It’s still amazing to me how many years I’ve been supporting @1omarion .. 13 years ago I was nothing but a little screaming teenager attending every concert, cd sign-in, TV appearance, etc.. Within 13 years I’ve gotten the chance to see O grow not only as an artist but as a “MAN” !!! August 7, 2014 marked the start I get to witness him grow as a “FATHER” !!! Looking at the image above made me think of one of the first interviews O did after announcing him & Apryl were expecting their first child together.. His words were “Sex Playlist. Shirts off. With my son in my hands. Like this, right here. My six pack with my son in my hands (laughs).” 😂 gotta love O! Thank you for allowing your supporters to walk next to you in each journey you embark on! I know you’ll be an amazing father! Congratulations, Love & Blessings to you & your new family! #WelcomeToTheWorldMegaa #WeveBeenWaitingOnYou #OmariIshmaelGrandberry #MegaaOmariGrandberry #2Kings #OmarionIsAFatherNow #PapaO #NoGreaterLove #OmariStreetTeam