megaman and rush


“It seems, in Japan, soccer and baseball are the popular sports.”

Yeah, I wanted to give my hand at a screencap redraw, since I saw a lot of people trying it. So, I decided to a scene from the MegaMan OVA, and tbh, I had fun and I kinda want to do the other OVA episodes, the Super Adventure Rockman cutscenes, and the Ruby Spears cartoon, as a fun art challenge. But we’ll see…

Artist Note: First attempt of drawing Rush


●ついぴ糞ログ5● by 補欠 on pixiv

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I can’t believe no one actually saw this, it was an image uploaded by nintendo, I  had to make this so anyone i know realized what it said there


Rockman Sound Box 2 front and back in a little higher resolution than I’ve been able to find online. Has this really been out for almost a full year?

Never got the pencil board that was given as a preorder bonus, but to be honest, I like the gold background better than plain ol’ white anyhow.

The only problem I have with most of these official soundtracks is that the themes just never loop enough for my taste. I get disc space, and that many people don’t necessarily want 5+ minute tracks. But even for the Game Boy tunes, I need me more than 1:20 of Ballade and 50 second boss themes!

Scanned from: Rockman Sound Box 2, Art by Keisuke Mizuno