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The Verdant Alliance is creating a weekly/monthly newsletter (+ blog) to update green bloggers on what’s happening around tumblr. The newsletter will contain interviews, featured blogs, bloggers birthdays and tonnes of other stuff! Your blog will also be listed on the newsletters blog as well as a list of current promotions, botws/botms and favourites lists. 

At the moment i’m trying to compile a megalist of most (if not all of the green bloggers on tumblr). The following are examples of green blogs: x, x, x and x.

      > mbf caulifl0wer 
      > check out the authors; adam, lauren, ismene, callumastrid & kate
      > fill out this survey (this is important!)
      > reblog this post to get the word out

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  • Must be following caulifl0wer
  • Reblogs only
  • Must reach a decent amount of notes (40+ notes)
  • Must be willing to participate in a poll.


  • There WILL be a poll, i’ll choose 4/5 blogs on the 26th Feb
  • The poll will run from the 26th - March 1st at 10am (+10GMT)
  • Follower count does not matter
  • Blog style does not matter
  • Check out my past botms
  • Check out callum
  • GREEN BLOGGERS: Reblog this to be in the green blog megalist

good luck!