mega man headcanon

Headcanon:  Mega Man is a fan of the Chicago Bulls.

I’m not joking, one of the special pieces of art found in R20+5 is a manga called “The Birth of Mega Man” written and drawn by Inafune himself.  Rock is shown wearing a shirt with the word “BULLS” on the back, a 23 on front, and an S on the sleaves.

Now who else wore a 23 in the world of sports utilizing the word Bulls and a red-white combo?

How about our old pal Michael Jordan?  The proof is in the pudding.

“Axl is a Cossack Bot, like X is Light-built and Zero Wily-built.”

“Axl can speak Russian, though he has NO idea why. As an extension of this…he writes his notes in Cyrillic. It drives most people who have to read them batty. While he is perfectly capable of writing in English and Japanese, he likes to be a troll.”