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anyways I love Isabela because if you’re dating Anders, and you get into Act Three she’s like “Hawke, you should come sail away on my pirate ship with me” and if you say “What about Anders?” she goes “of course Anders can come too!” with no hesitation



And here’s Isabela, who accepts it no questions asked, and it’s so goddamn refreshing, thank the Maker for Isabela, my Hawke’s true best friend

520 And Beyond

Does this latest hiatus seem longer to get through than the five months we get over the summer? Especially after all the good stuff from the last three episodes. Is the Olicity drought finally coming to an end? Will there be resolution in the aftermath of the BMD and the chasm of separation it created?

It appears that Oliver and Felicity are going to come together in 520, that they are going to face their demons and let out their feelings for each other, feelings they’ve bottled up for over a year now. Will there be reconciliation, at least a willingness to look closer at their issues? Will it clear things up, for them and us? The last time we were told things will be clear, we got episode 505.

Since the “clarity” of that episode, Oliver and Felicity have gone through some intense individual turmoil. It feels to me as a viewer like piling on, like throwing salt into the wounds already bleeding. As their pain and suffering continued, I couldn’t help thinking that they were doing the limbo dance—how low can you go? I’m not going to bore everyone with examples; we all watched 5A. It just feels out of sort that everything they’ve gone through since season 1, all the history and growth as a couple, all the respect and caring and love that came out of those experiences—was all stripped away. Oliver and Felicity know each other so well. They clicked the moment Felicity turned around and found Oliver bleeding in the backseat of her Jeep. They understand what the other has gone through, the pain and losses, the uncertainties that brought about the bad decisions that are currently keeping them apart. But they also understand the good things in their lives; the connections they made with each other, the comfort in knowing they make each other happy; the love. When Felicity told Curtis that she and Oliver don’t have that kind of relationship anymore, I wanted to both laugh and cry.

All of this has built a foundation. It doesn’t matter if Oliver was a complete dumbshit for lying to Felicity about William. It doesn’t matter if Felicity left skid marks getting away from him and his lie. It’s the foundation they built the relationship on that matters.  Being willing to give up their lives for the other is what matters. It’s the strength of trust and having each other’s backs that made the foundation strong.  It was a commitment to one another, for the willingness to accept painful things in their lives, physically or mentally, and stand to face it together.  This is hopefully what they will rediscover when they come together in 520.

I don’t think 520 is going to fix all the damage. Both Oliver and Felicity still have some individual miles to travel. But maybe it will be the turning point we’ve all been waiting for. Maybe when they look into each other’s eyes, it will show them, remind them, that what they feel for each other is more important, more meaningful than any mistake or lie or distance or uncertainty that could ever come between them.

In Marc’s 2 truths 1 lie thing, he said that the way Oliver and Felicity interact with each other will change after 520. I hope so. Holding back, not wanting or able to talk with the person you love more than life itself is more damaging than any loss or pain. Keeping those kinds of feelings buried also damages souls. It’s like denying yourself air to breathe.

MG also told us the “sex” we will see in 520 is going to be hot. Again, I hope so. I think we’ve all waited long enough for something epic, something that will make 320 seem like they were just holding hands. Watching Felicity with Billy and Oliver with Susan—I just did not feel any intimacy generated. If felt like a science experiment.  It felt cold and clinical. It did not feel as if they put their backs into it.

Intimacy is not just about sharing your body with someone. It goes deeper than that. It is a daily interaction, a moment to moment reaching out, to ensure comfort and acceptance of wanting to do anything for your life partner.

I offer an example of this from my own life:

Just before my wife made the decision that she could not live the kind of life her disease gave her anymore, I had to watch her body dwindle away and how she lost control of it. I can think of one night in particular when her bowels gave way, soiling herself, our bed, the floor of the bedroom, the hallway leading to the bathroom. It was 1:00am and I was brought out of my sleep by her calling for me, needing me to help her. She was crying and feeling ashamed. I helped her into the shower, climbed in with her and helped clean her up. After, I cleaned the floors, the bed, gave her fresh clothes to put on—then we got back into the bed and I just held her. I told her not to be embarrassed, that she was beautiful; the kinds of things I knew she needed and wanted to hear. What I learned from this was how to be there for somebody in all the ways a person can.

That is intimacy.


So, 520 is going to be a pivotal episode in Oliver and Felicity’s journey. If it turns out to be anything else but a full reaffirmation of their feelings for one another—imagine how great my disappointment will be.  It has always felt to me that their journeys are not separate trips. It is a destiny. If their final destination is to be apart, then I never really understood why they were together in the first place.

I guess we’ll find out in twelve days. See you all there.

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This about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

Baffles my mind when people say Anders isn’t romantic.

Like, here is a man who is clearly ruled by his heart (the Justice side of him means he is also ruled by, well, justice, but the Anders side of him is all about what he feels to be right) - who loves Karl so much that he stops running away just so he can stay with him, who then runs to Kirkwall of all places after him, who then aches for Hawke for three years before breaking those three years with a gasping and breathless and needy kiss, who then frets constantly over the fact that he might break Hawke’s heart, that he might hurt Hawke, that he might lose Hawke…

If he pushes Hawke away, at first, it’s because he knows himself well enough (and Justice knows him well enough) to know that being head-over-heels in love with someone is deeply distracting to him and he and Justice don’t want to put that before their mission.  He knows this because he has fallen in love before and he knows how very much in love he falls.

But he falls for Hawke anyway, because his feelings burn like a sun.  His feelings for freedom, for his cause, for the concept of justice, his feelings for Karl and his feelings for Hawke - he loves like a storm, like a hurricane, fierce and overpowering, and if that’s not romantic I’m not sure what is.

anonymous asked:

I am binging PoI right now, and Root and Harold's relationship will never disinterest me. One thing I notice is when there's ever technical stuff that needs to be done, Root moves aside and allows Harold to do the job. She can do it easily, and if it were anyone else she wouldn't let them touch a terminal (unless it's to watch them fail and make them eat it). It reminds me of how much she reveres Harold and what a special person she believes he is.

Well hello there my absolute new best bud on the internet! I am always ready to talk about how much Root fucking adores, reveres and loves Harold because it inevitably makes me cry and for some reason I subject myself to that repeatedly. 

And yes, Root absolutely has so much admiration for Harold’s technological skills! Even back when they first met, she respected him immensely for being the Father of AI, even while simultaneously being supremely condescending and critical of his values and methods. Harold was the first person that she ever respected in her entire life as Root, the first person she thought was even worthy of her attention, the first person she ever thought she would even be able to speak to, and the only person she considered equal to her wrt technological skills. Harold is one of the few people in Root’s life that she thought worthy of actually listening to. 

As time went on she came to genuinely adore Harold himself (apart from his impressive coding prowess), and honestly the depth of her love and loyalty towards him is slightly terrifying and wholly mesmerizing. She holds him in such ridiculous high esteem and has such a staggering amount of faith in him. 

Let’s look at some Root quotes that demonstrate how much she reveres Harold:

“I’ve been waiting for you my whole life…” (The Contingency, 2x01)

“You’re Harold Finch. You’ll find a way into the system.” (SNAFU, 5x02)

“Like it or not Harry, history is upon you” (BSOD, 5x01)

Hell let’s go all the way back and examine her “I believed you. I believed in you!” from God Mode. Leaving aside the fact that she was legit gonna blow Harold’s brains out a second after she said this, this line is honestly a stunning and very revealing look into how Root sees Harold, because yes she’s upset that she missed her chance to meet God, but she’s also legitimately feeling betrayed about Harold lying to her. Even at this point, she revered him and put him on a pedestal.

And correspondingly, she also demonstrates a deep desire to be accepted by him. Look at her tentative smile as she says “this is nice…” when Harold invites her to work with him in Prophets. Look at how resigned she is in Skip when she thinks Harold is going to throw her out. She disobeyed a direct order from her God in that ep because she needed to keep Harold safe. 

And honestly, here’s the thing I find so interesting about Root – it’s that she’s willing to sacrifice herself for what the people she loves believe in. Because yes, she will die for TM, she will die for Shaw, and she will die for Harold. That’s expected. Root takes it one step further however. She is willing to die for what TM, Shaw and Harold believe in. It might not be what she thinks, it might not be what she believes, it’s not her worldview… but it is important to the people that she cares so deeply about, and she’s correspondingly willing to honor that (as long as it doesn’t lead to aforementioned people she loves getting hurt and dying of course). 

“You think I don’t care about people, Harold? I’m doing all of this to save you.” (Root Path, 3x17)

Root literally embodies the “I will do anything for you” saying when it comes to the people she loves. She is a magnificent character and I will love her till the end of time. 

Seraphi Abrasax: A Jigsaw

Throughout Jupiter Ascending, we learn more about Seraphi Abrasax than we do almost any other character. This is striking mainly because we never meet her - she is present only as a statue, and can only ‘speak’ through her children. Over the course of the film, we learn about her personality, background, relationships, and choices. Great emphasis is placed on the manner of her death, and indeed the question of who was responsible for it. We get no definite answers, just jigsaw pieces that it’s our place to fit together. 

Below, I attempt to gather together everything we know about her - while all of this intel is filtered through her children, we can assume that there is at least an element of truth to most of this. Seraphi emerges as an ambiguous but rather fascinating figure, with her choices and actions essentially shaping her children, Jupiter’s fate and indeed the events of the film.

Shout if you feel I’ve missed anything, and do add your own interpretations/views on the character!

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One of my favorite things about Anders is just how much love and caring he has inside of him.

He loved Karl so much that he set aside his hatred of templars and confinement to stay with him in The Circle (and later, do everything in his power to track him down).

He cares so much about the downtrodden and disenfranchised that he ran a free medical clinic for years even though he never had to.

And he loves a romanced Hawke deeply, thoroughly, fiercely, despite the fact that by his own admission Hawke can never come before his cause.

I have seen some people say that they don’t like the Anders romance because of that, because Hawke can never be his number one priority. But frankly, that boy has enough love, enough caring, inside of him that he can afford to spread it around.

He LOVES, and I love him for it.


XY042 - XY043 - XY045 - XY046 - XY047 - XY053!

The little skits presenting Mega Evolutions are, as Manon introduces them, mostly about Alan’s previous battles:

In some, she describes the ‘mon a little - in others, such as Yadoran’s, she clearly didn’t witness the fight itself (in that one, she asks Alan about the outcome).

What’s super cute is that, from mini-episode to episode, 1°) Manon becomes less and less clumsy, 2°) Alan turns more reactive towards her and, generally, more “random” in his entrances, 3°) Alan and Manon get in sync to present the Mega of the week /o/

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I love mage!Handers and non-mage!Handers for different reasons.

I love mage!Handers because here you have these two individuals who have always been outcasts, the Other, and they find solace in each other, in another person who understands, who doesn’t have to be told all the details and nuances of what it’s like to be different because they know, and the world may not understand them but at least they have each other.  And Anders grew up in the Circle learning magic is evil, magic is bad, mages are bad - oh he denies it, but it’s lodged deep in his subconscious - but then here’s Hawke, Hawke who is a mage and is wonderful and amazing and strong, and if Hawke is a mage who is also a fundamentally good person then perhaps Anders, too, can learn to accept himself as a mage who is a fundamentally good person.

I love non-mage!Handers because someone actually accepts Anders for who he is, as a person - they look past the mage part, they look past the apostate bit, they see him as the fierce and beautiful and fiery soul that he is.  They see his magic as beautiful, as a gift - not something to be feared.  A non-mage Hawke adds such gravitas to the story and the romance, he’s so worried that they’ll leave him, that they’ll realize they’re giving up a “normal life” for him.  He asks them “You’d tell the world, the Knight-Commander, that you love an apostate and you will stand beside him?”  And they do, because they love him and Anders realizes he’s not just fighting for mages but for ideals that everyone holds, and he knows that with Hawke at his back with their sword or their daggers or their bow that they can take on the world.

I just

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ HANDERS, guys, I love HANDERS

#2625. There is a huge Marvel vs DC debate among the smashers. It started when Pit described the team-up in the Subspace Emissary as “like the video game Avengers!” and a couple of fighters disagreed, saying that if anything, it was more like the Justice League. This sparked a heated argument that lasted for weeks. (with a few Smashers asserting that it was presumptuous to say either, but they were ignored.) The most dedicated of all the Marvel supporters is Mega Man, since he’s a Capcom character; while Meta Knight is the fiercest DC defender because he strongly favors Batman.

“I’m scared. Really. Aren’t you also afraid, Alan? At that moment, Rayquaza was really furious. If Rayquaza alone were that strong… If you’re going to see two Pokémon that can destroy the world… Alan, this time, you won’t get away from this with just an injury!”

There’s a promise.”

“A promise?”

“It’s a promise to the director.
This power that I–
I have to become strong.
I have to become the strongest.”

“But to become the strongest, how far do you have to go?
You’re going to fight against beings who can destroy the world?”

“What could you understand about this!”

If for whatever reason…
Anything were to happen to you…”

Go back to Kalos.”

Manon’s internal conflict between her fears regarding Rayquaza and her worries for Alan opened and closed the climax. It’s true that, during Act II, Manon’s reactions towards Rayquaza had been especially unusual: Manon, so prone to getting excited in front of Mega Evolution or new Pokémon, was shaking and temporarily paralyzed. Usually, when Alan had told her to stay back and to leave the battleground, Manon had reacted with interest and excitement.

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