion is both a work-assistance Mnyn and a medical-assistance Mnyn to Megamind.) And, even in that universe, Megamind’s way of speaking and gesturing is noticeably different from the communication norms of his species.

The relationship of a bonded M’ega and Mnyn is a unique one, having aspects similar to a familial relationship, a friendship, a caretaker and ward, and an personal assistant. The Mnyn is never considered a servant or lesser than the M’ega. A bonded M’ega is generally perceived as lucky. 

Unpleasant people may suggest that certain M’ega don’t ‘deserve’ their Mnyns for various reasons–that someone has no exceptional gifts (and that they were bonded only because of their high status, or because it was erroneously believed that they did have exceptional gifts)–or that they are not ‘really disabled’–or simply that disabled people should not be bonded. 


Commission time! NerdyElsa wanted to see herself as a Disney character and I used Elsa and Roxanne as the bases to achieve this. ;)

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