megaman classic bosses: hey everyone, this is ribbon man. he’s a funny robot made entirely out of ribbons, and hes weak to scissor man’s weapon! :)

megaman x bosses: Titanium Piranha was originally built with the purpose of transporting metal across the ocean. However, after his master died in a shipping accident, he turned Maverick and slaughtered his entire crew. Sigma turned him into one of his 8 fighters and Pirahna’s last wish is to die at the hands of X.

Ruin an Anime by Making a BAD Knockoff Title

Neon Genesis Evangelion > Xenon Testament Televangelist

Tokyo Ghoul > Shinjuku Banshee > Okinawa Phantom

Your Lie in April > Your Half-Truth in February

Mobile Suit Gundam > Immobile Pajamas Guntank

Initial D > Middle Name T

Fullmetal Alchemist > Totally Aluminum Artificer

Bleach > Oxy Clean

Gargantia on the Verdurous Planet > Biggo at da Green Planetoid

Asura Cryin > Asuka is Upset

Highschool of the Dead > Middle School of the Departed

Accel World > Velocity Place

Fate/Stay Night > Destiny/Bed and Breakfast

Pokemon > Pouch Demons

Card Captor Sakura > Poker Abductor Sasuke

Mega Man > Big Guy (for you)

Yuyushiki > Hyaku Shiki > Delta Plus

Char Aznable > Full Frontal > Bigger Longer and Unrated

Naruto > Boruto

You heard me