Imagine Utopia

(Closed starter with @zeldamaniac23.)

Red(F) waited outside Wolf’s apartment in the megacity of Altia, bobbing her head to some J-pop playing in her extranet uplink. As she did, she softly sang along.

“…ano hi egaita, omoi wa itsuka, sorezore wo mirai no terashite…”

Aircars whizzed by in the view from the window. This high up, there were many layers of aerial traffic. Some distance away, Red(F) could see The Tower, the skyscraper where she lived with her male self and Yuuki at the very top.

Knowing what Wolf liked, she’d come today with a few genetic quick-mods to herself, mostly to make herself a catgirl. She also wore cosmetic glasses.

The door soon emitted a cheerful beep, and it slid open to reveal Wolf, with Yuki behind him.