“As for your question there are many things that they were known for doing.”

“They gave false hospitality. They have lured travelers into snowstorms. They have toyed with the hearts of men and women. They have used cruel trickery that took advantage of ones kindness. And they have even tormented towns with harsh blizzards on occasion.”

“That is all before turning their victims into frost covered corpses and taking the souls that are left behind.”

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They’re walking home from St Bart’s the first time.

No warning, just a sudden “hmph!” and then small fingers lock around his in a grip that’s trying not to be tight. A grip that’s trying to be nonchalant and failing miserably.

She has to walk extra fast for a second- his stride being rather longer than hers- and then they both adapt. His steps shorten, hers lengthen. Neither of them trip the other up. They resolutely do not look at one another; The tips of both their ears turn pink and…

Well, then they’re holding hands

With one another.

In public.

Sherlock’s not entirely certain what to do about that (or if he should be doing anything).

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