mega man x


ロックマンらくがき by めか on pixiv

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X-Buster (Mega Man X cocktail)

1 oz Gin
1 oz Blue curacao
Lemon-lime soda
1 Cherry

Directions: Add gin and blue curacao to a lowball glass, over ice. Fill the glass with your lemon-lime soda, garnish with a cherry on top of the ice cubes, and serve. Pew pew pew.

Drink created and photographed by Mitch Hutts of The Drunken Moogle.


The X-Buster will be one of three cocktails by The Drunken Moogle served at the Fangamer X Attract Mode event this weekend. Over 30 artists’ (such as Zac Gorman, whose MMX art is pictured above) work will be on display. Danimal Cannon and Jake “Virt” Kauffman will provide music, and Jesse Cox will MC. Upcoming games GALAK-Z by 17-Bit and Synchroma by CAPY will be playable. 

Though the event takes place during PAX week, it is not an official PAX event and doesn’t require a badge to get in. More info and reservations at the link below.

Fangamer X Attract Mode Event Page