mega reuniclus


finished some old concepts! Mega evolutions for Reuniclus and Gothitelle. Reuniclus doesn’t have a shiny because I forgot and merged all the layers and I can’t be asked to go to all the necessary work to change its colors lol.

The idea is that Reuniclus grows four more brains, while its original also swells to the point it bursts its skull. It uses its five upper brains to charge electricity while the long tail sends  energy to its single fist to deliver a massive electric blast. And yes, the cells are meant to look like Rotom and  the upper brains are meant to look like those  cat/people shaped electrical pylons. Obviously Psychic/Electric.

Gothitelle’s mega evolution causes her mental energy to grow so powerful that it begins sucking in other forms of energy around her as well, including sources of heat. I didn’t think through this one as much as Reuniclus’ I just wanted to put her in a giant winter dress lol.

Daily Inspiration 7 – @banettedaily

I love the way you draw Banette, it’s so cute!! When I first learned about Daily Pokemon, my first thought was to look up all of my favorite Pokemon, and I was so happy to find yours! You made it look so much cuter, too! The Banette fusions that you’ve been doing recently are really cool!

Reuniclus is just a little intimidated to be around a ghost type…