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NHK Trophy 2016: Tessa & Scott + post-FD hug


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  • His tall will make you feel small
  • Snuggles for DAYS
  • Adorable backhugs all the time
  • Letting you wear his clothes whenever you want something comfy
  • Nose kisses
  • “JagiyaJagiyaJagiyaJagiyaaa”
  • Always smiling his mega-watt smile when he’s with you
  • “Cutie”
  • Poking and squishing your cheeks
  • Tucking your head under his chin
  • Initiating a lot of PDA
  • But blushing SO hard when you initiate it instead
  • Even if it’s just taking his hand
  • He will turn red
  • Making you laugh until you can’t breathe
  • Cafe dates
  • Lunch dates
  • Singing for you
  • Playing guitar for you
  • Playing guitar while singing for you
  • Buying a ton of random stuff just because it looks cute
  • Teasing you when you can’t reach things
  • “Oh no Jagi are you too short?”
  • “Shut up and hand me the damn cereal”
  • Purposely placing everything on the highest shelf when you’re in a fight so you’re forced to talk to him
  • But almost no fights ever
  • Always talking to each other
  • Even if it’s about water bottles and aliens
  • If it’s quiet, it’s probably because you feel asleep on each other
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Wrapping up in blanket burritos together
  • Head kisses
  • Waking up only to be smothered by how tangled up he is with you
  • But you don’t mind that much
  • And just snuggle deeper into his chest and fall asleep
  • Hugs that last for 5 full minutes before he has to leave for tour
  • ‘I miss you’ texts literally 15 minutes after he says goodbye
  • Honestly the two of you probably annoy the people around you with how fluffy and lovey-dovey you are
  • But you don’t care because the relationship would forever be in that honeymoon stage of sweet smiles and adorableness and young love

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Theme park, hobie

“Whose idea was this again?” you felt his hand grip yours tighter.

“Mine?” you gulped as you took in the humongous sight before you.

“And why did you think this was a great idea?” 

“I thought I was brave.” you finally tore your eyes away from the biggest roller coaster you’ve ever seen in your entire life and tried to block out the sound of the people who were screaming bloody murder as it whirred away. You raised your eyes to the taller man beside you and trembled, “Hobi, I’m scared.”

He smiled his mega-watt smile, only that it was twitching in the edges. “We can always turn back, right? Let’s go!” He tried to pull you away from the queue, but you held onto him.

“But… But we’ve come a long way and we’ve been on this queue for an hour already.” you turned back to the roller coaster in time to see the terrified looks of the riders as they passed. “It’d be such a waste if we left now, right?”

“E-Eo…” he tried to smile, not knowing what else he can do to reassure you. “It’s just a ride, right?” 

“Won’t we fall? You know, like in those horror movies where a bolt suddenly comes off the railing and we crash head first into the…”

“Those are movies!” he exclaimed too loudly just to stop his own train of thought. “That won’t happen in real life.” 

While you two were talking, you hadn’t realized that the line was already moving and it wasn’t until the restraints were being checked around you that you started freaking out again. “Hobi… Hobi-oppa… can you hold my hand?”

No sooner than the words left your mouth, his fingers were already gripping yours. The cart climbed upward, the impending fall already in front of you when you heard his shout loud and clear, “Y/N-AH, SARANGHANDA!”

This caused you to laugh uncontrollably, forgetting the fear that clouded your mind before and letting you enjoy the experience. 

As you walked off delightedly, bouncing along with happy tears in your eyes, Hobi looked like his soul was sucked right out of him. “Oppa, you alright?”

“No…” you noticed that he had sweat covering his forehead and his face looked a lot sunken. “I need to recharge my batteries.”

Without a warning, he wove a hand behind you neck and guided your lips towards his. Your mouth registered his minty taste, before you let your senses take over. His kiss was always sweet enough to make you smile, but deep and sensual enough to leave you breathless. 

When he pulled away, he smiled again and said, “Ah, looking at your face makes me want to eat candy apple. Let’s go?”

Remember the buster

I’m just home after watching Furious 7! To say it was hard to watch at times would be a complete understatement… Those shots where you kinda know his brothers have stood in and those final shots nearly killed me 😭

But I think the worst was the ones where you know they were taken not long before he died and you can see the light in his eyes and that mega watt smile… They reduced me to tears.. Even now just thinking about grill start me again!

I cannot imagine how difficult it was for the cast to go back to work and spend each day pretending they were working with their friend while still grieving for him 💔

I for one thank them for all they did yo honour his memory for those of us who have admired him from afar for so many years. They did him proud and I hope he is shining down on them! I don’t know of a cast that is so close and has been so open with the fans about their pain but I think it’s because they know we feel their pain as well!

We love you Paul and we miss you. To think that the world has now seen your final work hurts so much but you can be proud of your family and the fast family for how they honoured your with their work and dedication to preserve your legacy and show the world your last ride!

Rest in peace Paul… You may be gone but you will never be forgotten 💔😭👼🚘


Do you know how Dean hurt his leg? He fell off a fake goat.

During that hilarious panel at the Boston Comic Con in August 2013, Aidan explained why Dean was sporting a brace on his knee, and we were left wondering about what Dean had actually done during the final pickups.

After watching Botfa, one of the few important fighting Fili moments was the rollover off the war ram in Ravenhill. Chances are that he got hurt shooting this scene.

The smiles while telling this anecdote are priceless, and for once it’s Dean with a mega watt smile as well.

You can see the brace in this supercute video

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The Cereal Aisle| Dalphahale


Gemah used to hate that no one seemed to remember that the Sheriff had two children, of course she was a bit older than her brother and was a lot quieter than Stiles so it made sense that the she was the one they seemed to forget about. However as she got older it became more of a blessing, until people realized who she was. But she handled that as it came. However being the sheriff’s daughter meant she was in the know. 

Gemah was used to running into things and people and at 24 she was past the age where she got embarrassed by it, she was convinced it was genetic, after all Stiles was constantly falling over himself.  So when she collided into the solid chest of Derek Hale she reminded herself she did things like this all the time. Giving him her  best mega watt smile Gemah stepped back. “Sorry, I’m sorry.” She mumbled. “ I wasn’t paying attention to where I was going.” Looking up at him she frowned, Stiles never mentioned he was so tall. Cereal in hand she looked at him and then the box. “They always put the good stuff on the top shelf.”  And she was rambling.

do you think the boys are going to go back to one of their houses and just get drunk and reminisce about all the fun they’ve had in five years and tease each other about how dorky and dumb they were when they first met and maybe louis will bring out the weed and harry’s voice will get all slow and syrupy and liam will get weepy and niall will drink his beer with a mega watt smile bc he never fucking imagined this would happen to him and then they’ll be winding down in the early hours of the morning and zayn will text them something like ‘that was sick boys :P x’ bc i can’t get the thought out of my head