I went to Florida’s Megacon today!!

These were some of my favorite costumes Ft. a McCree who looked terrified of me when we made eye contact.


Various Anime cosplayers I saw at Megacon 2017!

If you’re in any of these photos and would like me to tag you or remove your picture please let me know!


So, some fun stories to go with these photos.

I spotted (ha) the Adrien and Marinette and ran up to them, squealing in my best attempt at Chloe’s obnoxious valley-girl voice, “Oh my god, Adrien, HI!!! (Glances over , grimaces) Oh hey Marinette.” They were great though and we’re kind enough to pose with me.

The second two photos pretty much speak for themselves, but that was the ONLY suited-up Ladybug we saw on Sunday, and just as we ran into her the little girl came up and she was just enthralled. She even knew I was Anti-Bug. It was great. What a lovely fandom :):)