mega man boss battle

I thiiiink it’s ok for me to post this up @A@; I apologize if it’s not. But I’ll be at this gallery tonight (in an hour or so, in fact)- so hopefully anyone in the SF area / whoever is stopping by; I’ll see you there~

Haha, by the time I signed up, most of the Robot Masters I would have done were taken, so I went with the Alien from Mega Man 2 >XD;;;

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anonymous asked:

So if someone made a video game about you, what radical feminists and Christians would you want to be bosses?

It should be a side scrolling action game. 

8 levels. 

1st level is a trailer park.


  • obese women fire unwanted babies at you from their worn out vaginas. 
  • drunken rednecks who try to hit you with baseball bats but usually miss and fall on their ass
  • little trailer park kids who jump at you and latch on with their teeth. This doesn’t deal damage, but it slows you down, making you susceptible to other enemies. You have to shake them off by seizurely button mashing. 

Boss of the level: Brett Keane

His main attack is to hide behind his family while lobbing his own feces at you. 

2nd level is a catholic church. 

In this level the objective is to save as many children from being molested as possible. 


  • Nuns who throw bibles at you for a long range attack and who use rulers at short range. Some nuns will flash their naked bodies to distract you, and if you don’t look away or kill them before they get their habits up, you will be frozen in place for 3 seconds, leaving you susceptible to attack. 
  • Priests. You encounter priests in certain doorways along the stage and each priest battle takes place in an enclosed square, much like a classic mega man boss battle. In each battle, a young boy is suspended in a cage hanging from the ceiling. When you beat the priests, the children are set free and run off the screen. 

Boss: The pope.

The pope has a super soaker full of holy water that he sprays at you. It does no damage and he can be killed with one hit. It’s kind of a joke boss. The real boss of the level is made up of the priest battles. 

I’ll come up with more levels later. 


Azure Striker Gunvolt Available Now on 3DS eShop

I wouldn’t call it a Mega Man game, but it certainly has a spark of Mega Man in it. Action platforming, boss battles and sprite based graphics. What’s not to like?

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We all have those days we never thought would come. Today is my day. With each passing memory I took the love we shared for granted. I thought you’d be here forever and today I face the cold truth; nothing in this world lasts forever.

I’ll never forget the memories we made together. That time you saved my progress after I got 180 emblems in sonic adventure 2: battle. Or the many years you kept hold of my Super smash Bros. melee data. And who could ever forget all the secret boss battles I beat and saved on mega man x command mission? And, of course, countless other games that you kept safe for me.

It is not easy or with pleasure that I go in to this farewell, but with pain and regret. If only I had backed you up on to another card… Your memory could have lived on forever. But I was a fool! I laughed in the face of death and death laughed back. Now I must live with my actions until I join you in the afterlife.

Goodbye sweet memory card. I love you and although your memory is no more, the memories we shared together will last an eternity.