mega man x4


Just a quick glimpse at some loot I got from Anime Central (ACen) 2017.  It feels good to be in the working world sometimes. o wo

I… honestly forget the name of the person who made the Kanna/Saikawa doublesided keychain, but it’s adorable.  Also, 90′s nostalgia.

If the picture quality is crap, my phone camera can be more than a little weird.  It’s tough to get good quality images most of the time upon closer inspection.


Erf, this took forever.

This is a thing that actually happened when I was playing through X4 with bunny listening in. I’d just assumed I couldn’t do anything about the eyeball enemies since my shots had just tinked against the moving ones. Then I had the above eureka moment and bunny, who was playing GTA V at the time and thus not really paying attention, exploded at me. I was laughing so hard I couldn’t finish the stage. Imagine being able to shoot things in a game that’s all about jumpin’ and shootin’, huh?

‘sprolly just funny to me and no one else buuuuut meh.