Am I the only one that ever noticed all the Mega Man imagery in this video?

Missy is basically wearing the Rush Power Adapter suit from Mega Man 6, Da Brat looks like a pallet swap of Slash Man with Bass’ colors, everyone is running around on the hover-bike things from Mega Man X, and then Dr. sorta-Wily shows up.

It’s May 24th 2017

Here’s a good Dan song to listen to today: Get A Ride by The Northern Hues

Here’s a good Grumps episode to watch today:
Mega Man 6: Finale - Part 9

Here’s a cool Dan fact for you today:
During one of his vacations in Scotland, Dan got lost in Glasgow and asked a fellow where the train was. Said Glasgow lad had an accent so thick Dan understood none of what was being said to him.

Here’s a good picture of Dan to look at today:


What a mess

Thank you guys sooooo much for your patience and understanding!! I know this one took a long time, but I really hope you guys like it!

Special Thanks to:
@kukubear  – for the suggestion! Sorry for the wait!
@fishy-bob – for being my pal and dealing with me every day! QQ
And imnotevenapanda – a fellow Game Grumps animator (and animator in general)! Go check his stuff, he’s cool!
And especially, the guy on the Adobe forums that single-handedly saved this animation when the file became corrupted upon exporting. The hero this world needs, but doesn’t deserve Q_Q


Mr. X Stage ~ MegaMan 6

the plot of literally every mega man/rockman game

1: The malicious dr wily has reprogrammed 6 robots! The good dr light sends Mega Man to fight for everlasting peace!

2. Wily comes back with 8 new robots based on the last 6 guys and better navigation! Mega Man, go fight again

3. Dr wily is somehow trusted by dr light again and they start working on some new robots, but GUESS WHAT HE TURNS EVIL AGAIN BEAT HIM UP, also your pseudo-brother wants to fight go beat him up too

4. Dr Cossack is the new evil Doctor in town! Fight 8 robot masters and then the final against dr cossa-oh wait wily is actually the real villain again.

5. Proto man is back and made his own castle despite being 13 so fight the fi-dang it it’s wily again

6. Mr. X takes 8 robots and- oh screw it that disguise isn’t even convincing you know it’s wily

7. Dr wily FINALLY GOT LOCKED UP BUT ESCAPED and at least he’s not pretending he’s someone else

8. now wily wants to take over the world with a doomsday, as if he succeeded the first 7 times.

Mega Man & Bass: king is a new robot wanting to take over the world but Mega Man and bass shall stop him! Oh yeah and king is actually a decoy of wily so you’re fighting him again

9: Dr light is convicted of robot terrorism by Dr wily because some of those robots technically were his and OH MY GOD THE PEOPLE BELIEVE WILY AFTER YOU GUYS WENT THROUGH 9 ATTEMPTS OF WILY TRYING TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD, ONE OF WHICH HE GOT LOCKED UP FOR, HES EVIL WHY DO YOU STILL TRUST THIS GUY

10. the robots get sick HMMM I WONDER WHOS BEHIND IT