New Discovery Channel Boss Rich Ross Getting Rid Of ‘Fake Stuff,’ Bringing Back Science and… Discovery

The Discovery Channel’s new boss, Rich Ross, spoke with reporters and TV critics today at Winter TV press Tour 2015, and immediately won the room over by promising to move the venerable cable channel away from its current style of programming, Deadline is reporting.

Rich Ross admitted to TV critics today that The Discovery Channel‘s main focus of late has been on pseudo-scientific schlock like “Megalodon: The New Evidence” and not one, but two fake-mermaid documentaries; and vaguely-scientific-sounding, scripted “reality” programs like “Finding Bigfoot” or “Sons of Guns.”  Read more…

Hopefully this means no more fake Megalodon crap.

It will take years to undo the damage this has caused to many people understanding of science.  There are so many people that believe what they see on the discovery channel, because they’ve purposely tried to make their fictional programs look like fact.  Every time I do a classroom presentation I have to answer questions from kids who are convinced these fake shows are real.  Though I’ll be a little disappointed to see our sales of Megalodon teeth really spike during shark week.


Shark vs Humpback Whale (March 2014). As you can tell, the shark was drawn at the corner to make it’s mouth moves with your head movement. I also tried trompe l'oeil with drawing shadows both on walls and floor to make both animals pop out of the walls.

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I finally watched the Prince of Egypt last night and I saw this scene in context and realised what it actually was.

People thought it was a whale, then they thought it was a Megalodon Shark which made sense to me when I saw the gif except for the fact that they died out millions of years before this story. And then seeing the reaction of the little girl and her Grandma, the kid is terrified but her Gran reassures her like it’s nothing to worry about which is what really helped me figure it out. That kid thought it was a huge Shark too. Well no, it ain’t and Grandma knows what it is, she knows that it’s harmless.

One thing I always noticed was that it’s got the tail of a shark but the head of a whale. Now what has a whale head and a shark tail? A WHALE SHARK. They inhabit the Red Sea and the largest Whale Shark on record was 12.2 metres long but they believe them to grow even bigger, to the size of a bus. Ergo it has to be a Whale Shark.

Case closed; Class dismissed.

We just got our first batch of large, chocolate Megalodon teeth done.  Just in time for Easter we’ve molded a Megalodon tooth in high quality, dark, milk and white chocolate.  The teeth are just under 5 inches long and contain 4 ounces of chocolate.  Each one is individually packaged along with Megalodon facts & information.

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No, that is NOT a Megalodon

This image has started circulating the Internet again as purported “proof” the Megalodon shark is still alive.  No, that is not a shark that’s been extinct for 2.6 million years circling a helpless swimmer.  It’s a basking shark, the second largest living shark behind the whale shark.  Like the whale shark it’s a filter feeder and completely harmless to humans, though they can grow to gigantic sizes of up to 40 feet.

The image was taken from:

This here is a modern-day Great White Shark tooth. It’s razor sharp and pretty scary…

But it’s puny compared to the tooth of an ancient Great White…

And that ain’t got nothing on the tooth of the Megalodon, the largest shark to have ever swam in the oceans!

Megalodon teeth have been known to be almost 8 inches in length, while the Megalodon itself could reach up to 50-60 feet in length and up to 100 tons in weight! Compare that to the 3 ½ tons of the largest modern Great White. That means the Megalodon was bigger than 28 Great White sharks combined!!

Photo Credit: Fossilera