megaman song of the day


Lets play another round of “Name that Megaman song”

Rules are as following:

Give EXACT Game Name, even ones with versions from more then 1 game. (Ex: NES, GB or GG versions of Megaman 1-5 songs, SNES, GBA or WS versions or RM&F/MM&B songs, Saturn or PSX version of MM8 songs, SNES or GBC versions of X - X2 songs, SNES, PSX/PC or GBC of X3 songs)

Give stage name (or boss of stage), Fortress stages feel free to say “One of the <fortress> songs from <game>”

Due to confusion from the other day, you may use ANY name of the song as long as you give the version. Ex: Wily Stage 1: Wily Base = Heart of Enker