Was skeptical at first, but now I enjoy the idea of the megas! Also wanted to try design one myself, of one of my fave pokémons, Beheeyem C: If he gets a real evo, it will be permanent and it would suck if Beheeyems evo looked crap :C (wouldn’t evolve him of course). But IF it gets a mega instead, it would be great as I would still have actual Beheeyem as they transform back after battle C:

Here is what I would hope for: Psychic/Steel, removing its other weaknesses and gains weakness for ground and fire instead. BUT since it has Levitate it would only have fire as its weakness. Stat-wise, it wouldn’t hurt to get slightly more speed and def/sp.def. Since it’s based on a UFO a bit = travel fast. Part steel because of UFO stuff, it could have some more defence/sp.def. Other stuff in the design, I just tried to give it a more disguised look. Gave it and asteroid belt because.

aaa now I just hope Sableye gets the rumored mega!