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what’s a ship you like that most people don’t?

listen this probably means a like. ship that people dislike that i like. but. i’ma take this as. what is a ship u ship that other people. do not ship. because i just wanna talk about my kids. so.


i know what ur thinking: who the fuck are tensei and tomoko.

that’s cool they’re literally Mega Minor bn.ha charas but like. They are two. former pro heroes. who are sad. and they love each other. even tho they have never spoken in canon. ok. 

they. love. each other. and i love them. 

“How am I gonna stop some big mean motherhubbard from tearing me a structurally superfluous new behind?”

TF2 drawing challenge day 9: Favorite “Meet the Team” video.

Engineer’s video, partially because I remember falling in love with his character so freaking hard the first time I watched the video, right at the moment where he says the line quoted above. But also, I love it for the way it paces out so much information so well. We first see him, and we think, “Huh, just a chill Southern dude playing a guitar.” But then we start getting tidbits of information that pile up to let us know he isn’t JUST any chill Southern dude, but in fact, a genius surrounded by murder machines, who’s actually pretty sinister. And then the way the atmosphere changes as he says his final line, and the music tips into minor key, and the camera pans out and we see his full setup… Gahhh I love it.

but do you actually fix it? and when? how long does it take? are you even alive when he comes back? he is a Greeed? human ish? humanish Greeed? thESE ARE THE UNANSWERED QUESTIONS YOU MOTHER FUYCEKRS I’M GOGFNT O DIE