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I made this QR code after I finished my playthrough of moon, as I just missed my girl so much. out of the two outfits, she wears in the game I couldn't pick a favorite so I went with a Z form inspired outfit!

feel free to share and I’d love to see your mayor or villagers dressed up as everyone favorite girl!

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Happy (belated) birthday @Rakkuguy ! I needed something to keep me in “full piece” mode so I wouldn’t instantly forget how to color and I was also feeling that itch to draw Gardevoir again soooo… nice timing!

At least two years ago, I ended up drawing a couple of different sets similar to this one, one of them being Serene too. Back then, I tried giving her a cute outfit to spice things up so I decided I’d do the same with Airalin this time. I thought I’d go for something between Kung Fu Style Brawler mixed with Dancer, an energetic style that I thought would would go great with Airalin’s personality. 

I like to think that if she were actually in game, she’d be kind of hard to use, constantly using her psychic powers to keep herself as slippery as possible while she chips away at her opponents with Gardevoir level physical attack stats rather than, you know, blasting them. Nothing like a challenge!

She’s in Mega Form, so she’s gotta be at least sorta taking this seriously, right?

Edit : Adding link with full versions in case tumblr has been messing these ones up! (Includes a no skirt but not embarrassed variation)


Another leak says the same major detail:

The last major difference is Pokémon Follow you.

“By this time, you should be preparing the team you’re going to use for Ultra Sun and Moon to walk.”

There are two files per Pokémon, each Evolution:

  • Walking Animation
  • Running Animation

MEGA POKEMON Animations (Possible) Walking and running will stay-in their Mega Forms, similar to POKEMON XY, Sun and Moon Anime. 

Mega Pokémon have “walking animations” too! A feature that has never-been seen before in previous games, including Pokémon Sun and Moon and HeartGold SoulSilver.


  • Shiny Animations are NOT CONFIRMED yet. But seeing as HeartGold and SoulSilver included them, they should be in USUM.

Having Mega-Evolved Pokémon in the Overworld in Ultra Sun and Moon means that Mega Pokémon may finally carry status items aside from their Mega Stone.

“I’d say that the largest drawback to a Mega Stone is that the Pokemon can’t heal itself, power up or cure status with items. However there are other ways to achieve this.”

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A Pokemon headcanon that I feel should be something more commonplace among the RP community:

As we are all aware… just as there are many different Pokemon across the regions, there are many different animals all over the world in real life.

In real life, there are animals everybody seems to know and recognize, which tend to be popular zoo exhibits or those more commonly found around the world. There are plenty of other animals that—unless you take a particular interest in zoology—many people are unfamiliar with. They may be animals seen before, of which the name is forgotten or never learned, or they may be a completely new discovery for a person.

Now, there are millions of species of animals in real life, more generally categorized still by a staggering amount of taxonomical terms. There is no one person who knows of them all, no matter how studied of a zoologist they are.

There may only currently be 802 species of Pokemon total (not including Mega Evolutions and Alola Forms) which is a very significantly less amount for any person to remember (I mean, very many of us fans are able to name the majority if not all of them easily), but I believe species recognition should work somewhat similarly in the Pokemon world as it does in real life. If a species is rare in a region or isn’t native to a region at all, it would make sense that it could be a person’s first time learning of its existence.

Instead, we lazily seem to just assume all people in the Pokemon world are able to recognize all Pokemon right off the bat. Even if they recognize them, it’s not often they are surprised if it’s not a species they’ve ever seen in person before.

I think that in the roleplaying community, it could spice things up just a smidge if our characters were occasionally surprised by the sight of certain species or uncertain about what to call some species. Reacting to a character’s Pokemon with, “What is THAT thing?” or “Oh, you have one of those giant Water-type Bugs!” could spark some more entertaining dialogue and material to write. It makes it feel more realistic, which I am personally always a fan of doing in my writing!

taintedvirus  asked:

Out of all the designs you've done for Jwittz's alola and mega forms, which from each category would you say you had the most fun coming up with and liked Tue most? In my opinion Alola Clefable was just beautiful, and I loved the Mega Flygon.

Thanks! My favorite from the Mega Evolution designs was Lunatone because I had to come up with what sorts of design changes for it would reflect its change in type to part Fairy, and giving it pretty clouds and a more opalescent color scheme was nice, but my favorite part was adding the bunny ears crater to its eye - giving it a reference real world folklore (tsuki no usagi)!

My favorite of the Alolan designs was definitely Clefable. Alolan forms are such a cool concept because Pokemon physically change based on environmental factors (and human interference). So I had to figure out what sort of changes like that would affect Clefable. My thought was, “lunar rainbows are such a fairy tale-like phenomenon, I wonder if they occur in Hawaii anywhere?” I learned that Hawaii is actually one of the more well-known places to view them, so basing Clefable’s Alolan counterpart around that was rather fitting! 

Voltron/Digimon AU (with digimon diagrams!)

I was watching the original Digimon with my best friend yesterday, so of course this AU popped into my head. Let’s just get right into it then, shall we?

So the first four digidestined to be sucked into the digital world were Shiro, Allura, Lotor, and Matt. If anyone remembers from the original show, time in the digital world moves a LOT faster than time in the real world. I think it was one day in the digital world equals one minute in the real world. This is relevant because the first four digidestined were missing for one real-world year, which—to them being in the digital world—equals about 1440 years.

But no one knows what happened to these four kids, only that Shiro and Matt were together when they disappeared. And no one knows that Allura and Lotor’s disappearances were related.

Fast-forward that year to the other four digidestined—Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. We’ll say they’re at flight camp for the summer, because parallels. Keith and Shiro are half-brothers in this AU, so Keith probably has a good dose of angst going for him. Keith lives with their dad, while Shiro lived with his mom. Guess we don’t know where Keith’s mom is.

Anyway, they’re at camp and they get sucked into the digital world where they meet their digimon. I think it will be a situation where Shiro actually shows up at their camp, and thus Keith is shocked, but before any kind of communication can be had, the other four get sucked in as well. Maybe some giant digimonster was trying to get through the hole from one world to the other and Shiro was stopping it with his partner digimon, which is why he showed up there, but had to quickly leave again.

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Mega Raichu

Its form is unstable, making its power output fluctuate wildly. Sometimes its body transforms into pure plasma without meaning to.

All of its muscles can output electricity at the same time. When it runs, it leaves a trail scorched by electricity.

Type: Electric
Ability: Master Spark (If this Pokemon is at full HP, its Electric-type moves have their priority increased by 1.)
HP 60
ATK 110 (+20)
DEF 75 (+20)
SPA 110 (+20)
SPD 80
SPE 150 (+40)
BST 585
New Moves: Belly Drum, Electrify, Extreme Speed, Play Rough

Raichu was really hard! Cute things in general is hard for me.


Woop Woop Mega Wishiwashi, doodled quickly and shoddily bc I don’t have the time to draw a bagajillion individual fish shapes right now

It gets huge and when it breaks it goes back to single fish again but pissed this time

Water Type; Schooling Ability

Swarm Form: 45/180/170/180/175/20

Solo Form: 45/180/70/180/75/140

(”Fuck logic” Solo Form: 45/180/70/180/75/220)

I was considering giving them the same BST but that failed when I literally ran out of Speed I could realistically give the Solo Form, with how much defenses it loses (and tbh it should lose a whole bunch) Still, going from Solo Form to Mega Solo Form still gives it a modest stat boost of a mere 465 in BST, or more than four and a half regular Mega boosts at once.