Some (Hopeful) Reassurance for Concerned Ballroom E Youkoso Fans

There have been concerns expressed by fans of the Ballroom E Youkoso manga who feel the animation in the anime adaptation is not up to snuff. And, truthfully, they’re right. The manga itself is, in my humble opinion, a masterpiece with exceptional attention to detail and quality of movement. With the exception of a couple of episodes, the anime’s animation has paled in comparison to the manga’s art.

But how could this be happening? Production I.G is known for their quality in their sports genre.

I’d like to take this opportunity to show you the progressions of three different, very successful (or moderately successful) sports anime released by Production I.G and how their quality in animation evolved over the course of seasons and even episodes. Hopefully, this will provide some reassurance for fans who fear that we will be stuck with swayed backs and sickled feet forever.

(This is in no way a guarantee. The tag just seemed a bit down lately.)

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