Hey-hey! Look, its a Delphoxconn! Ha, get it? Like, the electronics manufacturing company called “Foxconn” and -con like a convention or meeting?- Ah, forget it. I’m a sucker for really dumb puns anyway.

But, fun fact: did you know that a group of foxes are called a “Leash?” Now that sounds a lot better, yeah… A leash of Delphoxes.

Ignore how weird I’m being. Haven’t been getting much sleep lately because college. BUT WITHOUT FURTHER ADO, I present to you, my first piece of fan art. This has been sitting in my computer’s hard drive for a little over a month, so I finally decided to finish it up. (Which is why some of the characters I drew here may be a LITTLE BIT outdated.) This took FOREVER though. I was working on this drawing for about a month total, a couple hours at a time. My hand HURTS.

But hey, after drawing this, I have a couple headcanons involving Delphoxes:
1. Just like the black dots on ladybugs, the fire-shaped patch of fur on each Delphox’s “Fur Skirt” that are supposed to resemble fire, actually come in different sizes and shapes!

2. Much like humans and our hair, Delphoxes wear their ear fluff in certain styles. Some are shorter and rougher (psychic-deviates‘s Delphox) while others are longer and fuller ( apprenticebloom‘s Lady Norra). 

But yeah, anyway, these are all the Delphoxes from all the blogs I follow, all in one picture! (And my character Katherine’s in there too.) None of these characters belong to me except Katherine, so I’ll start going down the list of characters that I drew as well as their blogs.

Top Row: (Going left to right.):

Danielle Comeau - From askcamphrierhigh

Basil - From basildelphox aka: asurakitsune

Queen Katherine Foxwell - From ask-the-iron-queen (Also known as yours truly.)

Alexandria Megado - From askmegadelphox. (This picture was made before this blog disappeared randomly. Which was odd, but I did like the character while he was still around!)

Bottom Row: (Going left to right):

Lady Norra - From apprenticebloom

Delphox (What a creative name!) - From psychic-deviates

Ashen - From asklotusandmarshmallow

Haines - From askbohemiancompany

(Hm. It’s an even 50/50 split. Four female and four male. I didn’t even notice that until now.)

Okay, to be honest with all of you: I’m really imagining all of these Delphox characters in the same room talking to one another and interacting. It’s VERY FRIGGIN ENTERTAINING to think about this idea, because all of them are so different from one another and it’s just so funny to think about how these characters would interact with one another when put into a room together! Katherine’s hot-headed personality, Basil’s cheerful one, Ashen’s serious one, etc. 

Anyway, now to go to work. I gotta close shop at the on-campus restaurant I work at tonight, so see you guys later! I promise, asks will be answered soon! I’m trying my hardest to find the time to do it.

~ Boomer