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I believe I can FLY, I believe I can touch the sky.

did you know this is my LEAST FAVORITE TYPE LMAO 

- my favorite pokemon of that type

i love love loooooveeee xatu….they are so….cool……..

- my second favorite pokemon of that type

personally now that i think about it…i think rayquaza is like…one of the coolest dragon/flying designs too especially its mega form. i was blown away when it first appeared in ruby and sapphire.

- the cutest pokemon of that type

they always look like they’re….up to something……i really appreciate that….

- the most stupid or dumb (looking) pokemon of that type

boy howdy……..regional birds are like….always so boring to me…..this guy takes the cake tho im sorry bird man i thought you couldnt even fly for a while

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Fighting Type! (for the pokemon thing)

Pokemon Meme!

my favorite pokemon of that type

You don’t know how much I adore this Jackalmon’s mega form. I feel it’s a strong improvement over its basic design. I was super excited in Y when Korrina used it against me, and then I was even happier to own one. AURA SPHEEEERE! 

my second favorite pokemon of that type

Marshadow is a new addition to the fighting type, it’s an upcoming Legendary in SuMo, and I can’t wait to put it in my team. It’s a Fighting/Ghost type, but cmon, it looks like the Secret Character that hasn’t been unlocked yet, in a fighting game. How could you not adore this?

the cutest pokemon of that type


least favorite pokemon of that type

Seriously, gamefreak? You just painted two guys in Blue & Red, named them Sawk and Throh, and gave them to us as pokemon? It feels like…a super silly design.

Remember that alternate forms pokemon meme? remember it was soon replaced with the crossbreed pokemon meme? well, by the time those memes were hot on the internet I had no computer or scanner, and I had this Idea sitting there, but by the time I recovered my scanner the meme was no longer that relevant. However, thanks to pokemon sun and moon coming soon and thanks to some first gen pokemons having alternative “alola” forms, I think it was time I finally made this thing

I always tought it would be fun to se how different climates will affect a torterra’s shell garden, knowing the same plants dont grow in different ecosystems, and maybe crossing a torterra with different grass pokemon will make them suitable for their respective climates as seen in the picture

The first two are the most tropical ideas I had, one based on a tropical Island like hawaii and the other based on a rainforest or jungle, I know the moai heads are found on an Island too but please just coup with me a little

The third one is a frozen forest, this seemed to fit since off the 5 pokemons with alola forms, 4 are now Ice types, I asume we will be getting an island with snowe mountains and such

The fourth is based on a garden pond, it seems there will be a more asian inspired island, and all I could think about where japanese gardens, and even when we all see ludicolo as a mexican dancing tree, it is designed after lilypads and kappas, the latest being japanese not mexican

and thats pretty much it, I has been wanting to make this for a long time but couldnt find the inspiration to, until now

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dragon type -rammy-the-lazy-artist

Pokemon Meme!

my favorite pokemon of that type

THE COOLEST SANDSHARK IN EXISTENCE! And it’s even a Dragon pokemon? With good stats? And a strong Earthquake? Heck, even if it’s not strong, I need this one. I wanna ride it in the desert!

my second favorite pokemon of that type


the cutest pokemon of that type


least favorite pokemon of that type

How are you a Fighting type but your stats are mostly aimed towards Physical but your signature move is special and you don’t learn any good Fighting Physical moves …

Here are the pokeballs for the three mega evolutions; Mega Altaria, Mega Salamance and Mega Lopunny!

Thanks to pokemon-personalities and pokemon-global-academy for the suggestion. :)

Pendants by Trinket Geek:

Pokemon Themed Pokeball Pendants

Image source

“Slowlife Beach”

Another my favorite work in Mega Evolution Artbook from last year ////v////!

Mega Slowbro became my favorite child because he look so chill and many people said that Mega Slowbro in this pic is looklike me a lot. (Haha Whyyyyy “XD)
At first, I think that his Mega Evolution form is so humorous! (and I still think like that.)

I love many pokemons because I drew them, Mega Slowbro as well! He’s become my lovely child ///v///!  


Squirtle was never an indigenous specie in the Kroel Region, but it was introduced as a pet and soon raise in popularity. However, its popularity died many people began to release them in the wild where they started to thrive. Since Kroel rivers and ocean are already packed with fierce predators, this pokemon made it home in Kroel swamps which brought a very obvious change. Kroelian squirtles have become ground type pokemons and had grown strong shovel-like claws that help them burrow its way across the muddy waters of the swamps, and their hard shells has evolved to be tougher to protect them from the swamp predators they might find. A kroelian Blastoise is a sight to see, for once a little squirtle reaches this stage of evolution, it will no longer have any predator at all. A kroelian Blastoise is the king of the swamp, changing its cannons for drills that help it expand its territory by digging greater marshes and destroying rocks and trees that might stand on its way, armed with a powerful jaw and terrifying claws there’s no other pokemon that will dare to face it.


-The Tiny Turtle pokemon
-Ability: Strong Jaw -Rain Dish

–>Evolves at lv. 16<–

-The Turtle Pokemon
-Ability:  Strong Jaw - Rain Dish

–>Evolves at lv. 36<–

-The Shellfish Pokemon
-Ability: Strong Jaw - Rain Dish

–>With Blastoisite<–

-The Shellfish Pokemon
-Ability: Liquid Metal- All water type moves are treated as Steel moves at the same time, and get a 20% power up boost



A full set of images have been released of the latest collaboration between pop culture icon Pharrell Williams and adidas Originals. The capsule collection, entitled the “Jacquard Pack”, features bold patterned colors of the Stan Smith silhouette and the timeless Superstar track jacket. 

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“Everything the Light Touches…”

When I saw Mufasa come forward, I loved what I saw. I had to draw it I HAD TO!
I do apologize if it looks a bit weird I kinda rushed it.
Even little Litten.
I wanna say that his name is Solgaleo but for the moment we can call him Kimba the White Lion, Mufasa God Form, Mega Mufasa,…im not sure..
But anyways enjoy this and tell me your thoughts about this.

Peridot Isn't a Bad Guy

Since she got stuck on Earth Peridot has been the ongoing antagonist of the Crystal Gems, but after watching the newest episode Catch and Release I realized something. Peridot is not the villain. 

With her drawn out monologs in battle, her maniacal laughter and her ‘I’ll get you next time Crystal Gems’ she seams like you stereotypical cartoon baddy. But from Peridot’s point of view she has done nothing wrong, and to her the Gems are the villains. 

I noticed this when Peridot first reforms.

“You insufferable, half formed, traitor mega clods!” 

She calls the Gems traitors, because they are, the turned against home world and fought a war for Earth. Now to us they were the freedom fighters protecting our planet and human kind from extinction and preserving our way of life. But all  Peridot has ever known is Home World, to her the Gems are traitor who turned against their own kind and even killed them.  

“Oh my stars. Your going to harvest me?!”

When she sees all the other bubbled gems she assumes they’re being used for experiments, after all the Crystal Gems fought and distorted their own kind, why would they care to show respect to their gems?

“Look over there! Another planet to betray!”

When someone is branded a traitor to their people, their country or their planet, it comes with very negative connotation of being underhanded, deceitful and two faced. Being a traitor is one of the worst things a person can be branded as. 

“As if I’d negotiate with you! Filthy war machine!”

We’ve already seen in Keeping it Together that Home World has a very low opinion of fusion and gems who fuse. This mindset is part of Peridot’s hostility toward Garnet as well as why she isn’t bothered by the fusion experiments. The gems used were no doubt fallen rebel gems from the rebellion and it was seen that, even though they were traitors, they could be of use in this way. 

“What a great souvenir of the other time you assaulted me.”

All Peridot has been doing this entire time was her job, what Home World sent her to do. To her she’s merely been trying to be a loyal, hardworking gem when these traitors to her home attacked her, stranded her on an unfamiliar world and then proceeded to hunt her down. Finally resulting in her getting poofed and then reforming defenseless in enemy territory. 

Peridot is not just a villain being mean to our heroes because their good and good is lame. She is a trained technician, serving her leader and fighting against those who betrayed her home. I’ve seen some say that this episode was the start of the “Peridot redemption arc” but that doesn’t seem quite right to me, Peridot is not an evil doer who needs to be “redeemed”. I think whats going to happen will be more of a “Peridot understanding the gems, Earth and Steven arc” because there is no villain here. Just two opposing sides doing what they feel they need to do based on what they believe in. 

just a couple things i noticed about peridot in “catch and release” and writing them down in hopes that it’ll make me stop screaming internally like an angry desert rain frog

speech quirks

peri seems to have a tendency to get things slightly off in her expressions, namely in the two following cases:

  • “What’s your shirt?” (ironic response to steven’s earlier “what’s on your shirt?” prank)
  • “You may have won the war, but the battle isn’t over, crystal clods!” (”war” and “battle” are switched up, i.e. it should be “you may have won the battle, but the war isn’t over”)

then there’s several slurs/insults she throws at the CG

  • “pebble”
  • “filthy war machine”
  • “clods”
  • “insufferable half-form traitor mega-clods”
  • “dirt bombs”

homeworld perspective on crystal gems/rose’s rebellion

it’s probably stating the obvious to say that peridot’s dialogue is colored by her homeworld upbringing, but it still provides an interesting insight on a few things

“You smashed me into a limbless clod!” 

this seems to imply that “clod” might be a term for a gem without artificial enhancements, such as the limb enhancers.

“Oh my stars. You’re going to harvest me?” 

besides the cute af way her voice shrills and goes quiet here, it seems like she doesn’t quite understand what’s with all the bubbled gems until steven explain it for her. this makes me think either a) bubbling is just not a thing on homeworld or b) she genuinely thinks the CG are going to “harvest” her gem, whatever that may mean.

“Look, over there. Another planet to betray!”

canonically, not the first time the CG have been called traitors by a homeworld gem, but this makes peridot the third non-CG gem to acknowledge them as rebels. plus this implies a certain bitterness in peridot about the issue and subsequently a blind, most likely indoctrinated hatred of the traitors on earth.

“As if I’d negotiate with you, filthy war machine!”

a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it stab at the concept of fusion. the CG (and garnet especially) view fusion as something wonderful and positive, something that makes gems stronger. jasper - and now peridot - look upon it in a much more negative light. jasper sees fusion as a “shameless display” and a “cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger.” peridot sees fusion as a something that instigates conflict, unclean, and generally disturbing to the peace.

“Is that a weapon?”

not as deep as the previous lines, but it’s very telling of her fear of this strange planet she finds herself stranded on and her general doubts about steven’s good intentions.

stress & fear

as adorable and smol as peri is in this episode, her caginess, agitation, and mistrust, while completely justified in her case, absolutely break my heart. because in her position, let’s be real, we’d all be fucking scared as hell.

cute af expresions

if the average tumblr user and the tumblr community had a spirit animal, i’m pretty sure it would be peridot.