More Than One Night

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pairing: yoongi x reader x jungkook

words: 23,707

genre: angst, smut, college au, fuck boy au

warnings: dirty talk, lots of sex, oral sex 

a/n: this is not how i usually write. so it’s jumbled, and it’s super long i’m sorry. basically ..think about it as a huge imagines

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Thinking  Malachite and...

Hi everyone its Fixitstevenjunior here back at it again with another long ass post anyways this is about the whole Malachite situation between Jasper and Lapis.. Literally just over a year ago this time the fandom was in a huge war between who was the abuser and while many people rightfully said Lapis many people also pointed the finger at Jasper treating Lapis like the innocent victim or a selfless hero (people saying she sacrificed herself to save Steven and the others) despite the high amount of facts exposing Lapis as the abuser and the  use of common sense to show she was the one at fault. Looking back on it I am actually not really surprised why people may see Lapis in that way. 

No I am not ignoring the dialog said by Lapis in Alone at sea exposing herself but there are many people who do and the main reason for this is Steven he immediately denied what Lapis had said and because Steven is the main protagonist of this show and most  if not all of its morals is based on his it is obvious why people may see Lapis as wrong and Steven as right.  And no one ever tells Steven that he is wrong. It is obvious why Steven sided with Lapis if you think about it. He sees Lapis as a friend and Jasper as an.. well..  nemesis and because of that viewers see Lapis as one of the good guys and Jasper as the bad guys Lapis being one of the good guys can make it seem that she can do no wrong as she is acquainted with the protagonist even though that is not the case. When Jasper shows up Steven immediately summons  his shield and  tells her to stay back while Lapis looks like the terrified damsel in distress in the back I mean anyone who was first seeing the show for the first time would immediately see Jasper as the abuser from this image alone. Steven constantly tells Jasper to leave Lapis alone like she  the big bad wolf in this situation. Steven at one point said “Don’t worry Lapis I wont let you sleep with the fishes” focusing all of his concern on her and no one.. and I repeat no one says anything about Jasper it is all about Lapis Lapis Lapis.

No one ever acknowledges how dangerous Lapis actually is apart from Jasper 

And are viewers ever going to consider what Jasper says with any bit of truth? No. Because she is the supposed “bad guy” an antagonist therefore it seems that she is never right especially when her statement contradicts the main protagonist and even when she is most qualified in speaking about Lapis as it was she who was trapped in the fusion for months not Steven. Steven at one point says “Lapis don’t listen to her!” which makes it even less likely for viewers to listen to her doesn’t it. Steven is still seen as being right even though Malachite had nothing to do with him. Him being there to support Lapis even though it made sense him to support her it just made Lapis look more innocent while Jasper more guilty Steven being in the scene adding his useless contributions just confused the situation further. And now did the confrontation end? By Steven literally running up to Lapis hugging her screaming “Lapis you did it!” (oh gosh his voice drived me insane in this episode)

I mean how does that make Lapis look? How does that make Jasper look? The only notable thing Lapis did was admitting she did was wrong and it is clear that is not what Steven meant, he obviously meant standing up to Jasper.. Im done I can not take this anymore moving on

Another quite small but large in meaning is Peridot in Back to the Moon

So when Amejasper (Amethyst shapeshifted to look like Jasper) asked if the pair wanted to join in on the mission or whatever Peridot literally grabbed onto Lapis like she was about to protect her from the big bad wolf known as Jasper and this being Peridot another known friend to the main protagonist and always right Steven Universe her actions are obviously going to be seen as right. While Lapis clearly doesnt look bothered Peridot still acts in defense treating her like a damsel in distress. So we can be clear that Lapis told Peridot about Malachite (which yeah makes sense as theyre now friends and all) and I am sure Lapis didnt bend the truth to Peridot and after hearing it from Lapis Peridot still acts in defense? What?  Another piece of evidence is when Jasper is mentioned in front of Lapis Peridot jumps in and says something like “we do not mention that name here” just yet another way characters in the actual show see Lapis as the victim and if characters in the show see Lapis as the victim how likely are viewers going to see Lapis as the victim especially when it is their favorite character seeing her that way.  

And this is not the viewers fault as well they didnt write the show to be like this did they? It all boils down to well bad writing I guess.. it has been confirmed many times outside the show that the writers wanted to make Lapis the abuser Lapis saying “I am your prisoner and I am never letting you go!” and many other quotes proves so but having many characters bend over backwards for Lapis and having no other character call Lapis out on it but Jasper who is seen as the big bad wolf in every situation so it is obvious why no one would listen to her just confuses the situation so looking into all of this I guess it is clear why many see Lapis as the innocent victim as many characters in the actual show do! So.. show if you really want to make Lapis the abuser 

paperbeanbag  asked:

Have any other good fics for us???

sorry this took a while to reply back to. i’ve been compiling this for a while.

since you didn’t specify what kind of fics, i’m gonna give like a smorgasbord of different ut fics i love w/ a blurb of stupid commentary from me :’D

(be warned, snas is my fav so a bunch feature him/are centered around him.)

(also be warned that not everything i like may be ur cup of tea, so make sure to read the tags/warnings.)

longpost under cut. ready? here we gooo~ ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ 

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i pretty much love every character a lot but keith is by far #1 bae

yes! I love keith too!! i asked because I wanted to draw for you and then uni work load got crazy but I finally had some free time tonight! so here is keith wearing vintage keith outfit! 

So I want to have a little talk about the new design for Exeggutor. When I first saw it I obviously thought it was silly but reasoned it’s maybe like 10 feet tall so it wouldn’t be that bad, such as this.

But no, I was looking up the tallest pokemon (reasons) and I found this.

35′09″ is ridiculous, especially seeing as how this would be the scale.


[All images were taken from bulbapedia]

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I am binging PoI right now, and Root and Harold's relationship will never disinterest me. One thing I notice is when there's ever technical stuff that needs to be done, Root moves aside and allows Harold to do the job. She can do it easily, and if it were anyone else she wouldn't let them touch a terminal (unless it's to watch them fail and make them eat it). It reminds me of how much she reveres Harold and what a special person she believes he is.

Well hello there my absolute new best bud on the internet! I am always ready to talk about how much Root fucking adores, reveres and loves Harold because it inevitably makes me cry and for some reason I subject myself to that repeatedly. 

And yes, Root absolutely has so much admiration for Harold’s technological skills! Even back when they first met, she respected him immensely for being the Father of AI, even while simultaneously being supremely condescending and critical of his values and methods. Harold was the first person that she ever respected in her entire life as Root, the first person she thought was even worthy of her attention, the first person she ever thought she would even be able to speak to, and the only person she considered equal to her wrt technological skills. Harold is one of the few people in Root’s life that she thought worthy of actually listening to. 

As time went on she came to genuinely adore Harold himself (apart from his impressive coding prowess), and honestly the depth of her love and loyalty towards him is slightly terrifying and wholly mesmerizing. She holds him in such ridiculous high esteem and has such a staggering amount of faith in him. 

Let’s look at some Root quotes that demonstrate how much she reveres Harold:

“I’ve been waiting for you my whole life…” (The Contingency, 2x01)

“You’re Harold Finch. You’ll find a way into the system.” (SNAFU, 5x02)

“Like it or not Harry, history is upon you” (BSOD, 5x01)

Hell let’s go all the way back and examine her “I believed you. I believed in you!” from God Mode. Leaving aside the fact that she was legit gonna blow Harold’s brains out a second after she said this, this line is honestly a stunning and very revealing look into how Root sees Harold, because yes she’s upset that she missed her chance to meet God, but she’s also legitimately feeling betrayed about Harold lying to her. Even at this point, she revered him and put him on a pedestal.

And correspondingly, she also demonstrates a deep desire to be accepted by him. Look at her tentative smile as she says “this is nice…” when Harold invites her to work with him in Prophets. Look at how resigned she is in Skip when she thinks Harold is going to throw her out. She disobeyed a direct order from her God in that ep because she needed to keep Harold safe. 

And honestly, here’s the thing I find so interesting about Root – it’s that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for what the people she loves believe in. Because yes, she will die for TM, she will die for Shaw, and she will die for Harold. That’s expected. Root takes it one step further however. She is willing to die for what TM, Shaw and Harold believe in. It might not be what she thinks, it might not be what she believes, it’s not her worldview… but it is important to the people that she cares so deeply about, and she’s correspondingly willing to honor that (as long as it doesn’t lead to aforementioned people she loves getting hurt and dying of course). 

“You think I don’t care about people, Harold? I’m doing all of this to save you.” (Root Path, 3x17)

Root literally embodies the “I will do anything for you” saying when it comes to the people she loves. She is a magnificent character and I will love her till the end of time. 


A new trailer for Deadly Premonition director, Swery’s, NEW game The Good Life dropped today at PAX West! I wrote up all my thoughts on the game and campaign in a big long mega post but figured I should post the trailer separately incase people wanted to share it without my wall of text :)

i went and decided to do a dissection ANYWAY of tsuna’s potential backstory regarding his school life / bullying and family dynamics  (and things i see rehashed in fic over and over again), because i already wrote a million paragraphs about it but didn’t feel like spewing bits and pieces all over the place.

i can absolutely understand ‘nana is a normal mom and tsuna is just a saltlord who only cares about himself’, because that’s kind of how it seems. on the surface. that’s fine!! normal salty tsuna learning to care about people is nice too.

but 'normal’ is very, very subjective. it’s very subjective. it depends on culture, it depends on class, it depends on soooo many things. and ‘normal’ isn’t always what’s best.

so this is kind of a not-really-comprehensive look into Why Are You Like This Sawada Tsunayoshi.

read if you like a lot of introspective salt and hate against bullying, because i have a lot of hate for bullying. the first half is pretty respectful but it gets really salty near the end i just lost patience. this thing is 6k words long. it’s as long as one of my fic chapter updates.

disclaimer: i do not reference the anime much at all. most if not all of this is purely manga based. i get mine from mangahere instead of official viz-released translations. the anime also has different translations too depending on the fansub, and also different when compared to manga, so take these with a grain of…. salt lmao.

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the three different ways i’ve experienced astral travel! 4/13/17

there are three different types of astral travel that i have! ill go more into detail about them here bc i feel that it’ll help ppl understand that there is no one version of astral travel. its 100% different for each person, so much so that i have three different types! 

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The great fan-theorying 2016 - Vision and Wanda (post-Civil War)

First of all, I would like to point out that back in August last year I got the whole plotline concerning Wanda and Vision in Civil War right. 

Some quotes from my post/fan-theory from a year ago:

If because of the explosion, she (Wanda) gets arrested and put out of commission, that would explain why she’s not in either line-up. Possibly means the rest of the movie is about trying to get her out, since Cap knows what really went down and that she doesn’t deserve to be locked up…

…Which means that likely he’s (Vision’s) the only one who can be in charge of guarding her and/or making sure she doesn’t take over the guards’ minds.

Leaving Wanda and Vision alone.



I grew up on Wanda and Vision comics, because my dad was a huge sap and actually collected their miniseries as well as West Coast Avengers, which was then passed onto me. I also keep up with the current comics to see what Marvel intends with their relationship now, including their kids (if you’re new to the ship, oh boy is that an interesting chestnut of information for you to digest!).

What’s more, I have a script-writing background, and I’m currently in the media industry. It’s kinda my job to write stories, keep stories straight, and assess them objectively. Theory-crafting is my job, lore-mongering is part of my skill-set.

And with Vision and Wanda, you gotta go through like 40 years worth (not counting the last few months even) of history and drama, good and bad, to figure out where the MCU wants to go.

Lucky for you, I grew up on this shit. It’s second nature for me to keep it all straight.

This gonna be a huge post, people. This post will be about me addressing some stuff about how they are portrayed in Civil War, some stuff linking to their comic counterparts, and I’m actually going to include my theories about Marvel’s end-game plan for these two, and this includes looking at other material/media in association with the MCU that has come out (video games, comics etc.)

For newbies to the ship, I’m going to link to some primer material as well, because you guys gotta get introduced to Billy and Tommy. Strap in!

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Never be alone - Part 1

This is an intro to what I hope will become something bigger but only if you like it and I have a challenge fic to complete (and others) but I love writing action stuff so I am really genuinely determined to get this written.

There’s a little flashback in italics and this refers to this post + tho I’ve changed little bits of it.  (some is under the cut tho it’s not mega long and apologies for any spelling errors)


“Look at the camera Payne.”   

The way Liam’s surname is spoken, with complete contempt reminds Liam, just for a moment, of when he was at school and the kids who bullied him said it almost exactly like that.

Except, the kids in school didn’t hold a gun in the direction of Liam’s face as they said it.

He doesn’t want to look up but he figures he has no choice so does, though not at the man with the gun or anyone else, well except for at one man and he fixes him with a stare and the fucker being the coward he is looks away and Liam can’t help the bitter laugh that escapes him.

The gun is cold as it’s pressed against Liam’s head for just a moment then he hears.

“Don’t see you’re in a position to laugh, now fucking look at the camera, read the words on the screen and we may just decide to leave blowing your head off for another day or two at least.”

Liam drops his gaze for a moment, shakes his head just to try and show some reluctance and not feel like he’s rolled over like a puppy and then looks up, looks at the words on the screen, and starts to talk.


Zayn’s just put the mug of coffee down on the table and sat down and he’s lighting a cigarette when the message alert sounds on his phone

He’s been waiting for this text for the last however many hours although there’s a voice at the back of his mind that’s saying ‘Well if he can text you then why isn’t he here instead,’ but he still expects it to be a text from Liam.

It’s not.

It’s a message, with an address on it and a time and Zayn’s up and out of the chair before he even registers he’s doing it, taking a sip of the coffee which is too strong and the bitter taste alongside the worry that’s filling his mind make his stomach churn before he stubs out the cigarette in the ashtray.

He picks up the keys from the kitchen counter and his shades from the basket on the table by the door, shrugs on his jacket and slams the door behind him.

The traffic’s quiet at this hour of the morning or as quiet as it’ll ever be in the city, and he reaches the theatre in less than twenty minutes,  this part of town’s always quiet these days, there’s a regeneration project which has stalled because of an inquiry into corruption around who won the contract so he could park right outside the apartment block if he wanted.

He doesn’t, he parks in a small alleyway just around the corner, not even sure why he does it because he’s certain that those who sent the text are watching anyway, but he does it nevertheless.  

Zayn doesn’t get out the car initially, instead he looks down at his phone, thinks of calling Higgins except he’s got a funny feeling that even though he trusts Paul as much as he trusts anyone or not anyone except Liam and a very few others, he knows without even setting foot inside the building, without even hearing or seeing whatever’s to come that the rules have changed.

And that trusting his instincts is more important than ever right now so he pockets the phone, exits the car, looks around him, and there’s no one obvious watching him and he walks towards the apartment block

It’s as he’s walking and he’s only a few steps from the entrance when he hears a beep on his phone, and he looks down and there’s another instruction which tells him to go through the maintenance door on the right-hand side of the building.  

He looks around him just before he walks down the alleyway, there’s still barely anyone in sight, just a few street traders walking along with trolleys loaded with fresh fruit and vegetables and no one paying attention to him.

The door’s open just a fraction as he reaches it, and he pats his jacket just as a reminder feeling the shape of his gun and it helps him breathe a little easier, as he walks into the unlit corridor, his phone sounds again and it’s loud in the quiet of the building and he looks down and sees the instruction and the series of numbers.

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Dear x,

Dad let you come outside with me and Roll today. We couldn’t wander very far, but you really enjoyed seeing the outside world after being confined in the walls of the lab for so long. I remember how much your face lit up when the sunshine hit you for the first time. Roll found lots of flowers and you and her picked some. She gathered your favourite ones and put them in a clay pot in your room so you can see them even when you’re inside your capsule. We sat outside for a long time. You asked why the sun continuously got lower and lower, and once I explained the sunset you refused to go inside until you could experience it for yourself. But it was okay, me and Roll loved being there with you for the last time. Eventually we had to go back inside. We knew what was coming. I miss you so much already…I wish we had more time together. Dad had to seal you in the capsule after we came back inside. You kept crying…It all happened so fast. Dad programmed me with the ability to feel, and every emotion overwhelmed me all at once. I know he made a extremely significant upgrades to your ability to think and feel too, completely outmatching my own. I can’t even fathom what it was like for you…I hope that once your testing is complete, we can see the sunrise too.

Dear x,

Blues came to visit us today. He doesn’t come by much with his malfunctioning core and all. He still refuses to get help, I feel so far away from him. I think I’m making progress though, but he’s really hard to read. Wily’s plan for world dominations slowly get stupider and less severe the older he gets. Bass mentioned that he’s building a super robot like you. I’m very scared…even Bass was worried for what he could do. I hope that he doesn’t hurt you. Bass also told me that he could have free will on the same degree as you, so maybe he would rather be your friend than follow the path set for him by Wily? I’m worried. Apparently he isn’t done yet. I just hope that if he is bad, that he doesn’t outmatch you.

Speaking of Bass, he doesn’t really follow Wily anymore. He just kinda…does whatever he wants. He still constantly wants to battle me to prove he’s stronger though. I still win every time, but its become more of a aggressive competition than a matter of life or death. I’m really happy about that. It’s been about a year since you were sealed. 29 more to go…see you soon.

Dear x,

Today is mine and Roll’s birthday. Dad said we were turned on for the first time 16 years ago. Blues came too. He also told us that he started developing you 11 years ago. He’s getting really old…me and Roll are afraid of what will happen when he passes on. Blues’s core won’t last much longer, and dad gets sicker every day. Everything is falling apart. At least I’ll have Roll. Bass too, I guess.

I don’t know what’s going to happen to us. I’m afraid that we’ll have to be scrapped or something. The government has very harsh and strict rules against robots, and they can’t live forever. Do we have a set date to die? I really want to see you again…

Dear x,

Dad can’t do much lately. He’s really out of it. Me and Roll have been taking care of him. Wily hasn’t done anything in a few years, so we haven’t had much to do. Bass stops by sometimes to fight me. At first we did, but now he just stops by to see how we’re doing. Blues comes by too. I like it when we’re all together. Bass told me that Wily stays up all night working on his prized robot. Seems like he’s putting all of his focus onto him and has given up on taking over the world for now. He’s around the same age as dad, so he won’t last much longer.

Dear x,

Blues’s core is finally being replaced today! I’ve convinced him to let me and Roll fix him. I’m so happy…I was very worried for what would happen in the future. I can’t remember whether you met him or not. I think you did, but if you didn’t, I know you’ll like him. It’s been about 4 years since you’ve been sealed. 26 more to go.

Dear x,

Dad died today. He really wanted to live long enough to see you. We all knew it would never happen. I wish I wasn’t programmed with emotions.

Dear x,

It has been really quiet since Dad passed. It’s a little bit better now. Roll has been very depressed. I’ve been helping her keep the house tidy. It’s been fine, but going into your room is…emotional. Roll hates going in there. She tries avoiding your capsule. But she always just sits there for a long time. It’s so lonely. If me and Roll get separated, I don’t know what I would do.

Dear x,

It’s been so long…Bass and Blues come by to keep me and Roll company. Wily passed on a long time ago. He sealed that robot away to emerge some time later in the future. I miss you so much. I don’t know how much longer I can live. Without dad here, I can’t be repaired. Blues taught me how to self-repair myself, but I’m not sure how much longer it will last. Me and Roll will break down eventually. I hope we can last long enough to see you again. I’ve been counting down the days until I can see you once more. 7,000 more days…20 years is a long time.

The first foray back into canon AU for ages and it’s not mega long but long enough to put some under the cut.  Ziam in New York.



Days pass by in a blur.  

Liam’s lost count of how many people he’s hugged, how being on a private plane once upon a time was an exciting novelty but at the risk of being a complete pop star about it, it’s like getting on the 63 back home in Wolverhampton these days.

He’s so excited, even with all that’s along with it and that he doesn’t like to dwell on, Paddy sometimes tries to draw him out on it, sees the signs and sometimes he’ll try to draw it out with humour, other times with an arm flung around Liam’s shoulder.

Liam plays along like it works sometimes, and he and Paddy both know the truth but Paddy will ruffle his hair or give him that grin that conflicts with the concern in his eyes but he leaves it be.

Liam steals time, private time, where he can even if it’s five minutes, even if it’s two, even if he can only just say, “Hi, I miss you,” and even if there’s only enough time before the wheels go up for the response to be “Never as much as I miss you, babe”

They send each other selfies when they first wake up, and just before, in Liam’s case at least and he suspects it’s the same for Zayn, half-hearted attempts to sleep.

And he counts down the days.  Each morning, he gets a text from Zayn with just a number on it, has done, every day since they last saw each other.

“I take it he sent you a zero this time,” Liam looks up and takes off his sunglasses and he can feel himself blushing, except he’s not embarrassed, not really and he shrugs at Paddy’s words, can’t stop the grin and Paddy returns it and this time there isn’t concern.

Liam’s vaguely aware of Charlie and Paddy ribbing him, but he doesn’t care, he just looks down at the phone screen and there’s never been a better sight. 


Liam shuts the door behind him, it’s late, and his head’s spinning with praise and plans for his future. 

He doesn’t care, he takes one more step, then another till he rounds a corner and there, right there, that’s what’s better than any zero. 

Zayn’s holding onto the remote control, kind of.  He’s got a pair of jogging bottoms on, and a hoodie, his hair’s still got the traces of green he promised he wouldn’t get rid of till he saw Liam again and the beard is growing again, his eyes are shut so just like all the times before, Liam’s distracted by the way each time he sees him, it’s like he’s grown a hundred more eyelashes, and his lips are slightly parted as he gently snores.

He almost doesn’t want to wake him, except that’s a total lie.

He strides across to the bed, and gently taps at Zayn’s feet and then folds his arms as Zayn murmurs and then shifts and then blinks his eyes open and looks up.

“Told you, you wouldn’t be able to stay awake,” Liam smiles as he says it and sits down on the bed, next to where Zayn shifts and spreads his arms out as he yawns then sleepily smiles and places his hands on Liam’s arm gently tugging him closer.

“No one likes a know it all you knob.” 

Liam grins, responds with his middle finger before he allows himself to relax and he falls into Zayn’s side, it’s not ideal because he can’t fully see Zayn’s face and the reason it’s not ideal? Well, he’s spent too long imagining not taking his eyes off Zayn

He can make out the rise and fall of Zayn’s chest instead though and the way he keeps attempting to stifle his yawns, his eyes crinkling before Zayn makes a tutting sound.

“Didn’t your mum tell you it’s rude to stare?”  As Zayn says it though, his eyes crinkle again, except this time it’s with a smile and Liam wants to see him fully now so he shifts once more, turns on his side, and rests his cheek on his palm and his elbow on the pillow and he does stare now.

Quietly he replies, “I think she’d get it, why I need to that is,”  it hits him then, the weight of how long they’ve been apart, all he’s had to face and his shoulders sag and his gaze drops away from Zayn, till he’s staring at nothing but then fingertips gently scratch at his chin.

“Eh Li, what did we say?” 

Liam could respond with what they’ve talked about, tried to talk about more like, he could talk about the times that conversations ended up with one of them hanging up, they could talk about planning what they’d do beyond all this, if there ever is a beyond all this because sometimes it’s hard to remember that there will be. 

It’s late though, and he’s done with that, this time is too fleeting to be wasted on what’s around them, rather than what they have that can never be shifted so he lifts his eyes till they meet Zayn’s and he chews at his bottom lip and Zayn nods.

“Oh yeah, we talked about that too, take off the chains first and you’ve got a deal.”

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*spends 3 hours straight typing*

*finally gets to the point where I can introduce all the goddamn OCs I slaved over*

you fuckers better be worth it


National-oriented street art by Guido van Helten in Kiev

Beauty in embroidery, a spectacular 40-meter mural by an Australian street artist Guido van Helten, has been unveiled in Kiev today, October 30.

The artist spent several days working on this mega-long building to create a photorealistic portrait of a young Slavic woman in a traditional Eastern European outfit.

“It’s about the vyshyvanka (traditional Ukrainian dress) and it is like the cultural identity of Ukraine. I just wanted to celebrate that as a positive symbol of unity”, said Guido van Helten.

It’s not the first work of Guido on the streets of Kiev. Earlier this year he created another street art masterpiece - "Lily Of The Valley”. The concept is based on the poem by Lesya Ukrainka, one of Ukraine’s best-known poets and writers and the foremost woman writer in Ukrainian literature.

Mega Granbull

Its newfound courage makes it formidable in battle. Its simultaneous biting and punching attacks can break through almost any defense.

Mega Evolution makes its fangs grow at an alarming rate. If it remains Mega Evolved for too long, it might end up unable to lift its own head.

Type: Fairy/Fighting
Ability: Tough Claws
HP 90
ATK 130 (+10)
DEF 95 (+20)
SPA 70 (+10)
SPD 90 (+30)
SPE 75 (+30)
BST 550

I can’t believe I forgot to repost Mr. Granbull. Here he is… with pokedex entries.