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hungvanngo: @emrata for the @thekooplesofficial party tonight in Paris. 💇 @jennifer_yepez 💄 @hungvanngo using @marcbeauty. On skin, Genius Gel Super-Charge Foundation in “Golden Deep”, Remedy Concealer Pen in “Late Show”. On eyes, Highliner Gel Eye Crayons in “Blacquer” & “(Stone)fox, Velvet Noir Major Volume Macara. On cheeks, O!Mega Bronze Perfect Tan in "Tantric”, Air Blush Soft Glow Duo in “Lines & Last Night”. On lips,Le Marc Lip Crème in “Slow Burn”. On body, Glow Stick in “Spotlight” 🔥🔥

alrighty bitey this one is for my one my only @billyweird who listed a bunch of fox digimon for her favorites and i wasn’t surprised one bit! i love her

this is also my first time drawing reppamon and let me tell you, sometimes i wonder about who designed these things. it’s a great design but drawing it 24/7, i guess i just have to draw reppamon more to truly understand

and before anyone asks–although i might get asked anyways–i’m not taking requests on these juuust yet, the last 2 digimon i’ve done were for other folks and i might still tag some peeps due to the fact that they are close friends and i decided to do them. whenever i feel ready, or whenever digital illustrations for this IWRY chapter are finished–whichever comes first–i’ll make a big mclargehuge announcement i guess.

gotta love them screen color differences from device to device huh!

Sometimes I look at my work and cringe at how imperfect it is, but then I remember; I created this, this was a blank page before I filled it with my very own story from my very own imagination. That’s kinda amazing.

No story is perfect. It’s okay, keep writing. I believe in you.

hunk ships are literally the best thing in this fandom. hunay? perfection. heith? super perfection. hance? super hella perfection. klunk? super hella MEGA perfection. me x hunk? super hella MEGA TOTES MY GOATS perfection.

I finally made a Rarijack child and his name is Brandy and he’s a loser but i love him.

I think he’s a year or two younger than Honey, but who knows? 

He’s kind of a wuss but also a total sweetheart and a mega dork. Perfect boy love D&D and fantasy stuff, and his special talent will eventually be Mixology. Good times ahead for this dork, but for now he’s still trying to work up the courage to touch a frog.

He has a sister, Maggie, but the drawing I have of her is just a sketch so you’ll have to wait :P

Also, this beautiful young lady is from @honeycrisp-tales

aint she beautiful?

I was supposed to post a huge sketch dumb but you’ll have to wait guys, my bad.

anonymous asked:

Top 5 soukoku fics?

1. Right and Smile by @carlynagisa (sorry for tagging on something again lmao)

Dazai was intrigued by Kouyou’s new disciple. Fascinaton grew into fondness, friendship, trust.

Chuuya was his, ever since they were children Dazai owned him after all. At least for one night.

Soukoku throughout the years.

If you didn’t already know, I read this when I’m mega depressed and need perfection to make me feel better.

2. The Courtesan by @cinnamondazai

Moulin Rouge AU with Chuuya being a courtesan working for an establishement run by the Port Mafia. Dazai is a private detective invastigating some kind of case and Fyodor is Chuuyas patron.

It’s a choice. But he doesn’t want to choose at all. What will he do?

This fic got me hooked on Soukoku. Slay me. Bury me in the ocean because this fic is so perfect. The Fyoya is brilliantly done, I can already tell it’s a mega-painful slowburn riddled with angst but I DON’T CARE BECAUSE IT’S SO GOOD. I can’t wait until the author finishes it! I check it daily like the loser I am.

3. Musings by crimson_snowdrift

Dazai lets his mind wander as a certain redhead uses his lap as a pillow.

*screaming in background because fluff and angst galore*

4. Home Is Where the Heart Is by setosdarkness

Chuuya tries to have a good, normal life—just, after all that shit that happened, everyone deserves a nice, normal happily-ever-after, right?

[ the one where chuuya attempts to find his one true love by dating the entire bsd cast, as he fails to realize that he’s… lowkey married to dazai already ]

My first soukoku fic. Go pester them to finish it it’s so wonderful and soft and domestic and purifies my heart. T.T

5. Black Shadows by Shardstar

A single twist of fate changed everything.

The last person Oda Sakunosuke talked to wasn’t Dazai but Chuuya.

The person that left the Mafia wasn’t Dazai but Chuuya.

The person that met Atsushi at the bank that day wasn’t Dazai but Chuuya.

Chuuya embraced the light while Dazai shunned it.


Ask me for my top five anything!