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“Throughout all of these turns, Ali exhibits so much talent, resourcefulness and dashing, mega-watt charisma that it’s something of an embarrassment that no one in Hollywood has made him a matinee idol yet. He has triumphed as a supporting actor this year not by resigning himself to second-fiddle status or self-servingly stealing the show, but by fostering deep-rooted connections with the actors in his company and making every single moment pulse with resonance, no matter the size or stakes. That is what real support looks like. That is the Mahershala Ali way.”

2016 belonged to Mahershala Ali. Matthew Eng explains why.

Punk (Chap. 1)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 1871

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  So this is what I work on when I get blocked writing Nobody.  It’s supposed to be angsty and funny and fluffy (maybe a tad naughty at some point idk).  I hope you enjoy the first part!

“Morning, sunshine,” Tony greeted you as you slogged into the kitchen with a scowl.  Your (Y/H/C) was sticking up in random, knotted directions from tossing and turning all night, and dark bags hung under your puffy (Y/E/C) eyes.  

“Uhnnngg,” you groaned as you poured yourself a sizeable cup of coffee.  Tony was one of those ‘happy morning people’.  You hated him.  And his stupid face.  But his coffee was good so you let him live.

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  • His tall will make you feel small
  • Snuggles for DAYS
  • Adorable backhugs all the time
  • Letting you wear his clothes whenever you want something comfy
  • Nose kisses
  • “JagiyaJagiyaJagiyaJagiyaaa”
  • Always smiling his mega-watt smile when he’s with you
  • “Cutie”
  • Poking and squishing your cheeks
  • Tucking your head under his chin
  • Initiating a lot of PDA
  • But blushing SO hard when you initiate it instead
  • Even if it’s just taking his hand
  • He will turn red
  • Making you laugh until you can’t breathe
  • Cafe dates
  • Lunch dates
  • Singing for you
  • Playing guitar for you
  • Playing guitar while singing for you
  • Buying a ton of random stuff just because it looks cute
  • Teasing you when you can’t reach things
  • “Oh no Jagi are you too short?”
  • “Shut up and hand me the damn cereal”
  • Purposely placing everything on the highest shelf when you’re in a fight so you’re forced to talk to him
  • But almost no fights ever
  • Always talking to each other
  • Even if it’s about water bottles and aliens
  • If it’s quiet, it’s probably because you feel asleep on each other
  • Lots of cuddles
  • Wrapping up in blanket burritos together
  • Head kisses
  • Waking up only to be smothered by how tangled up he is with you
  • But you don’t mind that much
  • And just snuggle deeper into his chest and fall asleep
  • Hugs that last for 5 full minutes before he has to leave for tour
  • ‘I miss you’ texts literally 15 minutes after he says goodbye
  • Honestly the two of you probably annoy the people around you with how fluffy and lovey-dovey you are
  • But you don’t care because the relationship would forever be in that honeymoon stage of sweet smiles and adorableness and young love

Pining Shiro Shance Things!!! (SFW).

- Shiro knows exactly what’s happening the exact moment it happens. They’re in Keith’s shack in the desert and there’s Cadet Lance Long Legs McClain-Perez. The guy Shiro used to moon over and wax poetic about to Matt before their mission. Shiro had only ever had the courage to smile at him when they passed eachother in the halls. Now he was shaking his hand after being busted out of the Garrison. How life is. And Lance is as pretty as ever.

He’s so fucked.

- he didn’t realize Lance saw him as some kind of hero. He’s wished he’d known that before. But now that he does he doesn’t think it’s accurate. But he doesn’t want Lance to think less of him. Doesn’t want to let him down.

-lance is hurt. Shiro refuses to let him go or let him out of his sight. His heart is in his throat until Hunk and Coran return with the balmera crystal and Lance is in a pod.

-wow. Lance is a total flirt but Shiro can’t help but get jealous. Very jealous. So far everyone thinks he gets onto Lance about it for the team. Shiro doesn’t correct them.

- he didn’t realize hiding his feelings made him avoidant. Somehow, he gave Lance the impression Shiro didn’t like him at all on top of how insecure Lance apparently is underneath his bravado.

-Lance keeps giving him these… looks… eyes full of wonder and…something else… and mega watt smiles that make Shiro’s heart beat something awful.

Does he…like Shiro?

Shiro is too afraid to ask.

- they’re in a field, a mini vacation since things have calmed down for a bit. This planet has wild flowers all around. Shiro sees a pretty purple and picks it. Lance is smelling some orange ones when he hears Shiro’s footsteps. He turns around with that smile of his and his eyes widen when Shiro puts the flower in his hair and kisses his forehead. Shiro pulls away with his face flushed red and Lance’s brain stops working for a moment because… did that just happen?

“I thought it was pretty,” Shiro mumbles ,“ like you.”

But Lance hears him, heart soaring. He smirks putting a pretty and round black stone in Shiro’s hand.

“It’s real smooth. Like you.”

Shance Headcanons

-Lance has always has something of a crush on the man. His family teased him relentlessly about it.
-It wasn’t until much later, long after the team came together to become the Paladins of Voltron, that that crush grew to love.
-Like it slapped Lance in the face once day, just Lance watching Shiro talking with some Alien and brushing a hand over his floof and he think, “Wow I love him so much,” and then he promptly chokes because tHAT’S NEW??
-Shiro grew to love Lance slowly.
-At first he didn’t think much of Lance besides him being a fellow teammate that is great at getting the team to unwind. But then Lance was able to get SHIRO to unwind.
-Got him to laugh, got him to stop acting like a serious adult all the time, got him to interact with his team as more than just a leader.
-And Shiro was baffled and so, so grateful that Lance was able to do that.
-He fell in love with Lance’s smile first.
-Not the wide smug smirk, or the over-the-top-mega-watt that he tended to shine at people he flirted with, but the one that made Lane’s eyes go wide and his lips parted just enough to show the tips of his teeth. The smile Lance had when someone was just…nice to him.
-Lance tried reeeeally hard to hide his new-found love at first because crippling insecurities abund! :D Everyone knew in less than a week.
-But not Shiro, because alshska hey turns out he has crippling insecurities as well? :D
-When Allura discovered that they were pining over each other MUTUALLY she started pairing them up on missions together.
-Keith was not amused, but resigned because if he had to listen to Shiro rant about his “unrequited” pining one more time he was going to take Shirt’s bayard and stab him with it.
-Turns out that having a sniper cover the back of their best hand-to-hand fighter while on a mission was the best thing ever. Success rates shot through the roof.
-When Shiro memed back at Lance one day during training it caused a horrible catalyst of tragedy - Lance was so shocked that he was hit, causing him to fall through the floor, Keith was AGHAST and betrayed, Pidge cackled so much that she was hit next, and Hunk couldn’t decide between joining in on the laughter or consoling Keith. Needless to say that training excersize was a bust.
-From that day on though Shiro threw out memes at Lance, always withal straight face, and it never failed to make him laugh.
-They started sleeping in the same bed before getting together due to Shiro’s nightmares.
-It was only supposed to be for one night, but the next night Shiro asked him to stay and. Welp.
-Turns out that when Shiro can get a good night’s sleep he’s always the last one up. Lance thinks it’s adorable and will occassionally bring him breakfast in bed.
-Shiro is also the blanket hog.
-When they finally get together Coran tells them that he’d be happy to officiate their union.
-Hunk offers to be flower girl.
-Pidge: “Lance, if I am not your best man I will make your life suffering.”
-Keith: *long-suffering* “Please don’t make me plan a bachelor’s party. Please.”
-Allura is just so excited, she wants to design the entire wedding.
-Shiro and Lance: “Uh…guys we literally just confessed to each other yesterday, calm down.”
-(Lance to Hunk: “But yeah if we eventually get married you can totally be or flower girl.”)
-Keith is actually very happy for the both of them, he just. Can’t deal with their displays of affection.
-(When Shiro and Lance eventually got married, Keith cried the hardest.)


Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: You / Mark

Rating: PG-13 

Word Count: 4,448

Summary: On a night out with your friends, you accidentally text the wrong number for advice. The guy on the other end of the phone is abrupt, harsh and kind of an ass - but he also happens to be right. Which explains why you keep texting him. Right?

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Hi, was wondering if maybe you could do an AU where Jughead is a 'f*ckboy* he hits on Betty, she rejects him, and Betty ends up cracking his shell and he reveals his emotional & vulnerable side to him. (You don't have to do this just an idea)

“Come on man, what’s the matter? You’re afraid of blondie?”

“Nah dude, he just knows he can’t score with her. She’s way too princess to go slumming.”

Jughead Jones looked up from his space in the booth at Pop Tate’s Diner, he knew who his friends were talking about and it gave him an uneasy feeling in his stomach.

Betty Cooper was perched on a stool at the front counter, a worn hard copy clutched in her hands as she sipped from a vanilla milkshake distractedly. Everyone in Riverdale knew who Betty Cooper was, even kids on the south side, she was talked about almost as if she were royalty.

“Betty Cooper is the smartest student Riverdale has to offer”

“Did you see Betty Cooper at the home game last night? She’s sure to get a cheerleading scholarship.”

“Oh Betty Cooper was at the children’s center mentoring all night last night, she’s such an angel.”

Betty Cooper was everything Jughead jones was not, the rumors that flew around town in regards to him were most definitely not as friendly. But still… Jughead was attracted to the beautiful blonde at the front of the diner, and not just because of her haunting green eyes or mile long legs, no there was something… different about her.

“Go on dude, 20 bucks says you can’t get her number.” The greasy serpent in front of him leered.

Jughead was handsome, all of the girls at Southside High fawned over him, his thick head of dark hair and lazy attitude sent girls chasing after him. He didn’t understand why they wanted him, he was horrible, bitter and jaded. He wore the heavy Serpents jacket like a ten ton weight on his back, he was his father and that surely wasn’t something to be proud of. However, He had an image to uphold, the younger gang members looked up to him, they wanted to be him, lord knows why but hey, everyone’s got a job to do.

“Make it 40$” he flashed the other boys a mega watt smile as they hollered and whistled when he walked away, wiping his sweaty palms on his jeans Jughead slid on to the stool beside Betty.

“Jughead Jones, the pleasure is mine.”

Betty jumped in her seat, turning to face the wavy haired boy with curious eyes, a slight smirk gracing her features

“Are you speaking to me?” She raised a perfectly manicured eyebrow.

Jughead leaned forward on the counter, grabbing the cherry from her milkshake and popping it in his mouth

“Sure am. Your lucky day?” He grinned.

Betty snorted out loud, Jugheads smile faltering slightly, he hadn’t expected that noise from the tiny human in front of him.

“That’s funny because I didn’t hear you address me at all. Anyway I’m Betty Cooper and that was my cherry.” She stated bluntly, her fingers still clutching the book as she flicked her eyes between him and the pages, clearly she did not want to have a conversation with him. What was going on? Girls loved him, he wasn’t quite sure how to play this game.

Jughead pasted on another fake smile, this one a bit more shaky

“Really? I didn’t think you’d mind sharing your cherry.”

He was expecting to be slapped, prim and proper princesses didn’t appreciate being spoken to that way, instead Betty Cooper broke out into hysterics in front of him, her eyes watering from laughing so hard.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry” she wiped her eyes, out of breath from laughing, she panted “does that really work? Like ever?” She giggled.

Jughead felt his own genuine smile tugging on his face at the unexpected blondes carefree behavior.

“Yeah actually, I’m sorry to say it does.” He shrugged his shoulders and met her eyes.

Betty shook her head, taking one final sip of her milkshake and standing from the stool, still gripping her book.

“Well, as fun as this was. I have to be on my way. I’m going to be late for practice. You have a great day Mr.Jones. Sorry you couldn’t get my number, 40$ would have been nice to have in your pocket I’m sure.” With a wink Betty was out the door faster than he could say wait.

He stared after her for a few moments before making his way back to the group.

“Told you you couldn’t get her number!”

Jughead leaned back into the booth watching out the window as the blue and gold cheerleading skirt disappeared from view

“Not yet.” He whispered.

Bucky Barnes/ Plus size reader Time of the Month

Word count: 4K+
Warnings: lots of swearing, mentions of blood and smut

Was heavily inspired by a Harry Styles imagine I read a while back!

It had been a long. Fucking. Day.

You’d been dragging yourself around, grumbling and feeling heavy, since early this morning. It was your time of the month, the beginning of your seven day walk through hell, and you had done all in your power to keep professional for the last twelve or so hours.

You wish you were one of those women, you know, the ones who make statements like “Oh yeah, my period only lasts a few days and I don’t even bleed that much” or “I haven’t had cramps since I was a teenager” but unfortunately, you think bitterly, you are not. Your period had always been heavy and painful, ever since you we’re thirteen. You had cramps that we’re so intense they had caused blackouts in the past and you bled heavily for the entirety of the week. Plus your mood swings…they were killer. It was something you’d been forced to become accustomed to.

“I cant fucking wait to go through menopause” was something anyone close to you was used to hearing during this time of the month.

So, at the start of they day you’d popped four Ibprofen and forced yourself to go and be the professional, get your work done. Paper work. Piles and piles of paperwork, so much that it made your eyes cross. You weren’t a fan of the mundane aspcets of your job to begin with but today you want to slam your head repeatedly against the glass surface of your desk.

No days off, you unfortunately have to make that your mantra. Working PR for the Avengers was a full time thing, between making sure that there were no Governments pissed that one of their national land marks had been destroyed and attempting to keep them all in line; make sure they were working with the UN so that homeland security didn’t come knocking at your door you were a busy woman.

You had come to love them though, been adopted into this second family. Bonded with each of them over the last ten months that you’d been assigned at Avengers Tower. Yes, assigned. Well guilted, really. When you’d gotten a call from Sharon, Carter, close to a year ago, begging you to take on the assignment of glorified “babysitting” the group, you’d at first blatantly said no. You had no shortage of job offers, but with a little begging and some strong Jedi mind tricks on Sharons end you’d accepted. You we’re happy you did(even though you most definitely wanted to fucking kill them sometimes).

More then happy because it had united you with Bucky, the sharp talking puppy dog of a super soldier.

Poor guy was totally nuts for you, you pitied him for it.

Especially on days like today. When you we’re the biggest raving bitch this side of the equator.

You snapped at Maria, not able to stomach her dry humor that usually made you laugh. You’d told Tony to go fuck himself, well you did that almost everyday but you had done it three times already today and for some reason you couldn’t bare to be touched. Everytime Bucky would try to do simple things that you usually loved like put his warm, flesh arm around your shoulder or kiss your cheek you’d flinch away. He didn’t make a big deal out of it, you’d been with him for close to four months and it wasn’t like he didn’t know what was going on but you felt like total and complete shit every time. You just couldn’t. Everything seemed to grate your gears.

You just wanted to bury your self in your bed and die.

So after you had gotten all(most) of your work done that’s exactly what you did. You grabbed a quick dinner, keeping the small talk with Wanda, Bruce and Vision light and timely and then made your way to your room where you intended to pamper the fuck out of yourself and then rot.

Boling yourself in a bath was first. Dropping in a LUSH Honeybee bathbomb, a sprinkle of Epsom salt to relax your muscles and a healthy drizzle of lavender oil you had proceeded to soak. For at least thirty minutes, until the hot water had begun warmed you from the inside out. Making you all gooey and pliable. As you sat in the multi colored tub, relaxed, you cant get your mind of Bucky. How much of a ice cunt you’d been to him. How well he’d dealt with it, not once complaining and giving you your space to make it through your day.

You truly didn’t deserve that man.

He was everything you’d never knew you wanted. Beyond being angularly handsome in a sort of timeless way, with that 40’s charm and that lopsided smile, he was kind. And patient- the kind of patient that every man you’d ever come across had not even an ounce of. He was so damn good to you, he made you so happy. And yet you did shit like shrug him off when he tried to be there for you?

“What the hell is wrong with you, Y/N” you ask your self, bring your wet hands out of the water to cup your forehead. You felt like you could cry, your eyes stung and waves of dejection rolled over you.

Ugh. Stupid period hormones.

You got so damn emotional. Happy, irritated, sad. They jumped so fast you couldn’t catch them, slipped through your fingers at a rate that was almost scary.

After your bath, you slathered yourself with your shea butter, using a special hydrating serum on your face before you shrugged into a pair of not so cute black brief “period panties”, a pair of high waisted sleep shorts that we’re printed with flamingos and a little black tank top that clung you your meaty sides, rose up a bit so that your mid drift was exposed. You brushed out your (h/l), (h/c) hair, that you had tied up before your bath so it was still dry, and threw it up into a messy bun on top of your head. You’d missed a large chunk in the back but you couldn’t be bothered to care.

You go to your bed and unassemble it, tossing your many throw pillows to the foot of the bed so that you could climb under the thick comforter, you sigh as you sink down a little into the mattress and the warmth and comfort of being surrounded fills you up.

You’re missing something though, you notice that nagging feeling. You’d dreamed of your bed all day long and now that you we’re in it- it didn’t feel as good as you thought it would.

Don’t get me wrong, you felt like jelly in the soft sheets. But lonely jelly…jelly that wanted to be held…

You reach over and grab your phone from it’s place on the bedside table, scrolling through your messages, composing a new one.

-Where are you? Come to bed?-

You send a text to Bucky, chewing a little on your lip. You wanted him next to you, you selfish bitch. You wanted his hands on you, wanted to feel the cool metal of his prosthetic arm on your skin. Wanted him to grab you tight, to nuzzle his scruffy chin against your chest like you loved.


Your phone chimes with a text from Bucky.

- I’ll be up soon, kitten. I have to finish up training with Steve and Sam. Keep the bed warm for me-

He’d even used a little winky emoji at the end. You bark out a laugh, look at your little old, young, man of a boyfriend. Getting good with technology and stuff.

You miss him so much it almost hurts.

How could you miss him so terribly when you’d just seen him, hours ago?

I will. Hurry3

You then reach for the remote, looking for something to watch, to keep your attention on until your man got there.

You’re about half way through your second episode of Game of Thrones when Bucky comes through the door.

His hair is tied up in a untidy bun at the base of his neck and he has on a pair of gray sweat pants and a tight, black pullover. He smiles, that mega watt smile of his when he sees you all curled up in bed and you smile back.

God he’s so sexy. So…perfect.

Because in his hand there is a plate. And on that plate, there is two large slices of cheesecake.

“I come baring treats”

“Buck” You dramatically whine, closing your eyes and jutting out your lip. He comes over to the bed, leaning down to put the plate on the nightstand and you sit up to meet him, kissing his lips and gripping the side of his neck, your fingers sliding under the collar of his sweater.

“Mmm” He mumbles, his lips meeting yours just as enthusiastically, if not a little amused. You’d been so stand offish all day, which he got(he was fully aware of what date it was) and to have you so eager to see him now made him chuckle.

Especially when you begin to recline, snaking an arm around his shoulder and attempting to pull him down on top of you.

“Y/N” He pulls away, just far enough that he can get the words out. “I’ve been working out for hours, Sam had us running god damn suicides. I smell something awful”

You shake your head, gripping at the hair at the back of his neck, unraveling his bun a bit.

“I don’t care, I missed you. I’m sorry I’ve been such a cunt all day”

He’s gotten used to how harsh your vocabulary is, but he still isn’t a fan of the horrible names you call yourself.

Even if you did use the word cunt as though it was a normal term and not the wicked insult he’d grown up knowing it to be.

“No, kitten” you adore that nickname he had only for you “you had an off day. We all have them, don’t apologize for shit you cant control”

Your heart swells and you peck his lips again, and then his chin, his nose, his cheeks. Any where you can reach. He takes your affection, basking in your overwhelming light for a moment. In the way what you loved him.

He has to force himself to pry away from you.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower real quick, okay? Don’t pout- I’ll be back in a jiffy. Eat some cheese cake and finish your dragon show” He instructs you and you sigh theatrically, but let him go and wash off his day. You watch like a hawk as he peels off the sweater, his bare, muscular back in your line of vison just for a moment before the bathroom light flips on and he goes to start the shower, shuffling out of view.

You eat spoonful’s of turtle cheesecake and watch the events Westeros play out on the TV…but your distracted. By the ache that you feel in your lower stomach. By the way every hair on your body seems to be standing alert.

All you can think about is Bucky pounding the living life out of you, of him making you cum.

Trysts from the past, him making your eyes cross with the kind of pleasure you thought you’d only ever get from your vibrator makes you squirm a little bit, your plush thighs pressing together in an attempt to soothe the ache that was only growing.

You’re thinking of nothing but sex, in all its many amazing shape and forms when Bucky exits the bathroom, flicking off the light behind him, only a towel hanging low on his hips as he goes to your dresser to pull out the clothes he kept there.

Oh fuck.

You watch him, your eyes drinking in everything about him as he goes to get dressed in his pajamas. His broad shoulders and strong sculpted torso, the way that the muscles move under his skin as he pulls a pair of boxers up his big, muscled thighs before he throws on a muscle tank. It’s such a simple action, putting on clothes but to your horny, foggy brain it’s the most beautifully erotic thing you think you’ve ever seen.

Does he even know how gorgeous he is?

“Y/N!” He calls you from your ogling as he walks over, beginning to climb into bed next to you.

“Huh?” you wonder, holding open the layers of bedding so that he can settle in next to you.

“I asked has the dragon queen lady and the dwarf guy gotten to the country where the incest twin queen is yet?” He reiterates the question that he had asked you twice before while he was getting dressed.

You smiled. He tried with Game of Thrones, he really did for you. He just couldn’t get into it, he’d whine. But he still kept up fairly well with the story lines.

You raise up so that he can slide his mechanical arm under you, scooting up close so that your skin is touching. His hand is splayed across your shoulder, the metal of his fingers feeling cool against your over heated skin. You throw one of your legs over his and rest your head on the place where his shoulder meets chest. The closeness is killing you; from the heat radiating off his body to the slightly spicy smell of his body wash. And he’s holding you, nonchalantly, as though he cant sense the wildfire inside of you.

“Mmmhmm, a buncha’ fucked up shit happened though” you tell him distractedly as you bite your bottom lip, letting your right hand draw little patterns on his chest, your nails ghosting at the exposed skin there.

He scoffs “That’s all that ever happens in this show”

Why is he not noticing how crazy bad you want him? You wonder as you nuzzle your head into his neck, rubbing your face against his clean skin prickly with his scruff. He pulls you in closer, his head reclining slightly so that he can give you more access to his neck as your drag your open lips up to his jaw, your body is shifting, moving closer.

He kisses your hairline, down your temple and then slides his steel hand under the thin, barley there material of your cami, his big palm spreading over the small of you back and the small roll there.

You groan at the feeling, at his hands on you finally and he smiles slyly, knowing exactly what you want.

“Ahh” Bucky hums, rubbing your back as your leg curls over his thigh more, spreading yourself wider over him, needing to feel something between you legs other then the empty ache. “You need something, kitten?”

“Bucky, I’m so horny” You whine and his hand slips even lower, gripping your squishy ass hard and pulling you even closer.

You’re shaking at how overwhelmingly good it all feels, you grinding onto his thigh, the feeling of his dick fattening more and more everytime your rub against it.

“Pretty sure I can help you with that, sweets” He reassures your, his gruff voice breathy as he goes to shift your position, intending to climb on top of you.

It hits you then, what time of the month it is. And although you weren’t against the idea of period sex, and you knew he wasn’t either, you weren’t in the mood to deal with any of that right now.

You push hard against his chest, stopping his movements and he shoots you a questioning look.


He knows what you’re going to say already “I know, and you know I don’t care” he peppers kisses all over your jaw, down your neck as he whispers it in your ear.

You’re so tempted…but your also both so clean.

“I don’t want to deal with the mess”

“We’ll clean it up after” He pushes on, you haven’t stopped grinding against his thigh and his erection is now straining against the front his boxers.

“No” you protest, the thought of all that work not appealing in the least “We’ll have to change the sheets, and we both just showered”

At that very moment, you’ve never hated having your period more.

Your hand is fisted in his hair and his fingers are gripping your ass so firmly, you think he might leave bruises. No matter how hard you grind yourself onto his thick, taut thigh at this angle you cant get enough friction.

You’re starting to drive him crazy, you’ve gotten him up there with you, his mind swirling with lust and yet you wont let him do anything about it.

“What do you wanna’ do then?” The strain in his voice is clear and you bite your lip.

Knowing exactly what you wanted.

“Lay on your back, baby?” You ask him and he obliges almost instantly, rolling onto his back so that you could strattle his waist.

There was a time when you hated being on top, hated the feeling of supporting all of your weight on your knees because you were scared to put it on him. Felt self conscious because you were worried he was looking at your belly while you rode him…yeah, that time had passed. Bucky loved you on top and he let you know it, let you know that no matter how hard you tried you’d never be able to crush him( “I’m a super soldier, kitten) That he loved the way you looked perched above of him.

That was no different tonight. That tight little tank top hugged your curves so prettily, your big, yet perky breasts sat in a way that had him groaning and leaning forward so that he could capture one of your nipples that strained against the fabric in his mouth. You yelp as he sucks hard on one of your pebbled nipples through the tank top, grabbing at the root of his still wet hair as he nibbles, his teeth tugging it hard. Like he knows you love. His arms are tight around you, hugging you tight, keeping you immobile.

"Baby, ugh” You pull his head to lay back on the pillows by his hair and he looks up at you, the pupils of his baby blues blown. You let go of his hair and wiggle a little so that his arms loosen from around you before you start to move on top of him.

It wasn’t the ideal…in a perfect world his cock would be buried deep inside of your right now, but you had to manage. You spread your thighs as far as they will go so that your clothed core is pressed right against his covered hard on and start to ride, rubbing yourself down against him as hard as you can.

“Fuck yes” you hiss because your finally getting the stimulation you need and it feels so amazing. Buckys hands are holding your love handle laden hips, grinding you down firmly as his hips snap up to meet every movement. It’s hypnotic, watching you with your head thrown back, your mouth open and sweet little desperate sounds escaping your lips as you work himself over him frantically. Your tits bounce and he reaches up so that he can thread his fingers in your hair, taking it out of its bun so that it tumbles around your shoulders wildly, leaving you with a halo. He could watch you like this forever.

When his hand leaves your hair and glides under your shirt to pinch and tug at your nipples you lose control of your snapping hips, the rhythm of your dry humping going crazy and sporadic as you flail on top of him.

“Come on, kitty, just like that”

“I’m cumming. Fuck, oh fuck” You whine in a high pitched, desperate tone as you spasm on top of him and he helps steady you, watching you ride out, literally, your orgasm.

When you come down, he lets you fall against his chest, your face is pressed against the side of his neck, your gasps as your try to catch your breath in his ear, he groans at the heavenly sounds.

You’re not a selfish lover. You never have been. Even in the dizzy bliss of post orgasm you know he didn’t cum with you so you snake your hand down his chest and into his boxers.

“Y/N, ungh, yes” He cant form a complete sentence, can only grunt as you take his hard cock in your hand and rub the precum at the tip with your thumb before you start to pump him. It doesn’t take long for your super solider to cum tumbling down beside you. You love the sound of his orgasms, how raw his moans are. You pepper kisses all over his neck, giving his Addams Apple a little lick before you slide off him and back on to your side of the bed.

“That was so good” you smile, sated and content “I feel so much better”

“I’m glad, kitten” he kisses the top of your hair “you know I love it when you ride me like that, right?”

You bite your lip to stifle a giddy little laugh “Yeah, Buck, you’ve told me”

“Mmm, well I’ll tell you again. Feel free to climb on and take a ride whenever you want”

“I’ll keep that in mind” you hug his chest, contentment filling your every pore, you both share the last of the turtle cheesecake before you go to bed and you love your man so god damn much.

Cheesecake and orgasms? Isn’t that all we need when we’re on our period? Oh yeah and our own personal Bucky Barnes. I’m obsessed with him and his man bun.

i’m in love (m)

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in which you’re the sole person jungkook always gives in to. 

genre: fluff, slight angst, mentions of dirty stuff and implied sex

word count: 2207

― badboy!jungkook x reader [childhood friends au]

a/n: this is short and awful but oh well

     “I WILL GIVE YOU A BLOWJOB,” you whined, trailing after Jungkook like a lost puppy. Your friend of nineteen years stared down at you in horror, stopping in his tracks. “Please, I am begging you!”

“Y/N, don’t even joke about that. I’m literally going to hurl,” Jungkook said, disgust written all over his features. He lifted a hand and flicked your forehead. Hard. 

“Ow! Fuck, Kook!” You swore loudly at him, covering your forehead. “What the fuck is wrong with you? I just want you to be my plus one at my cousin’s wedding!”

“And I already said no like twenty times! I told you I have something to do this weekend,” he snapped back, swatting your hand away and examining the reddening spot in the middle of your forehead. He pressed his thumb into it and shoved you back. “Stop being fucking annoying and go run off like a good girl.”

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A Day So Special (Viktuuri Oneshot) [Bakery AU]

Since Yuri!!! On Ice has been stuck on my mind for the past few months days, I decided to write a fic for it :)

This lovely AU fic is for @barechu for an art trade! I hope you like it! I tried my best with the lovely prompt you sent me (I fell in love with it the moment you sent it).

Honestly, I don’t think I’ll be able to shake off Viktuuri anytime soon. 

None of the characters are mine. All copyright to the creators of Yuri on Ice.


Snow pelted the large bakery windows softly at 1 PM, sliding down the clear glass before mingling with the rest in a pile at the bottom. Yuuri Katsuki watched in wonder at the snow outside, his hands absentmindedly pouring another layer of cake batter into the metal cake pan in front of him. It didn’t matter if he had lived in Hasetsu, Japan all his life; snow would always be something otherworldly to him. Especially since it was Christmas today.

“Yuuri, what are you doing in the kitchen at this time? We have customers.” his sister, Mari Katsuki, called from the front.

Yuuri snapped out of his trance, abruptly pulling away the bowl he was holding so the cake batter would stop its descend to the cake pan. He was making a Napoleon Cake, and it took a pain stakingly long time to pour every individual layer and baking it. But he didn’t mind. It was Christmas after all. Glancing behind him, Yuuri raised an eyebrow at his sister where she stood at the open doorway between the kitchen and the front counter.

“I’m making the special for today. I saw a recipe online for Napoleon Cake when I was searching for things to make last night,” he paused, moving to set the cake pan into the oven once more, “It’ll be done in 30 minutes, you can handle the front for now, right?”

Mari rolled her eyes with a nod, the most acknowledgement she’d give her brother for his obsession with baking. It was, after all, what made him open this cafe: Hasetsu Cafe - one of the most well known in the small town. At the age of 20, Yuuri had decided to fulfil his dreams with the money he had earned from his previous jobs. Four years later, at 24, it had become one of the biggest successes in his life.

As the oven dinged, signalling that the next layer was ready, Yuuri bent down to bring it back up onto the counter.

Just three more layers, he thought as he slowly poured the cake batter once more with precision.

Like he expected, it took him 30 minutes to finish the cake, moved it onto a ceramic cake platter that was adorned with a green and red ribbon for Christmas, and set it into the freezer display in the front counter. With a proud smile, Yuuri went over to the black chalkboard settled beside the counter and added Napoleon Cake to the top of the specials list for the day with his blue chalk:


- Napoleon Cake

- Hazelnut Latte Cake

- Gingerbread Cake

With a smile still intact on his face, Yuuri went back to clean up the mess he had made and to change his flour covered shirt to his specially nice button up he brought over for Christmas. Albeit he was still going to wear the bakery apron over it. Slicking back his hair and wiping his glasses clean one last time, Yuuri joined his sister in the front counter who was beginning to struggle with the number of customers walking in through the front door.

“Counter’s open!” he announced loudly as customers began to line up on his row. He couldn’t imagine a better way to spend his Christmas.


Viktor Nikiforov never knew how to feel during his birthday. Of course, it was Christmas day too so there was some form of happiness he felt. But for some reasons, his birthday always reminded him of loneliness - even with many of his friends being in Japan at the moment ready to celebrate in a few hours at the hotel he was staying at.

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My shadow's the only one that walks beside me. Tony, Rhodey

Rhodey is the first. It’s not a secret. Nor is it something anyone ever really comments on. Most don’t even acknowledge it, barely comprehend that there is something to acknowledge, so used have they become to this. It’s a simple, fundamental truth, nobody in their right mind would waste their time fighting.

When it comes to Tony Stark, Rhodey is the first. Always has been.

He’s the one the hospital calls, when they first fly him in from Siberia–never mind that Rhodey can barely get up from a chair on his good days, never mind that Tony’s and Pepper’s separation still isn’t public knowledge–just like they did when Tony was nineteen and had a shard of glass bigger than his palm embedded in his left foot, and Rhodey reaches the hospital long before they finish the surgery because that is what he does. There’s no family only bullshit from the doctors here either, because that’s what Rhodey is, Tony’s made sure of that. And so did Rhodey, that one time they refused to let him through to Tony, who had a lot of lawsuits to pay off once the anaesthesia wore off.

He doesn’t leave Tony’s side, not even when a squad of over-eager military guys show up to arrest Iron Man. And Rhodey may not be Tony, may not have billions of mega watt smiles and sheer audacity to carry him through, but he’s served in the army for decades. He knows how to work the system, knows which buttons to push and which laws to circumvent.

So that’s what he does. He calls in favours and gets in contact with old friends, dials the numbers of journalists JARVIS had cleared back when he’d still been around. He talks with the right people, gets the right story out there–the story of a betrayed hero in a coma, put their by his former team mates and friends. Adds a sprinkle of tearful, honourably discharged best friend. FRIDAY and Pepper help as much as they can, but it’s Rhodey who drives them, Rhodey who fights this battle with the same bullheaded stubbornness he’s fought every other one.

Because Rhodey is a soldier, and with his best friend recovering from excessive trauma and Ross throwing a tantrum, he’s in just the right state of mind to fight dirty.

That he gets to drag Captain America’s through the mud is really just an added bonus. One Rhodey takes a vindictive pleasure in, even though the tactician in him recognises a disadvantageous move when he sees it. Knows they might be in need of the runaway super-humans one day soon. 

He publicly tears them down all the same.


Later, looking back at those chaotic first weeks filled with accusations and nightmares, the thing that will most stand out to Rhodey isn’t Ross’ face when he first realised the guy in the wheelchair would push back, isn’t even the gracious moment Tony regained consciousness for the first time, confused and scared and barely aware, but recovering–healing–all the same. No, it’s the unsurprised acceptance people greet him with, the way not once any of them ask him ‘why’.

Granted, it’s not a question he’s asked himself either. Not in a long time. But it’s only now that he realises that the one thing nobody fights him on is his right to stand up for Tony. To speak for Tony, while he isn’t in a position to do it himself.

Rhodey has been there before the Avengers. He’s been there before Pepper. He’s always been the first. He just hasn’t considered until now that the public might know it too.

The first time he runs into T’Challa–after–serves as a bit of a wake-up call.

They’re in a private medical floor at Stark Tower–and damn hadn’t Rhodey taken a sick satisfaction in tearing that cursed Avengers’ sign down. T’Challa has brought some documents from yet another UN meeting in the aftermath of the wayward superhumans’ disappearance. It’s a front, and an obvious one at that. The king of a country doesn’t usually run around, handing people paperwork.

Which is precisely the reason Rhodey has ordered FRIDAY to bar the entry to Tony’s room. The enforced steel door may be a bit over the top, but the last time he turned his back on the guy, he came back in a thoroughly trashed suit with more internal damage than Rhodey cares to remember, so he doesn’t care.

“Ltd. Rhodes,” T’Challa greets him, and Rhodey appreciates the way the man’s eyes don’t linger on the wheelchair. “I hope you are doing well?”

It’s a bit disconcerting, really, to try and reconcile this calm, polite man with his cultured voice and proud but unobtrusive stance with the rage driven fury Rhodey had come to associate with the prince in his father’s death. Well, king now.

“As well as can be expected,” he replies, and though the words are polite there is no hiding the steely undertone. “A pleasure to meet you again, King T’Challa.” He bows his head in respect, but only a little. Respect has been hard to come by, these days.

“That is good to hear,” T’Challa smiles. It looks sincere enough, but then so had Rogers. Rhodey can’t bring himself to smile back. “These,” he pulls a very official looking stack of paper out of a very professional looking briefcase, “are copies of the transcript of Zemo’s interrogation, confession and trial. I believe you will find the jury’s verdict acceptable.”

Considering how at peace T’Challa looks, talking about the murderer of his beloved father, Rhodey has no doubt he will. Part of him wishes that would be enough, wishes the knowledge that justice has been served will fix–all of this. But it won’t. It will help, certainly, but it won’t mend what has been broken.

Not this time. Maybe not ever.

“Thank you,” he says instead and takes the file. “I’ll make sure that Tony will receive it once he’s feeling better.”

It’s a half-lie. Tony, in true Tony-fashion, is doing pretty damn good already. Very much to the displeasure of the medical staff who, Rhodey’s pretty sure, preferred him unconscious. If not from the start than certainly after he woke up for the third time and promptly pulled the IV out. The nurse had not been impressed. Just because Tony is convinced he’s perfectly fine though, doesn’t mean Rhodey wants anyone not vetted by him, FRIDAY and possibly an old friend in the FBI near him.

He’s seen the tremble in Tony’s hands–the one that refuses to die down for hours and comes back time and time again when someone mentions the Avengers–and he never wants to see it again.

To his credit, T’Challa seems neither surprised nor taken-aback by the unsaid but strongly implied warning to back off. If anything he looks like he’s expected nothing less, and that, that eases some of the tension Rhodey has been holding on to for weeks.  

They part on better terms than Rhodey has with anyone else since Tony made it back from Siberia.


Rhodey is the first. He has always known that. And slowly but surely the rest of the world is beginning to catch on as well.

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Gotta step up your game, Emma

– x –

Saw this post and immediately thought of SQ and lbh Emma would (isn’t this basically what happened in that episode anyway)

Jealous looks good on you.

“I’m not angry.”

Betty tipped her head, chewing anxiously on her bottom lip
“Are you sure? Because you look angry?” She questioned her stoic boyfriend as he nodded his head once abruptly

“Yes, I’m not angry.”

“Okay that definitely sounded angry” the nervous blonde placed a soothing hand on her boyfriends forearm, stroking gently with her fingertips. Jughead seemed to deflate for a second, relishing in her soft touch, but all too soon his eyes hardened

“Why would I be angry that my supposed best friend wants to take my absolutely beautiful and desirable girlfriend as his date to the homecoming game?” Jughead bit out bitterly.

Betty shook her head, moving to sit on his side of the booth, she crawled into his lap, grateful for the secluded back area of Pops.

“Juggie, it’s just a game. He’s having a hard time after his "break” with Veronica.“ She winced visibly at the phrase, the blowup the two had shared was one of the most public fights Riverdale had ever seen, it included chocolate milkshakes being thrown and a very aggressive use of the Spanish vocabulary, it still made Betty shiver when she thought about it "besides, Ronnie said she would feel more comfortable if it was me he went with anyway, she doesn’t trust any of the other vixens with Archie.”

Jughead wrapped his arms around the cheerleaders thin waist
“Well I don’t trust Archie with you!” He exclaimed, earning an unamused scoff from his girlfriend “I’m serious! I’ve seen the way he looks at you, and then to even ask you? He knows you’re my girl. Isn’t it just common sense that you would be going with me?”

Betty shrugged, nuzzling her nose into her boyfriends neck, giggling as his dark, wavy hair tickled her nose

“Well considering you don’t go to Riverdale I think he assumed you weren’t going. And he’s definitely not into me that way, remember last year? Front porch, complete and utter rejection?” She grinned lazily as his fingers made their way under her top, resting on the soft skin of her back.

“You don’t see what I see, Bets, everyone wants you, especially Archie.” He groaned as she pressed a kiss to his pulse point.

“Well let them want me, all I want is you.” She whispered in his ear sweetly.

He sighed, god did she know how to turn him on, even when he was supposed to be mad.

“Okay, go. Have fun, but if he tries anything..” Jughead trailed off, wiggling in his leather jacket as Betty traced the snake emblem on the back.

“I’ll let you know, scouts honor.” Betty saluted him with two fingers and Jughead gripped her hands , nipping at her tiny digits, causing the petite blonde to squeal as she covered Jugheads mouth with her own.

Jughead was leaning against the wrought iron fence, glancing up at the bleachers every so often, the cold was biting tonight and he shrugged his leather jacket tighter against his body. Poor Betty, she must be freezing in that tiny skirt and tank top combination. As spectacular as the view of her long, tan legs in that tiny skirt was, It was definitely not practical. He had brought an extra flannel for this reason exactly, he knew she loved wearing his dark blue one so of course that was the one he shoved inside of his leather jacket, ready for her to slide into after the game.

It was a minute to the end of the game and Archie had just scored a touchdown, sending the whole stadium into a frenzy, everything seemed to happen in slow motion after that, Archie ran towards a jumping Betty, picking her up in his arms he swung her around and then…

Archie Andrews kissed Betty Cooper in front of the entire student body.

It seemed to go quiet for a moment but then all hell broke loose, Betty was shoving the redhead off of her body and Veronica was lunging for him, Moose Mason was holding her back and Cheryl was chewing out the rest of the football team as they tried to defend their quarter back.

Jugheads feet moved faster than he thought possible and soon enough he was standing in front of Archie, gently shoving Betty behind his back.

“Juggie” she whispered frantically, gripping his shoulder.

“Listen Jug.. it was…” Archie didn’t even seem sorry, he was still wearing the stupid grin. Jughead stared for a moment, anger boiling like hot steam through his body, suddenly though his demeanor shifted and he turned his body towards his girlfriend, pulling her in.

He knew fully well how barbaric he was behaving but in this moment? He could care less. Jugheads hands were gripping Betty so tight she gasped audibly in his mouth, he was kissing her with so much passion it could be felt in the air, she was returning His actions ten fold, her hands tugging at his hair. He pulled away slowly and wrapped his arm around her waist, panting slightly

“Have a great night pal.” Jughead grinned at The red headed boy before hoisting Betty over his shoulders and clapping a hand to her butt to keep her skirt down, she yelped slightly and sighed dramatically, waving to her fellow cheerleaders as Jughead led her to his truck and plopped her in the passenger seat.

When the beanie wearing boy settled in beside her she turned to him warily
“Was all of that really necessary.”

He gave her one of his mega watt smiles and slid his hand up her thigh

“You’re mine Betty Cooper” he whispered raspily.

Betty swallowed and slid closer to him on the seat

“Show me then Jughead Jones.”

Max Headcanon

  • Max was raised in California so I like to imagine that she is used to really go food with proper seasonings and flavor
  • So like all the food in Hawkins as a huge disappointment because food in the Midwest is bland as shit (I would know, I grew up and still live here), the only good food being in the different neighborhoods of Chicago but that’s fucking HOURS away
  • So when Max comes over to the Sinclairs for dinner one night, Mrs Sinclair made her mother’s recipe for gumbo since Lucas’s grandma is from New Orleans
  • And Max won’t shut up about how amazing it is and how much she’s missed actual good flavored food
  • Mrs Sinclair loves Max even more because the girl has great taste
  • Lucas makes it his mission to learn how to cook his family recipes so he can feed Max all the time (the spicier the better) and be blessed by her mega watt smile that is reserved just for him
  • PS, she goes with the Sinclairs for Thanksgiving one year and basically dies of happiness overload from just the food

reduxrose  asked:

Fic Prompt: The rangers are at the Beach Boardwalk for a day off and they all want to go on a roller coaster but Trini's too short to ride so Kim jokingly decides that the two of them will go on the Tunnel of Love instead. Cue Kim and Trini on a swan shaped boat in the cheesiest ride possible and Kim loving every minute of it while Trini is just malfunctioning from so much gayness lmaooo

I got this prompt forever ago and didn’t even realize it! This kinda got a little away from me but I think it’s okay. Hope you enjoy it!

It’s Zack’s idea to get out of Angel Grove for a little R&R and it’s Kim’s idea to drive down to Santa Cruz for a beach day, but it’s Billy’s idea to hit up the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for some much needed fun and games. And can anyone really say no to Billy? Jason drives while Trini mans the aux cord.

When they get there the rangers spend the morning walking through the vendor’s tents and playing games. (Jason is definitely pouting after losing several rounds at the ring toss, but ends up grinning ear to ear when he wins a giant teddy bear at the ‘test your strength’ hammer game. No one comments on his subtle use of ranger strength or his obvious blush as he gives the bear to Billy who wiggles happily before pulling their fearless leader in for a hug).

They stop for lunch around noon and end up filling an entire picnic table with an assortment of boardwalk delicacies (two pizzas, five burgers, nine funnel cakes, three bags of cotton candy, two plates of fries, and a twelve pack of Dr. Pepper). The looks on the surrounding patrons faces as the five of them polish off everything in a matter of minutes is flat out comical.

They dedicate the afternoon to rides. Thankfully they’re moving through the lines fairly quickly so they decide to start on the smaller rides before making their way up to the bigger and faster thrill rides. The only ride they have yet to go on is the Giant Dipper, a wooden roller coaster that twists and races through the turns so quickly you think you’ll go flying out of your seat. The thing looks pretty awesome. There’s just one problem…

“Hijo de puta!” Trini curses at the height indication sign dangling two inches above her head. She kicks the metal pole, not hard enough to dent it, but enough to earn a glare from the watching ride attendant. Trini shoots the guy a glare in return before Jason gently pulls her off to the side with everyone else.

“Aw, it’s okay T. One day when you grow up you’ll be as tall as the rest of us!”

Trini growls and swipes at Jason who neatly hops out of her radius. Zack snickers and holds up his hand for a high five.

Kim rolls her eyes. “Come on you two. Making fun of Trini’s shortness? How belittling.”

Trini snarls at the other girl but Kim merely smiles back and wraps her arms around the shorter girl’s neck, pulling the littlest ranger into her chest and smothering her. Trini thanks her lucky Zords no one can see how red her face suddenly gets.

“It’s okay Trini. We can just skip this one.” Billy says, squishing his teddy bear much like Kim was doing to her.

Trini pulls her head as far back as Kim allows, spitting out a piece of her hair and giving Billy a sympathetic smile. “Thanks B, but you guys should go ahead. I don’t want to spoil this for all of you.”

“I’ll wait with you,” Kim says, finally releasing Trini from her hug-hold and reaching to hold her hand instead, squeezing it lightly.

“Y-you don’t have to do that.” Trini winces at how high her voice sounds and at the way her words trip up. The heat must really be getting to her head now; probably why her cheeks feel like they’re burning up as well. Because it certainly has nothing to do with her insanely gorgeous best-friend currently holding her hand and smiling her mega-watt grin at her.

No. Not in the slightest.

“Come on Trin. The coaster’s a three-seater anyways, so this works out perfectly. The boys will go on the ride and we’ll hang out while we wait. Just the two of us.” Kim winks and Trini feels her knees wobble. Zack has this shit-eating grin plastered on his face and looks like he’s about to make some kind of comment that’ll really make Trini’s cheeks burn, but she beats him to the punch—literally, she punches him in the gut before pulling Kim in the opposite direction as the guys.

“Uh, yeah. Okay, sure. Let’s just- um, yup.” (Trini Gomez: the suave-iest ladies-lady).

The boys jump on the end of the line while the girls wander back through the games and the smaller rides, most of which they’d done already. Kim points out a few things, making a joke every so often, but the little yellow ranger can hardly focus on what’s happening around them because she’s trying her damnedest not to freak out over the fact that Kim’s still holding her hand.

But it’s not like they haven’t held hands before, because they have; such an action was essentially a daily requirement, a stipulation of being friends with Kimberly Hart. As far as Trini has gathered, Kim loves physical contact and isn’t shy about initiating it either.

The first time Kim and her held hand was about a week after Rita’s attack. They were sitting together in biology, working on a project, when the fire alarm went off. Everyone had jumped, not expecting the piercing wail in the otherwise quiet classroom, and Trini felt Kim’s hand clamp down tightly on her own. Her eyes looked wild and she was breathing too hard, too fast. Trini glanced at the iron grip Kim had on her hand and noticed the tell-tale signs of Kim’s pink armor wrapping around her wrist.

Their teacher ushered everyone out of the room and Trini kept to Kim’s side, not that Kim’s hold on her would have allowed her to go anywhere else. Luckily their hands remained hidden between the two of them and it wasn’t until they were outside and as far away from the growing crowd did Kim’s grip ease up and she started to relax. And it wasn’t until they were told they could go back inside did Kim finally let go of Trini’s hand.

Now Trini can understand the need for contact in that kind of situation. Kim was scared and need a little comforting. What Trini can’t wrap her head around is the gradual increase in touching Kim does after that incident. Little brushes as they walk to class. Occasionally leaning on her during breaks in training. Playing with Trini’s hair while they studied together. Cuddling up on the couch for ranger movie marathons. And hugging. Lots of hugging apparently.

You know, things platonic besties do.

And it’s not like Trini has ever experienced this kind of thing with other friends, because she’s never had a friend close enough to do this with. And it’s not like she can just flat out ask Kim if it’s normal for friends to be this affectionate with each other… that’ll just make her sound weird.

But in all honesty, Trini doesn’t really mind it. Kind of likes it, in fact (which just makes her an even bigger creep than she already feels like) but it’s not like her family shows a lot of love physically, and it’s been a while since she’s hugged another human being, so sue her if she likes it when Kim wraps her up in one every now and again.

But of course that’s not the end of it. That’s really only the beginning because Trini’s just one big gay mess of emotions and feelings, and Kimberly Hart is beautiful and loveable and absolutely amazing, so is it really a surprise to anyone when she starts crushing on her?

Apparently not, at least according to Zack who had dragged her off after training one day for a little “bro bonding” and had essentially called her out on staring at Kim’s ass all practice, which like, yeah guilty as charged, but in her defense Kim had been wearing spandex… just spandex. Trini’s surprised she was cognizant enough to even punch that day.

That isn’t to say she’s always functional when Kim is being especially… Kimberly. Trini had almost face planted in the parking lot at school once when Kim had shown up wearing the tiniest skirt known to man. She even had the audacity to wink at her before walking into the building with a little more sway in her hips (not that Trini had noticed) (she totally did). Or the time she’d accidentally put a hole in the wall of the ship when she’d accidentally walked into Kim’s cabin while she had been changing and Kim had asked if she saw anything she liked (which like… duh).

And let’s not forget the movie night Jason had picked out The Conjuring and Kim had curled into her side and hid her face in her neck for just about the entire movie. And had then proceeded to sleepover for three additional weeks because she’s was too scared to sleep alone. Trini hadn’t gotten much sleep those three weeks, not while Kim was pressed against her side and breathing softly into the back of her neck.

But lately, Trini’s noticed something else going on. Something changing. Or maybe she really is just crazy and it’s nothing at all, but she swears that Kim’s been extra clingy and extra affectionate towards her recently. Their casual coffee dates and sleepovers suddenly feel charged, like at any moment something monumental is supposed to happen. Trini can feel it in the way they talk, how naturally their conversations flow and how long they last, but she feels it prominently in the pauses, the comfortable silences where they just stare at each other. And Trini’s desperate to ask Kim if she feels it too, the static in the air around them, between them, but then the moment passes and the feeling slips into the background once more, not noticeable but always present.

And Trini’s kind of terrified, she’ll admit to that at least. Because she’s known she’s been in love with Kim for months now, but she’s also fairly certain Kim would never see her as more than a friend. Trini’s ninety… well, okay, eigh… sev… at least fifty percent sure Kim’s straight (and quite possibly into Jason) but Trini isn’t going to take any chances. Not with those odds. Not when there’s too much at stake, so much to lose if it all goes wrong. Kim could reject her, or laugh at her, or what if her confession makes Kim uncomfortable and she loses her best-friend? And then what would happen to the Power Rangers?

She can’t risk everything they’ve built together. So Trini’s just going to take deep breaths and idly twiddle her thumbs and pretend like she’s perfectly content with being Kim’s platonic best friend. And pretend like she’s not absolutely in love with her. And Trini will just have to pick up the pieces of her heart, the pieces Kim has managed to take from her and write her initials all over, when Kim eventually stops holding them.

“Will you quit brooding and answer me?”

Trini shakes her head, her attention snapping back to the present. “Uh- I’m sorry, what was that?”

Kim playfully rolls her eyes. “I asked you if you wanted to play some more games and get some food. Or we can go on something we haven’t gone on yet.”

“But we’ve been on all the rides.”

“Well… we haven’t gone on that one.” Kim points to a small line leading down to what looks like a water ride with white swan-shaped boats. Trini reads the sign over the entrance and throws her head back laughing.

“Oh fuck no.”

“What? We haven’t been on it and you’re actually tall enough for it. Come on!” Using a bit of ranger strength Kim pulls a now protesting Trini into the line beside her.

“Wait, you’re not serious right?”

Kim smirks, nodding vigorously. “Absolutely.”

“But- Kim wait, this is… I-I don’t… don’t-”

“You don’t want to go in the Tunnel of Love with me?” Kim turns to Trini, pushing her lower lip into a pout and widening her eyes so she looks perfectly pitiful.

Ah shit. Kim knows Trini’s such a sucker for the ‘puppy dog face’ (really she’s just a sucker for Kimberly) because whenever Kim pouts, Trini caves. Every. Fucking. Time. One of these days she’ll build up a tolerance to that look—but really, who is she trying to kid? The only thing that could possibly make this any worse would be-

“Please? For me?”

Fuck. Okay now that’s just cheating.

Trini gulps, feeling an army of putties suddenly come to life in her stomach. Her palms suddenly feel like she stuck them under a faucet and she has to remind herself that there’s no way Kim can hear how fast her heart is beating with this many people around.

This is bad. This is so bad.

“How many?”

Kim spins to face the employee running the ride, pout gone and chipper grin in place. “Two please!”

The woman ushers them into a small white swan just pulling up to the loading dock and Trini has just enough time to realize she didn’t actually agree to this before she’s pulled into the boat and heading down a lazy river.

Mercifully Kim had released her hand when they had sat down so now Trini is as far over on the bench as she can get, putting a sizeable distance between herself and Kim. “I can’t believe you made me do this,” she laments, crossing her arms over her chest and schooling her features to look as annoyed as possible, because she’s definitely freaking out a little under the surface. Trini’s convinced this is what a gay panic feels like.

Best-friend, best-friend, she’s your straight best-friend! Get it together Gomez!

But Kim doesn’t seem to mind or thankfully acknowledge Trini’s odd behavior. Instead she smiles and sticks her tongue out, relaxing into her seat as they wait to enter the tunnel. “Oh please. Knowing you, you’ll pretend to hate it but actually love it because you’re such a softie.”

Trini growls, low and mischievous, and Kim squeals as Trini’s fingers dig into her side. The swan sloshes a little and the couple in front of them turn to glance at the commotion. The girls separate with identical grins.

“I’ll get you for that one Hart.”

“Bring it on babe.”

One word. One word is all it takes and suddenly Trini’s practically melting into a gay puddle in her seat. Quickly she turns into her side of the bench, mostly so Kim won’t see her all flustered and blushing, but also so she won’t see the dare in Kim’s smirk or the glint in her eyes and suddenly forget how to do the simplest things like breathe.

But it would seem Trini’s efforts to distance herself from the other girl were simply all in vain because as soon as their boat passes beneath the archway and into the dark, Trini feels Kim press tightly into her side and one of her hands land on her knee.

(Trini.exe has stopped working).

“This is exciting. I’ve never been on one of these before. Oh look!” But Trini barely registers whatever it is that Kim’s pointing at, too preoccupied with restoring her mental faculties, which is proving to be really difficult with the distracting weight of Kim’s hand on her knee. Trini’s pulse is thundering in her ears, muting the rides soft music playing overhead, and she forces herself to take calm, even breaths.

It’s fine. Everything is fine. Kim is just a touchy-feely person, which is not news to her, and it doesn’t have to mean anything, even if the warmth radiating from Kim’s hand is making her head spin and her heart palpitate… but it’s fine, she’s totally cool with this, with the romantic lighting and the music and Kim leaning into her side and whispering something into her ear, her breath tickling the sensitive skin and making Trini shiver and how long is this fucking ride?!

Trini isn’t sure how long she spends trying to calm herself down—somewhere between a minute and an eternity—but she’s been so focused on remaining outwardly collected that she hardly registers when Kim grows quiet. She’s only partly aware of Kim reclining back in her seat but she’s fully aware of when Kim removes her hand from Trini’s leg, and she tells herself to ignore the slight tingle of disappointment because it’s probably much better for her sanity anyways.

But then Kim yawns.

And it’s like the world suddenly slows and time stops and Trini’s sure she’s hallucinating because there is just no way

Kim yawns, loud and exaggerated, raising both arms over her head as she stretches unnecessarily, and she leans into Trini just the tiniest bit so that when she brings her arms back down, one comes to rest across Trini’s shoulders. Trini’s head snaps towards Kim, befuddled and incredulous, almost positive she’s crossed into the Twilight Zone and half expecting to see Lady Gaga sitting next to her, but there’s just Kim.

Kim who’s extremely close and smiling down at her, all soft edges and warm inviting lips, eyes darting across Trini’s face before resting on her mouth, eyelids dropping, leaning in…

Trini vaults forward, rocking the boat a little, and Kim’s arm falls away from her shoulders. The movement startles the other girl into pulling away, but only slightly. Trini spins to face her fellow ranger, jaw lost somewhere by their feet. “Did you just-”

Kim’s smile falters. “O-oh… well I just- um…” Kim swallows and her cheeks grow as pink as her suit, tussling her hair and gnawing on her lower lip, both ticks Trini knows are a sign that Kim’s nervous. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you feel uncomfortable. I just thought… w-well, this is all pretty romantic, you know? And I’ve been trying to- I mean, I’ve kind of had a…” Kim huffs, dragging her hand down her face in frustration. “Okay, yeah so, Trini I-”

“Are you hitting on me?” Trini doesn’t realize her thoughts were voiced until Kim looks back up at her, a surprised arch in her brow, and she feels her body flush from head to toe.

But then Kim levels her with a look that makes Trini’s heart leap into her throat when she quietly mutters, “I’m trying to.”


Well, guess you learn something new every day.

Kim leans forward, slowly and a bit cautiously, like she’s afraid touching Trini again will make her pull back even more, and she carefully lays one hand over Trini’s and the other reaches out to softly cup her jaw. Trini swallows hard, sure that at any second she’s going to wake up in the hospital having passed out from heat exhaustion and all of this will just turn into some fevered dream.

But Kim’s hands are warm and solid and Trini really, really hopes she isn’t dreaming.

“Trin, I like you. I’m- not the best at being direct, but this is me trying to, at least. Because you make me feel, geez I don’t know, everything. Like I’m actually kind of worth it? Worth this, whatever you want this to be. If you want this? Because for the longest time I’ve just wanted to… well, I was wondering… or if I could take you- I mean if you’d honor me with- no, wait let me start over. Trini-”

Trini doesn’t remember telling her body to lean into Kim or telling her chin to tilt up, her nose brushing against Kim’s, the other girl’s eyes widening and both of them gasping, or telling her eyes to slip shut as Kim’s lips skim along hers…

But hey, she’s certainly not complaining.

Trini’s never been a fan of clichés. The whole “fireworks exploding behind the eyelids” thing just always sounded way too corny for her tastes.

What she will admit to, though, is the way Kim’s lips make her feel like her insides are made of cotton, how the kiss is soft and steady and warm. That it feels like she’s morphing for the first time all over again because it just feels so natural. So right.

There’s a bright flash and Trini thinks she should give that whole “fireworks” trope more credit than she originally thought, but then Kim adjusts the angle so their kisses are deeper, and fuller, and Trini moans embarrassingly loud, because holy fuck Kimberly Hart is a good fucking kisser. But the affect the noise has on Kim is instantaneous and thrilling because now both her hands are in Trini’s hair, anchored there and pulling her in tightly, and when Kim gently licks at her bottom lip and into her mouth, Trini feels herself implode.

They pull back a minute later, slightly breathless and smiling like crazy. “Wow,” Kim rasps and Trini wants to groan as the sound sends electricity zipping through her veins.

“Yeah. Wow.” And Trini can’t help the small giggle bubbling in her throat, but it’s contagious because now they’re both laughing, light and heartfelt. It’s kind of perfect.

“Alright! Watch your hands and feet as you exit the swan. Make sure you have all your belongings. And will the girls kissing in swan 4 please exit the bird? Thank-you.”

Kim smiles, wide and just a little bit smug, and Trini has to forcibly yank the other ranger from the boat. And now they’re back to holding hands, only this time Trini isn’t panicking; she’s too frickin ecstatic to be.

They reach the exit where a few other riders are milling about by the photo booth, examining the pictures taken from the ride. They spot the boys then. Or at least what’s left of them. Jason’s shirt is ripped down the middle and Billy’s bear is missing it’s head. Zack looks decent enough except he’s soaked to the bone and still dripping.

“What the hell happened to you guys?” Kim asks while Trini reaches up with her free hand to playfully ruffle Zack’s hair.

Jason sighs, exasperated. “Don’t ask. Just know we didn’t get to ride the coaster and Zack nearly go us all killed.”

“Hey! How was I supposed to know that kid’s dad was a professional MMA fighter? And you know I almost had that kid too!” Zack defends, batting Trini’s hand away.

“Zack he was four.”


Jason grunts, looking ready to throttle Zack so Billy quickly interjects. “So what about you girls? What did you do?”

Kim and Trini share a look and Trini feels her cheeks warm as Kim’s smile triples in size and smugness. “Oh you know,” she says nonchalantly as she pulls Trini into her side and wraps her arm around her waist, “just went on a ride. Had some fun.”

The boys look well beyond confused, but then something catches Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re widening to the size of dinner plates. He slaps Jason’s arm repeatedly to garner the boy’s attention, gesturing at the photo booth and sputtering. The rest of the gang look to what he’s pointing at and suddenly Trini’s whole body flushes. The picture being displayed on one of the screens is of Kim and Trini kissing, quite heavily in fact.

“Huh,” Jason says, a crooked smile on his lips. “Took you guys long enough.”

“YASS!” Zack has now transitioned from hitting Jason to jumping around like a lunatic. “My OTP is CANON!” He pauses to look at the group before racing for the photo booth. The poor kid behind the counter looks pleasantly surprised by Zack practically throwing himself onto the countertop, pointing at the picture on the screen before it has a chance to fade away. He comes back a few minutes later, three pictures in hand. “One for each of you, and one for me.”

“I’m happy for you guys,” Billy says. Trini smiles as she leans back into Kim’s shoulder, feeling dopey and light as Kim nuzzles her neck and tightens her grip on her waist. Zack thumps Jason’s back a little too enthusiastically, making the red ranger wheeze.

A sudden pop in the distance makes the rangers tense up, but their instincts are put at ease when a boom follows and the diming sky lights up with an array of colors. Billy squeals and claps excitedly, asking Jason if they can run down to the beach for a better view and taking off before he even agrees. Jason laughs heartily before meeting Zack’s eye and suddenly they’re both sprinting after Billy, shoving at one another and trying to trip the other up.

Trini shakes her head. “Our boys.”

Kim hums, shifting a little to loop both arms around Trini and hold her from behind, nose buried in the crook of her neck. “Our boys indeed.”

“Should we follow them?”

“In a minute. I’m quite happy with the view from right here.”

“Oh?” Trini asks, turning in Kim’s arms so that they’re facing each other, resting her hands on Kim’s shoulders. “How’s this view?”

Kim chuckles, leaning in to rest her forehead against Trini’s. “Beautiful.”

They’re kissing once more, soft and slow and sure, and this time Trini really does see fireworks.

#65 with Solangelo, as requested by @averca. I have so many of these sitting in my inbox that I need to get to. 

Prompt: “Look at me-just breathe, okay?”

Nico’s breath came out in heavy, violent pants. His voice shook and was interrupted by sobs as he tried to describe his nightmare to Will. Will held him close to his chest and murmured reassurances into his ear while Nico tried to focus on the steady thrum of his heart.

“They were coming to get me,” Nico said, twisting his sweaty palms in Will’s shirt. “The monsters-all of them- were coming to find me and tear me apart and-” he was cut off by a slew of tears.

“It’s alright, Nico,” Will assured him. “Look at me-just breathe, okay?” Nico lifted his head from Will’s chest. Will’s face was schooled into an expression of determined calmness as he met Nico’s eyes. “Nothing is coming to get you,” he said. “I know you’ve felt that way so many times in the past, and you had a right to feel that way, but you’re safe now.” He caressed Nico’s cheek, “So many people love you. Reyna, Jason, Hazel, and especially me.”

Nico leaned into Will’s touch. He took a deep breath and said, “I know. I just-the nightmares won’t stop, Will. They always come find me.”

“I know, Nico. I hate that I can’t stop them, but you’re healing, healing takes a long time,” Will said. He placed a kiss on Nico’s cheek. “They won’t go away for a very long time, but you don’t have to face them alone. So many people care about you, Nico, so many people are here to help you. Those monsters will never reach you, you hear me? If they so much as threaten you, they’ll have me to deal with.”

Nico chuckled, “Okay, Will.”

A hundred mega-watt grin spread across Will’s face as he opened his arms. “Now, cuddles to help keep the nightmares away?”

Nico couldn’t stop the grin that crossed his face as he said, “Cuddles would be good.”

Working towards you

“It’s a job Ronnie, With Christmas coming up and Polly’s babies due any minute I’m trying to send down as much money as I can to help out. My aunts happy to give her a place to stay but Polly needs diapers and formula and she can’t really go out and get a job right now, not In her condition.” Betty Cooper adjusted the tiny yellow dress that barely hit mid thigh, Pops must have ordered her a child sized uniform and the tiny white sneakers really added to the illusion.

Veronica lodge sighed from her space at the booth across from Kevin, tapping her perfectly manicured indigo nails on her milkshake glass

“Are you sure this has nothing to do with keeping your mind off of a certain “ex boyfriend?”

The word stung, ex. No longer. Not to be called again. Past Tense. Ex boyfriend. It still hurt two months later.

“No Veronica, I really need the money. Jughead has nothing to do with this. He made his choice. It wasn’t going to work out anyway, you said it yourself “Romeo and Juliet were the exception not the rule.”

But she was lying, lying to her friends and lying to herself. She missed him, everyday and every night, his flannel was still draped over her vanity and his handwritten notes were still taped to her bedroom wall. She wasn’t over Jughead Jones, she loved him, couldn’t imagine not loving him. So yeah maybe her new job was a way to keep her mind off of him, off of everything but that wasn’t all it was. Betty needed stability, she needed something constant, she needed to help, to provide and this job was exactly that.

It wasn’t much but it was something.

“Well I think you look drop dead sexy, like in a “come pick me up from my shift and we can fool around on the fryer.” Way.” Kevin Eyed her long tan legs approvingly and winked “if I were straight.” He sighed wistfully.

The giggle that rang from her pretty lips was quickly interrupted by the ringing bells of the double doors, slumping against her friends table she rolled her eyes.

“It’s the football team, last night they left the biggest mess I’ve ever seen, I mean there were French fries in places I couldn’t even reach.” The beautiful blonde groaned, pulling her pad out of her apron and straightening her back.

“Ew. Customer service makes me itch. You get em girl.” Veronica placed a soothing hand on Betty’s arm, patting gently.

Betty saluted, making her way to the table, the bells rang again, just as she was about to shine her mega watt smile at whatever new customer was walking through the doors, she stumbled backwards, her heart dropping into her stomach.

It was Jughead… and the Serpents.

They were all wrapped in their signature leather, Toni’s bright pink hair stuck out amongst the black and green, Sweetpea was tugging on Fangs chains and another blonde serpent was adjusting his junk as they shuffled through the riverdale residents and plopped down in the biggest booth.

But then there was Jughead, he seemed to be glued to his spot, betty vaguely registered Toni tugging on his sleeve, he was staring at Betty with wide eyes, examining her uniform, her face, her body. She could almost see concern in his eyes, but what for? He had moved on. He had moved on hours after Betty had fake broken up with him the first time, nothing was holding him back now.

With a shake of her blonde ponytail and a hardness to her eyes Betty ripped her gaze from his practically sprinting over to Reggie, Moose, Archie and Chuck. Surprisingly enough, Chuck was changing, they weren’t friends, never would be but Betty Tolerated the new Chuck and after an apology note slipped into her locker nearly every day it was almost impossible to avoid him.

The Serpents weren’t in her section, she made a vow to keep her mind off the group of gang members curled in the corner booth (even though she could physically feel her ex boyfriends eyes burning into her skull.)

“Hey boys. Just got out of practice?” Betty slid the pen from her ponytail and wrote out the seating arrangement on her notepad.

“Sure did Betty. Hey do me a favor and send a chocolate milkshake over there to my beautiful girlfriend. Don’t tell her it’s from me Okay? I want her to be confused.” Archie was practically bouncing with excitement as he bent forward trying to catch Veronica’s eyes a few booths over. He really was absolutely adorable.

“You got it arch.” Betty giggled

“I hate Friday’s, it’s the only day we have practice and don’t get to see the cheerleaders practice.” Reggie stood up, tugging on Betty’s ponytail with his signature smirk.

Chuck chuckled from her right

“Yeah right, like you have any chance with any cheerleaders. Betty has better taste than you.” He blew a straw wrapper at the muscled boy.

“Come on Betty, tell him he’s wrong, tell him you love me. Tell him I’m your true love.” Reggie leaned forward and fake whispered “tell him you’ll give me free fries.” He winked.

Betty gently pat his perfectly gelled hair

“Nice try buddy. I’ll bring out some milkshakes while you dorks figure out what you want to eat.”

She turned to walk back to the kitchen when she nearly fell flat on her back, only to be caught by an incredibly familiar pair of arms. Betty looked up to meet rain storm blue eyes, filled with fire.

“I…I’m sorry. I didn’t mean… I didn’t mean to make you fall.” Jughead stuttered, his fingers flexing on the tiny blondes waist.

Betty was silent for a moment, she had forgotten what it felt like to be right here, her favorite place was cuddled up right next to him but now.. she shouldn’t want this, shouldn’t like it.

She stepped back finding her footing

“It’s fine Jughead, no harm no foul. Your waitress should be with you in just a minute.” Betty moved to step away but a hand gripped her forearm.

“Betts…” He whispered.

She wouldn’t have turned around, would’ve just kept walking, she had milkshakes melting on the counter and a table still waiting to be sat but… he sounded broken. Heart wrenchingly, gut twistingly broken.

So she turned.

And it broke her heart.

He was a mess, blood shot eyes, ripped t shirt, bruised face. His hair was too long, he needed a hair cut desperately. And his leather jacket seemed to fit him too loosely. It was wrong, it was all wrong. He had made this choice, this was his choice not hers. So why did she feel so damn guilty?

“Just five minutes? Please that’s it, just to talk.” He begged, something betty was not used to.

But she agreed, of course she did. This was Jughead, her Jughead.

She turned to Ethel, the other waitress on shift, she was standing behind her placing her tickets in the belt.

“Can you..”

Ethel shook her head

“Go Girl, I’ve got this.”

Betty smiled gratefully, pulling Jughead through the kitchen and into the back lot of Pops, right by the dumpsters.

“Okay Jug. Talk.” Betty’s crossed her arms, she didn’t want to look at him, didn’t want to see the pain etched on his face.

“I…I…” He was stumbling, it seemed all the words had been pulled from his brain “i didn’t know you worked at Pops.” He finished lamely.

Betty glanced up

“I needed to make a little extra money, hospital bills aren’t cheap and the babies should be here any day. I’m heading up on Tuesday for a week the due date is Tuesday.”

The dark haired boys shoulders seemed to relax slightly, common ground, that was good

“God it feels like we just found out about Polly. I can remember running through that hallway at the creepy nun hospital like it was yesterday.”

Betty couldn’t help the tiny tilt of her lips

“It’s pretty hard to forget the ride home. My Mom made us listen to Abbas greatest hits. I’m pretty sure she was trying to slowly kill us.”

Jughead snorted

“It wasn’t as bad as when we showed my dad our school newspaper for the first time and he made us sit around for hours while he dug out his collection of “hells angels” autobiographies.”

Betty winced, a giggle slipping from her lips

“That was pretty rough. We fell asleep halfway through though, Atleast he covered us with a blanket and didn’t wake us up”

Jughead laughed too, the sound was strange to his ears, it had been so long since something so genuine had crossed his lips.

Then it went silent, Betty staring at Jughead and Jughead staring at Betty. He was the first to break the silence

“What happened to us Betty?” He whispered

She sighed, her tired eyes matching his own

“We stopped communicating, stopped talking, when everything hit the fan we just.. we just stopped doing everything that made us so great.”

Jughead nodded, his feet moving at their own accord

“We stopped doing a lot of things but… maybe… I know I didn’t… I never stopped loving you.”

The beautiful blonde squeezed her eyes shut, she could feel Jugheads warmth, smell his cigarettes and toothpaste

“You told me to go. You told me you had to start over. You didn’t want me to be a part of your new life. You gave up on me.” She whispered, voice cracking under the pressure.

Jughead shook his head, his long fingers cupping her chin

“I never gave up on you. I gave up on me. I was so scared, I’m still terrified of everything I’m becoming, everything I have to do. I didn’t want you to get hurt, I never want you to get hurt and that’s what the Serpents do, they suck you in, they take everything. I didn’t want them to take you so i let you go.” His voice was achingly small.

Betty’s hands moved up to clutch his wrists, she noticed the way he seemed to tilt his head to see her palms.

“I love you Jughead, always have and probably always will. I wanted to be there for you, I wanted you to trust me enough to know I could handle it. You aren’t going to lose me. Maybe… maybe we can…” Betty trailed off, Jugheads eyes snapped to hers

“We can what?” He asked, eyes so full of hope

“Maybe we can.. maybe we can try to fix us. Make us better. Get back to communicating, back to talking. I love you Jughead and being without you… well… it really sucks.” She smiled weakly, Jugheads hands slid to her cheeks.

“Seeing you laughing with Reggie, letting him touch you, whisper In your ear? I didn’t think it would bother me, all i wanted was for you to be happy but god…. it burned me.. next thing I know I’m making my way over to you, ready to punch him right in his ridiculously handsome face.” Jughead rolled his eyes

Betty laughed deep and real and pressed her forehead to Jugheads

“I’m willing to give us a chance if you are?” She whispered, eyes almost as serious as his.

He breathed deep, relief seeping through his pores.

“There is nothing I want more in this world. Betty Cooper, I love you.”

His lips pressed against hers in the back of the place where they had found each other again. They loved each other, that wasn’t going to change, no matter what this civil war threw their way.


“Dad come on, you don’t have to be here, this whole thing is stupid.” Jughead grumbled, ducking the gaze of all of his teachers. Parent Teacher Conferences were ridiculous, he thought that they ended once you hit middle school, not in Riverdale. In Riverdale you had to sit in a sweaty, student filled auditorium while you waited for your turn to be ridiculed and talked down by your teachers as your parents sat back and agreed.

“I’m here now Jug, Ive gotta do this. Fatherly duties and all that.” He ruffled the boys beanie and fell back in the rickety seat, his arms going over his head and crossing at the wrists. F.P was really trying, Jughead couldn’t deny that. His dad had sobered up and was desperately trying to be the father his son deserved. That fact in itself was the reason Jughead dropped his complaining and slumped into the folding chair beside his father. Archie and Fred Andrews finally walked through the doors making a direct B Line to Jughead and his father, Archie grumpily slamming himself down into his chair.

“You couldn’t get out of it either?” He groaned, dropping his head to the table.

Jughead sighed “nope, they’ve got it set up like it’s some kind of school dance in here, when in actuality half of us are going home and getting ripped into.”

Both of the boys fathers looked at each with half hidden smirks and rolled their eyes
“It’s a conference.” Fred laughed, “not a college interview.”

F.P nodded “don’t sweat it, we know these teachers, haven’t changed since we were boys, they’re all the same.”

Jughead and Archie shared an exaggerated eye roll, suddenly something caught Jugheads eye. It was the one thing that was on his mind 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Betty Cooper, tight blonde ponytail and soft cotton blue dress in tow. She was tense, he could tell, the way her shoulders were stiff under her mothers touch, the way her mega watt smile was forced and looked almost painful. No matter, she still looked beautiful, sometimes she was so pretty it hurt to look. In an instant her eyes caught his and her shoulders relaxed slightly, he was proud he could do that for her, happy that she found comfort in him, just like he did with her.

“Earth to Jug?” Archie snapped in his face, pulling him out of his train of thought, Jughead turned to look and saw both the older men staring at him with matching smirks

“what?” He asked, the gruff tone in his voice back.

Fred shook his head as he started going over paperwork with Archie.

F.p slid closer,

“The blonde. That Alice Coopers daughter? It’s Elizabeth right?” His dad asked, his brow raising.

“Betty” Jughead answered too quickly, his dads face forming a genuine smile, he blushed and continued “it’s Betty, she hates to be called Elizabeth, it’s what her mom calls her.” He explained, eyes turning back to the mother and daughter duo that were currently heading towards him.

“Well, well, well.. if it isn’t Forsythe Pendleton. Strange seeing you here.” Alice stated with a condescending tilt of her head before turning to Jughead and offering him a small genuine smile. Alice wasn’t a bad woman, she just had so much to prove and she took it out on her daughters, she was fiercely protective and some of that protection was currently bestowed on her daughters almost boyfriend, Alice knew F.P hadn’t been around much in the past few years and it hurt her to see how it affected Jughead.

“Nice to see you too Ally, I like your heels. Is that … snakeskin?.” F.p grinned as Alice wrinkled her nose at the nickname and the obvious metaphor of her pasts

“I’ve gotta say, I’m glad to see you’re finally taking responsibility for your son. What did it take? Realizing he was homeless? Oh or maybe it was seeing him get framed for a murder.”

Betty stepped forward


Alice placed her perfectly manicured hand in her daughters face

“Not now Elizabeth!” She barked, her eyes on the man in front of her, Betty fell back like a wounded puppy taking orders.

F.p snarled, his face angry and contorted

“Oh, you want to talk about parenting?” He snorted “you’ve got one pregnant daughter living in a nut house and the other one looks like someone pulled a string on her back and she’s waiting for it to run out.”

Jughead stood from his chair

“ Dad that’s enough!” He growled, moving to stand by Betty

“I’ll say when it’s enough boy.” He bit out, venom in his voice.

Betty clutched Jugheads hand as her eyes filled with tears, that was it. They weren’t gonna sit through this. Grabbing his dads keys from the table, he tugged Betty along through the exit doors

“Where are we going?!” She squeaked , as he pulled her into the beat up pickup truck.

“Pops.” He answered “I don’t know about you but I could really use a burger.”

He heard her giggle from beside him and he instantly relaxed, the car ride there was fairly quiet, he held her hand the whole time and bathed in the soft sounds of her singing along to the radio, when they arrived at Pops they instantly took their favorite booth as Jughead ordered half the menu and Betty ordered a vanilla milkshake. Once there food arrived he grabbed Betty by her tiny scarred hands

“We aren’t our parents, we’re not our families bets.” He repeated those same words he had said just a few weeks ago, staring into her eyes as she nodded weakly

“It just.. it’s so hard not to think.. what if we turn into them. Filled with hate and anger?” She whispered.

Jughead shook his head, gently dropping his forehead to Betty’s “we won’t.” He assured her “we won’t let each other. That’s where the difference lies, I have you and you have me, we won’t let that happen” he promised her.

Betty nodded slowly, bringing her lips to his for a slow kiss filled with promises and hope.

“There you are!” The familiar shrill tone of Alice Cooper broke them out of their bubble, she was being followed by F.P his head hung low as he tailed the quick blonde.

“We’ve been looking for you.” She started, gracefully sliding into the booth at Pops. “What we did at your school? That wasn’t fair and were both sorry for putting you through that.” She elbowed F.P who looked up and nodded sheepishly

“Sorry kids” he said genuinely.

Betty nodded, taking Jugheads hand In Hers and placing it on the table

“It’s okay, things get heated. We all care about each other a lot. You’re both forgiven.” Betty smile sweetly, sliding her milkshake over to her mother as the older women took a healthy sip.

F.P smiled at the young beauty, his eyes casting to Jughead with an approving glint. Yeah that’s right, his girlfriend was pretty great.

F.p stretched out and smiled

“ now that that’s settled, how about we join you kids for some dinner. I’ll go order some more fries.” He smiled as Alice scoffed

“Do you not see the amount of food on this table? How could you need anything else?” She seemed amazed as she got up to follow F.P to the counter.

“That? That’s an appetizer.” The older man winked.

Jughead turned to Betty and smiled as she watched the scene with a giggle

“We’re gonna be just fine” he said into her hair as he pulled her in for a hug.

“You got it Romeo” he heard her mumble against his shirt.