I thought it’d be fun to design a mega for the evo of my favorite Pokemon, Pignite!  Emboar is perfect as it is, but a mega would still be cool!

So he mega evolves, getting red with rage and flames growing white hot (well, blue)! He gains bulk, especially in the top half, so he becomes quadruped to support the weight. Tired of that pesky flying weakness?  Well no more because this boar is Fire/Dark type, gets a boost in speed and defense, and gains the ability Rock Head so he can Wild Charge your Pokemon right out of the battle!

Hey, I’m back! After exhausting myself in drawing chibi magical heroes, which is still not done btw, I wanted to revisit my pokemon creativity skills. As you may not know, I like Machoke better than Machamp. He (or she) is one of my favored pokemon out of uhh 7. (These include, Lopunny, Shuppet, Lucario, Gardevoir, Accelgor, and Zoroark) After looking up some references, I gathered that almost all of them are Mega Machamps, and almost if not all have six arms, some still four, and often has a concept of a Hindu God or a Wrestler. I have not seen a Superhero based concept or perhaps I just didn’t look further enough because I already have the design in my head. It came to me when I was looking up his dex entry and this design came to me when I read “Superpower Pokemon”, tsk duh, so Superhero it is then.

In terms of his design, I wanted a classic look, and I combined the belt and the brief, kinda like Dr Fate’s and Hyeperion’s look. I changed his skin tone in a more purple-ish, ‘cuz that’s how I came to like him when I saw his emerald sprite which is purple. (Kinda sad they turned it grayish in 3D models) And I actually had a hard time drawing his head, so I just did the… dishonorable thing and traced it from his Sugimori artwork. Honestly, if someone can provide a head turn and facial expression sheet for Machoke, I’d be eternally grateful, or at least a link if there’s already an existing one.

In terms of gameplay, his stats would have boosted attack by 20 making it 120, and a significantly boosted speed of… uh 40 making it a 95? that good or meh? I don’t know, I’m a casual when it comes to pokemon obviously.

His ability would be… Huge Power 'cuz he’s like super strong.


You guys seemed to enjoy Mega Emboar, so here’s a Mega Dragonite!  I just think this sweet chubby dragon could use a mega so he can play with the rest of his dragon friends~

Because Dragonite has origins in the fairy dragon myth, this mega is a Dragon/Fairy type (bye-bye Fairy and Rock weakness!) and gains a boost in speed stat because of its now lighter form!  Its ability becomes Pixelate, since Dragonite can’t learn any Fairy moves otherwise (despite the Moonblast picture).  So go forth with your Fairy type Hyper Beam and take out some dragons!

Lupiter, Decapulet, and Mantigue Mega Evolution submissions now open!

With 25 and 24 votes respectively, we can confirm that Lupiter, Decapulet, and Mantigue will all be getting Mega Evolutions! We were originally going to do just two Mega Evolutions, but since these two options had way more votes than the other options, we decided to have these three Mega Evolve. 

Here are the rules:

  1. Only three submissions per contest
  2. The original designers of these Pokemon cannot draw Megas for their respective Pokemon. However, they can draw a Mega for the other Pokemon featured here. 
  3. Do not completely change the Pokemon. Mega Evolution can drastically change a Pokemon, but they are still recognizable. 
  4. Typing for each Pokemon can be changed to fit the Mega, but they must retain at least one of their previous types. (IE: Lupiter must be part Dark or part Electric when it Mega Evolves. Decapulet must be part Bug or part Dark when she Mega Evolves. Mantigue must be part Bug or part Ghost when he Mega Evolves.)

And that’s it! We’re really excited to see what you come up with!

For these contests, we will be having a longer deadline than normal. The contests will end on Saturday, April 8th, at 5pm EDT.