Nintendo Switch

Cute concept, it could work… still need to see more games and more information on features. I want to be cautious this time because I didn’t bother getting a Wii U because I wasn’t going to use it more than my PS4 and PC. Also, I had a 3DS, enjoyed it until after Super Smash Bros. got released… and then most of the games coming out weren’t convincing me enough to buy and ended with barely using it (also some of the bullshit hype DLC tactics they pulled on Smash Bros.)… surprisingly enough, I was using my PSP more (yes, a PSP! Got a problem with that? Wanna settle it outside, pleb? It’s got Mega Man Legends, Legends 2 and Misadventures of Tron Bonne in it… unlike what was supposed to happen for the 3DS. Remember Mega Man Legends 3 and how it all went to hell? XD) and I retired from playing Pokémon, so I ended up selling the thing and all the games. Got nothing against Nintendo, but I’m not falling for it a third time. I need more information from here to March when it releases.

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