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I mentioned back when I drew them that having to unpack Latios and Latias really made me appreciate how different their designs actually are. Doing Mega Latios and Latias really just hammered home the fact that yes, they’re really just the same design with a different eye colour.

Got a bunch of new bristol and a new C3 Copic today, since a certain big art supply chain was having a sale. It’s good to have all those supplies in the hopper.


Latias and Latios the eon duo of Hoenn. They ruffle their feathers and cry loudly when there is hostility toward them. Their downy feathers can enfold their bodies and refract light, which allows them to become invisible or alter their appearance. They normally do not make contact with humans or other Pokémon, and disappears when an enemy is nearby. They forms herds with several members, and is usually found near water.


Day 409 - Latias | ラティアス & Mega Latias | メガラティアス

Latias is the younger of the duo, with a more cheerful and playful personality than its older sibling, Latios. While there are more than one, they have been shown to always be created in pairs.

Mega Latias is incredibly similar to Mega Latios, and it is currently unknown why they converge to the same design. They can fly faster than a supersonic jet. If you listen close, you can hear the screech of them flying in the roaring skies.

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Redbubble of Latias:

Redbubble of Mega Latias:

“Speedpainting” both alone: