Purple hanami
Cold early spring

Here is my artwork for the cover of Chaud Nem Jump #5, a manga fanzine I work on with friends. Available here.

The scene takes place in the universe of Black Cat Alley, a brand new story drawn by Vinz published in the zine.

Mon illustration pour la couverture du dernier numéro de Chaud Nem Jump, un fanzine que nous publions avec des amis. Il vient tout juste de sortir et est disponible juste ici !

Things that have actually happened in Megaman Battle Network canon

-the internet gets set on fire a total of three times
-the weather gets hacked a total of three time
-the series director’s self-insert keeps showing up to battle people
-the protagonist gets robbed three times in 24 hours while travelling abroad for the first time
-at one point, the protagonist has to drop some sick rhymes in order to get alcohol as bait for a spider trap
-one of the most devastating cyberattacks in the setting’s history was orchestrated by an elementary school student wearing a hologram
-the person who helped carry out aforementioned cyberattack, a person who tried to assassinate several international officials, and a serial arsonist show up to aid the protagonist later on in the series and their past crimes are never brought up
-a villain’s carefully-crafted plan is foiled by a smartphone being thrown at his head
-the protagonist installs malware because someone who previously tried to burn down his house acted totally trustworthy
-the setting’s equivalent of ARPANET is a primordial blob
-a kid with a wheelchair and a congenital heart defect is the secret heir to the Deep Web
-a giant meteor is spotted heading for the planet and everybody’s first instinct is to have a bunch of tournaments to find out who’s good enough with computers to stop it because obviously
-the internet floods because somebody’s AI partner cried really hard
-Django from Boktai keeps showing up and it’s never really asked how he managed to appear
-Hideo Kojima is just hanging around a haunted house with a similar lack of explanation
-somebody thought having criminal trials be carried out by computer in a world where everything is easily hacked was a good idea
-the villains only figure out they can simply defeat the protagonist in physical, real-world combat about 10 minutes from the end of the series and lose anyway because of timely intervention