megacon on friday


Jack Cooper - Titanfall 2

Finally managed to finish this build, and just in time for Megacon this Friday too! Most of the armor was hand made from foam and other materials to go with the collectors edition helmet i got with the game, with 3D printed parts where necessary. Guns and knife were 3D printed.

And thus completes the repairs (and spiffy new dials and hat). Would have put on the full outfit but it’s too darn hot in Florida right now. Found a new hat for RGB as well and made extra dials that can be interchanged with the ones for Negative. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with how this turned out.

As for cosplay plans for MegaCon 17’, Friday and part of Saturday will showcase Negative while the rest of Saturday, and then Sunday, will finish out the convention as RGB. Gonna be an awesome year for the convention!

RGB and Negative RGB belong to @modmad and be sure to check out the amazing The Property of Hate


Megacon Friday Photos (part ½) (Part 2)

all of you lovely people were freaking amazing! Friday was amazing and i’m almost out of business cards. Thank you all for the freaking awesome response to my Steve cosplay! You all are awesome (if you see yourself in these photos or someone you know, let me know so i can tag them!)

Vivi - spoopyvaporeon
Lewis - vmprsm
Gogo - cosplaywithteaj
Evil Queen - steelrosesandburntwings
Korra and Friends - livelifetolovesomeone



Fem Shizuo- Me             Fem Izaya- 

Fem Tsukishima- Me              Fem Yamaguchi- danica

anyone who’s in these please let me know so I can tag you too!

“freaky-midget  Hinata from the left, iamtheescapist is Tsukki 

420picarats is Kuroo, and werewuff is the Suga hiding in the back in the group photo~! “


Megacon Friday (part 2/2) (part 1)

Okay, so these are the rest of the good pictures of the lovelies I got. You all were amazing and i hope to see/hear from you all again!

Rave Fiona  
Rave PB 
Kyogre Gijinka


So here it is. My AlterTale Sans outfit. Let me just say I adore the concept of AlterTale and especially Sans in the Ruins. @friisans thanks for coming up with such an awesome idea with such beautiful artwork. I hope I did your design justice! 

I’m not terrible confident when it comes to taking pictures but I do like how these turned out! I’ll be wearing this at MegaCon this upcoming Friday!

*Bonus Sans with a pun apron because of course he would have one*