okay have we ever considered what would happen once ronan grew his dark curly hair back?? 

{be warned: long rambly hc ahead.}

Adam once casually mentioned that he liked Ronan’s hair. Gansey’s showed him pictures of what Ronan used to look like before he’d shaved his head and he’d commented that he’d barely been able to recognize him, but in like a good way. 

  • So Ronan decides he’s going to allow his hair to grow out again while Adam’s still off at college. 

  • They make time for each other while maneuvering around Adam’s schooling of course, some weekends Ronan will drive up to Adam’s campus or Adam will take a few days off to return to Henrietta to meet Ronan, Opal and the rest of the group. 
  • Gansey’s stunned and silently relieved, feeling like a proud father. He’d never thought he’d encounter the old Ronan again, and this was better than the old Ronan, this was a new and improved Ronan, who’d wrestled tragedy after tragedy and stood triumphant in the wake of each one, not letting it get the best of him. Blue marks it as an improvement and proceeds to nickname him Rapenzul, “Shut the fuck up, Maggot.” “Are you going to let down your hair, princess?” Noah likes to pet his hair just the way he likes to pet Blue’s hair. “So soft,” he’ll say. Ronan only lets him because it’s Noah, although he may or may not threaten to throw him out of more windows. (Yes, I don’t care what happened in TRK, Noah is undead and well, let this boy live okay!!!) 
  • When Adam first sees Ronan with his hair all grown back he actually physically falters bc goddamn does this boy have any idea how crushingly good he looks? ?? 
  • “You… You’re…” Adam doesn’t think he’ll ever be able to muster a cohesive sentence ever again. Adam was used to the Ronan who was all sharpened edges and split knuckles, but the curving ringlets that curled around his ears now and fell over his forehead in drunken midnight tufts made him appear softer, warmer, kinder. It was like seeing the before-image of a burnt photograph. It was like a fairytale filter version of him. Adam can’t help but see an uncanny resemblance between Ronan and those effortlessly handsome young war hero portraits. 
  • “Stop staring, Shithead. It’s a fucking wig.” Ronan says, because that starstruck look in Adam’s eyes is doing things to him. 
  • Adam is suddenly overcome with the sweeping urge to run his hands through it. It wasn’t that he didn’t appreciate running his hands over Ronan’s buzzed head or the Ronan that he’d known before. He’d loved Ronan just like he loved Gansey, Blue and Noah even back when he carried himself like a vicious python, all spitfires and bloodied lips, even when he was getting drunk every single night and trying to fight the moon. Adam wouldn’t admit it to anyone, but there’d been something ethereally enticing about him even when he was this self-destructive drag racer that Adam had been so afraid to fall and cut himself on. 
  • But the Ronan Lynch that Adam fell in love with was another boy completely. He was the dreamer who dreamed up EpiPens for his friend and hand cream for Adam’s chapped hands and performed secret handshakes with his little brother and wanted to spend the rest of his life at his family farm and who pressed his lips ever-so-gently to each one of Adam’s fingers like they were dandelion stems. 
  • All his life, Adam had felt broken and delicate, but for the first time, he felt glad for his nimble fingers, his turbulent history, to be Adam Parrish, the chipped teacup boy, because Ronan made him feel loved and wanted and appreciated, because Ronan felt everything so strongly, and there were still nights Adam was filled with gratitude for being the brunt of Ronan’s desire. 
  • So they make the drive up to the Barns in silence, Ronan asks him about how college’s been and Adam tells him all about the university Ronan wouldn’t be caught dead in and catches that proud glint in his eyes when he admits he recently got offered a TA position. “So now you’re nerding your way up to the nerdom throne. Good for you, Parrish.” They talk about Gansey, Blue and Henry’s trip to Venezuela and how Opal’s been helping Ronan build his dream ramp and chewing on all the curtains. The minute they step out of the car and into the house however, Adam can’t help himself anymore, he pins Ronan against a wall and regales him with firm, heated kisses before dipping his hands into Ronan’s hair. It’s even softer than he’d imagined, and he’d been tugging distractedly at his lip and staring out the window the entire ride, imagining a lot. 
  • Ronan’s overwhelmed but they’ve been apart for weeks and feeling the hot, reassuring weight of Adam’s lips and hips against his again, and with his long, pianist’s fingers gruffly tugging at Ronan’s hair, his thoughts upend and bottom out and all he can think is let’s never fucking stop kissing. yeah. let’s kiss until we fucking die.
  • Later when they’re laying down in bed, Adam loops his fingers in Ronan’s hair again, raking through it delightedly, and Ronan lets out a quiet sigh. 
  • “It feels weird,” Ronan then admits. “I’m not that person anymore.” Adam wanted to tell Ronan that no, he wasn’t that person anymore, but he was more whole than he’d been in a long time. He wanted to tell him that he didn’t need to fool people into thinking he was this awful, intimidating presence anymore. He wanted to tell him that it would be okay if he just let the world see him for what he really was. That he wasn’t the wolf in the henhouse, but neither of them were ever very good at words, so he just pushes a little bit of his hair back and presses a kiss to Ronan’s temple instead. “Well, I like the person you are now.”
  • “Do you think it kills my badass edge?” 
  • “What badass edge?”
  • Ronan presses a hand into Adam’s chest and playfully shoves him backwards at that, before helping him out of his t-shirt and biting into his shoulder.
  • Ronan’s thinking he might never shave his head ever again.
  • Steven: Giant Robots shouldn't fight!
  • Amethyst: bruh
  • Garnet: bruh
  • Pearl: bruh
  • Peridot: bruh
  • Power Rangers: bruh
  • Pacific Rim: bruh
  • Transformers: bruh
  • Megas XLR: bruh
  • Ultron: bruh
  • Jenny XJ9: bruh
  • Every Mecha Anime ever: bruh

DM: You come across a group of bandits and they demand you hand over your gold.

Player: I tell them to shut up and give me their stuff or die.

DM: Roll for intimidation

Player: *rolls a one*

DM: You approach the bandits. “Hewow” You say, “Pwease hand over youwr gowld or I wiw hit youw ^w^.”

Why Netbattling is the same as Life

The Mega Man Battle Network series is actually an incredible metaphor for life & the challenges it hurls at you. 

Consider the following:

Yes, anyone can make it through the game w/ a Folder full of random junk. But those who expand their Library and spend time refining their choices to best accomplish their goals find greater success (and often better rewards).   

But no matter how long you spend preparing and improving, no matter how much you strategize and adapt your Chips, luck is ALWAYS a factor. Just because you have the ones you want doesn’t mean they’ll always show up when you need them. 

So what happens when you get a bad spread during a major trial? Are you just going to give up and let yourself be DELETEd? Or are you going to take what you’ve got, and use it as efficiently as you can? Chances are you’ll fight. You’ll do it to earn money, to earn resources, or perhaps even to earn the right to survive until the next battle.

But battling alone won’t cut it; you also have to take the initiative to explore. To check out-of-the-way places. To help those in need.  Sometimes the biggest assets to our NaviCust come from helping those around us with their problems 1st and looking for unexpected Connections in places we didn’t think had any value.

And sometimes, along the way, that exploring causes us to run into demons we thought we’d defeated a long time ago, demanding a rematch. But by then, we’re stronger, & if we’ve been improving ourselves it doesn’t matter what Chips we get; we’re flexible enough to make it work.

So what I’m saying is. Life (and Battle Network) isn’t always about having the best options at your disposal. Or even about having good ones. Rather, it’s about finding a Style that works for you, then becoming SO GOOD at it that you can quickly adjust to any unexpected encounters. 

Megaman (and Lan) win because they can change. They are WILLING to change. And they trust that they can use what they have to find victory. But they always keep an eye out for ways to grow stronger, whether through Friends, Chips, or simply gaining more experience in the field. So grab yourself yourself some pants and an UndrShrt, maybe a Barr100 if you need it, and start Busting those enemies holding you back. 

Who knows what you’ll discover? Maybe, just maybe, in the aftermath you’ll find a prize you never knew existed but know exactly what to do with.

An Imaginary Life

For @loveinpanem   LOVE IS prompt. Thank you ladies for hosting another beautiful event. Your creativity, care, and thoughtfulness w ith each prompt is always inspirational. Hugs and kisses.

This story is dedicated to my friend @norbertsmom who reads my meanderings and manages to make me  sound brilliant and to  @arbyeatscheesebuns Happy Belated birthday my dear friend. MAY you have a marvelous year!

Rated: G & all Mistakes are entirely mine..

“Come on!” Primrose urged as she tugged on her coat. “Come on,” she stomped her foot as Katniss calmly put on her coat. “Hurry up Katniss!” Prim dragged Katniss out of the house.

“Really Prim,” Katniss grumbled but she didn’t really mean it as a complaint.

“We’re gonna be late,” Prim said her eyes twinkled, the apple of her cheeks were pink with the cold.

“The stores aren’t gonna get up and move Primrose. It’s Saturday and it’s my only day to sleep in.” Katniss scowled but it didn’t reach her eyes, her lips twitched upwards threatening to form a smile, even as she stared at her sisters face.

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I don’t know if I told you guys the full story but basically at the beginning of this year, like January/February, I was in this terrible slump of depression. It was probably the worst I’ve ever had it and I spent a lot of time in bed wishing I didn’t exist anymore.

Anyways about this time someone sent me an ask and wanted to know if I’d played Dragon Age and I said no and everyone was like “omg? Pike you need to play it?”

And I was dubious at first and I was running on low energy because of the depression but finally I caved and bought Dragon Age Origins and started playing it.

At first I didn’t really know what I was doing but soon it sucked me in and that game, that game single handedly pulled me out of depression because I had something to look forward to, every day I could load up Dragon Age Origins and these loser friends of mine were standing around the campfire waiting for me no matter what.

And I know it’s lame and all but Dragon Age honesty saved my life

It's not about the number of resources, it's about using them to maximum.

Spending some time in places like Bali can make you question many things in your life.

I met artists, entrepreneurs, writers and soul-seekers here looking for an inspiration.

Business people like me expecting the place to clear their minds. 

Sports people doing sports they love in a different environment. 

Lovers looking for a place to just enjoy each others’ company.

I was in between the first and second category.

I was looking for a highlight of my trip. One thing that I can look at and tell to people as the mind twisting, life changing, mega thought that had an impact on my casual corporate money-making human being.

I found it in rice.

Rice is an incredible ingredients, but as a person coming from a central Europe (or Eastern Europe if you wish), my experience is very limited. In Bali, I was astonished by the things people here do with rice. 

They make a delicious dough out of it:

They put it into leaves and then slice it into little dumpling-looking things:

They make this our of it: 

And this:

And a shitload of other things.

This made me realize how important it is to work with whatever you have. Many people have limited resource, let it be money, knowledge, things available for immediate purchase, anything. However, I bet you probably have more resources than people in Bali, if you are reading my blog in English. 

Use them.

Use them well. Because you can do incredible things with very little when you think about it.

- - - 

Just for clarification - this does not mean I defend the “all people have the same chances in life, they just need to try hard enough!” BS. I simply hold dear the idea of using your resources - regardless of their size - to the maximum.

Especially in the corporate business world, you can see many inefficiencies in terms of resource handling and utilization.

It stroke me how lack of resources can make people creative. 

Happy 1000 Posts, Metro City!

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Things I would like to see in a Sinnoh Remake

-Mega Emploeon (Still Water/Steel type but maybe with Thick Fat or something as it’s ability? And maybe a nice boost to SP. ATTACK and SP. DEFENCE stats?? IDK I don’t play competitively I just love my grumpy penguin a lot.)

-More details on the Sinnoh Legendaries and Arceus in General (I love me some Lore/World Building)

-Cynthia with a Mega Garchomp (pray for us all)

-Team Galactic to get new theme Music- I like their original music but it’s not Team Plasma’s theme (also maybe even a separate theme for the Commanders and Charon respectively?)

-New designs for Team Galactic (The Commanders are kinda generic and not that different from the grunts so at the very least maybe something new for them??))

(also I would really like to be able to battle with him- as a partner vs Team Galactic-please like me be an honorary interpol agent I need this in my life)

-Mega Weavile/Honchrow for Cyrus (He IS all about evolutions after all-Just not Gyrados or else he’s just ripping of Lysandre)

-Distortion World in 3D (with better puzzles that just a generic HM Strength one)



-More information and development on the three commanders (We got a fuck ton for Charon :See Rotom Room and the Battle Resort after story with Buck: and none for them wtf??)

-MORE DEVELOPMENT FOR CYRUS!Specifically I would really like the ability to talk to him again after the events in the distortion world, he’s my favourite villain and I want to know more about him and why he decided to remake the universe (The stuff with his Grandpa was cool and all- but I want MORE)

((I think that’s everything))