The Mega Man 6 Robot Masters scale chart, this time with original art!

See, the problem with using the NES sprites is, aside from the exaggerated head sizes, is they’re largely all squatty and stuff. So I thought I’d give it a go with standing upright art, while fiddling with my style. How much detail to drop, what to streamline, etc.

As for where I “measured” (the actual measurement numbers are directly from the game), I went with “top of the scalp”. Where the vital brain-bit storage ends. So Flame Man’s turban is about half empty cooling frame, etc. It’s a judgement call but hey.

I do like how big Tomahawk Man is. It looked a bit too huge in the sprites, but that was huge horizontally too. With him standing upright, being considerably taller looks a lot better. Not so overly massive.

Will probably do some other NES lineups, in which I will A) use arcade sprites as a size basis, and B) jsut make up the rest because I can. I CAN!