mega man x figure

Been trying to learn some animation skills with flash, though I ended up using Photoshop to make this since I’m impatient with Flash. Also since Pixel Art is usually made in sets for animation, I figured studying X from Mega Man X would be good practice for running

Mega Man x Kidrobot Mini Figure Series

Kidrobot will be following up their successful Street Fighter line with a Mega Man series. No photos have been revealed yet, but my wild guess is that most of the toys will be a standard Mega Man sculpt with different colorways representing the different power-ups, like the palette swaps in the games.

This is pretty cool since the Munny platform already lends itself well to Mega Man’s design. I think for a lot of kids who grew up in the ‘80s and then found out about customizing Munnys, their first idea was to do a Mega Man piece.