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And I thought about you, and thought about you, and thought about you…


A little birthday something for Kaz who wanted S4 Sam - SN: 04x12


A bunch of the OCs I’ve collected/received. I wrote down credits but they’re spread across Twitter/Tumblr/Deviantart and just names for some sO THAT’S NOT REALLY GOOD CREDITING…. I GUESS…. some of these have gotten a preliminary redesign too but I kinda stopped as time went on because that takes too much brain power–

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Hello~ I have a request please! ((ps I really like your writing ^^) MC and Yoosung and/or Seven are about 12 years old and best childhood friends. They have always had a crush on each other but never admitted to it. Fast forward to current day MC and Yoosung and/or Seven, they still have a crush on each other. At a Valentine's RFA themed party, MC decides to confess her love to him. You can do what you'd like with this prompt, but I'd love to see a reaction too :) thanks!



One day that he was on the hallway of the church has hypnotized by a sound and when he got closer he was amused with a beautiful voice.That voice came from a little girl.

He just stared amazed of the beauty of her voice…but maybe he stare too much so you notice and you wave at him.AND OH MY FUCKING GOD HIS REACTION WAS SO FUCKING CUTE.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

But the nun scold you.He stops waving an starts to go to another place.  

The Next day you see him and scared him from behind Poor baby he was really scared .

  • ”Ahhh!” he screams and at the same time he falls on his butt
  • ”I´m sorry.Are you ok?”You try to touch him on his arm but he immediately pulls out.
  • ”Ouch!” You touch him on one of his bruises.
  • Are you hurt?”You lean and kiss him in his arm were that big bruise was.
  • He was surprised and very red 
  • Don´t worry…my kiss will help.”
  • ”Ok…” he is still very red .
  • “You are red like a tomato” you giggle

You stand up and give him your hand to help him get up,he grabs it and stands up too.Taking his hand you don´t let go and guide him to the cafeteria of the church.

  • “Let´s eat something” you say enthusiastic.
  • “What? Why?” He was scared of getting cut.
  • “You are very skinny and I never see you eat something plus you stare  the food the same way you stare at me.” 
  • “Did you notice?”  still red
  • “Yes,but don´t worry I look at you all the time and that´s why I notice all those thing.”
  • You took a banana and peel it for him “Eat”
  • “No,It´s bad.What if they catch us?”
  • “They won´t.I promise”
  • “I have a brother and…”
  • You took another banana and other types of fruits and some sandwiches that were around and put it all in a bag.”Take.Now let´s go”
  • You hear someone is coming.
  • “Run Tom”
  • “Tom?”

You two ran and when you were far enough you catch your breath as you stop.

You started laughing and he thought you were weird but cute at the same time.

  • “That was exciting”
  • “That was crazy !” he yells 
  • You giggle  “Tom,It was a thrilling day with you but I have to go.See you later” You give him a kiss on his cheek of good bye and you run in  another direction.
  • “Hey!” he said “My name is Seayoung not tom”and then he yells.

Obviously he told Saeran every thing of what happened “Wow that was a very Interesting and exciting day…I wish I could have a day like that” Saeran says.

Seayoung was excited of seeing you again even if you were a little bit crazy but he didn´t see you until years later.

When he first saw pictures of you ( In the background cheek) he knew who you were but He was to 100% sure since he dosen´t know the name of the little girl.And 1 year later after you enter RFA he is still just your friend.

But all changed when you proposed a RFA party with the them of Valentine´s day and you though it will be a good idea if you sing a love song.The moment of truth arrived and when you were singing…and in the corner of the crowed you saw Seven and he stare at you like that little boy that you meet at the church.You wave at him and he does the same reaction of when he was a boy.

  • First,He turn around because he though you were waving to someone else.
  • No one is behind
  • He looks back at you and he point at himself.You giggle.
  • Tomato face ON
  • He waves back in a super shy and cute way.

When you finish, you go to him and you say:

  • “Hey,Tom.Sorry I mean Seayoung”
  • “You Heard me”
  • “Yes.You know I was always so bold and adventures when I was younger…”
  • “Yeah,I know” He cut you as he smile 
  • “Now I´m not like that but I will try to bring my inner child and say something that I wanted to say for a long time…*Inhale* I like you,Seven,Luciel,Seayoung,Tom”
  • Tomato face SUPER ON
  • “I like you too,Mc”
  • Tomato face Mega ON
  • You hug each other like the knowing the past was the final piece and now you feel complete.
  • “Seven…”
  • “Yes?”
  • “Where is your brother?”
  • “What?”
  • “You told me that you had a brother…”
  • “…”

There is a missing piece in seven´s puzzle and you were wiling to find it with him by your side.

HEY! HAPPY VALENTINE´S  DAY  a little late but I´m her. I hope you liked this post and give my blog a little visit if you want some mysme Hc and for the people that give me the opportunity to work with them THANK YOU! I hope you pass a great day/year/life.

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NHK Trophy 2016: Tessa & Scott + post-FD hug

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Genos wanting to get Saitama something for his birthday. Genos notices Saitama's favorite mug is getting worn and has a hairline crack in the handle which is a disaster waiting to happen. So Genos searches and searches but can't find a cup he likes. He knows Saitama's favorite Ghibli film is Kiki's Delivery Service so Genos decides to go out, buy a plain white mug, gets some special black paint and paints the black cat design on the mug Kiki buys in the movie. Kitty themed as a bonus too!

What if Saitama opens up the wrapping, sees just the tail on the side of the mug, instantly recognizes it, and then goes in for the mega hug ///

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foxyyyyyyyycakeeeee!!!!! aaaahhhhh i missed you toooooo so much much!!!!<3<3<33<3<33<3 heiii i heard you get many followers too and some patrons!!!! congratulation sweety!!! you deserve them and more!!!<3 *KISUUU BACK AND ahhhhh someone help me because i getting throttling!!! X’’’D*


  • Strange: *returns to the Sanctum after a while out*
  • Cloak: !!! *hugs hugs hugs hugs!!!*
  • Strange: AHHHH!!
  • Cloak: *HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG!!!*
  • Strange: I promise I'll take you with me next time!
  • Cloak: *MEGA HUG! SUPER HUG!!!!*
  • Strange: *tries to walk but falls*
  • Strange: WONG! HELP!

I am Lysandre’s N°1 favourite.
I am Professor Sycamore N°1 favourite.
I am Charizard’s and Manon’s too.
Even Steven Stone loves me.
But still nobody cares about me *sobs*
Malva will be in the last act!! I’m so happy!!! ç-ç Love that flaming bitch ç-ç

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Got any headcanons about solangelo + picture taking?

HEY IT’S @vivilevone 

I need solangelo desperately in my life right now so I’m indulging both myself and you

  • well, we all know Will is the one that takes pictures of Nico constantly
  • since demigods can’t really use phones and all, Will has a polaroid camera
    • Nico bought it for him as as six-month anniversary gift
    • he has never regretted anything more
  • Will goes out and buys, like, ten packs of film for the camera and suddenly he’s everywhere
  • Nico eating lunch? Click! Nico climbing the lava wall? Click! Nico taking a short nap? Click!
    • Nico waking up from the nap with a look of murderous rage? Click!
  • eventually campers start to join in and then everyone is taking pictures of Nico
  • Nico gets fed up with it really quickly and Will thinks he’s just being contrary
    • “But look at how cute you look sitting at the campfire” “Oh can I see that a second?” *Nico tears the picture in half* “yeah really cute I see it now”
  • Will soon realizes it’s because Nico is hella self-conscious
    • so he takes all of these pictures he’s got of Nico and combines them into a scrapbook
    • and then he goes around camp while Nico is at camp jupiter visiting Hazel, and he gets everyone to write something nice on the blank space under the polaroids
  • when Nico returns Will hands him the scrapbook and kisses him and says “I’m not the only one who loves you”
  • Nico opens it and starts to cry and hugs Will mega tight because True Love
  • this mostly ended up being a short fanfiction SORRY
  • but anyway after that Will stops taking SO MANY pictures of Nico
    • but Nico takes a few of Will, and treasures them forever

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Omg a new KnB scenario blog!! Ily so much lemme hug you ;33 xDD can I ask for Mayuzumi who has a very cute, childlike s/o who's all bouncy and like a ball of sunshine? Although she's just 2 years younger than him. Mega fluffy please ;))

Ahh *hugs you back* thank you :D

Sometimes, Mayuzumi thought, you were literally a human ball of energy. He seriously didn’t understand where you got all of it from but he didn’t really question it either; he just let you be yourself because that was the person he fell in love with after all. Mayuzumi had always considered his preference of people to lean more towards the quiet ones and he hadn’t realised just how wrong he was until you came along, shattering all of his previous conceptions about himself and what he looked for in a person.

You were just adorable. Constantly hyper. The sun incarnated.

Even more so as you danced about his room in nothing but one of his T-shirts and some loose shorts which Mayuzumi couldn’t actually see because of how large his shirt was on you. He’d initially been reluctant to let you wear his clothes, turning the idea down, but that all went out of the window when you decided to go ahead and take the shirt anyways - pulling it out of his drawer when he wasn’t looking. Now you were wearing it however, he couldn’t take his eyes away and he couldn’t fathom why he’d ever said no in the first place.

Quiet music played from your phone and Mayuzumi recognized it vaguely however couldn’t be bothered to figure out what song it was, he was too entranced by your energetic dancing.

“C’mon! Join in!” You laughed, swinging your arms around in a way that was barely in time with the music. Mayuzumi huffed in amusement, your erratic movements were impulsive and he could tell you were much more focussed on having fun than creating an actual routine.

Mayuzumi shook his head and waved a hand, “no, no, I insist that you carry on as you are,”

You pouted playfully, apparently not content with that answer. You rarely were, but that didn’t stop you from getting your own way with Mayuzumi anyways.

“Please?” You clasped your hands together, jumping towards Mayuzumi as best you could in a way that was vaguely keeping in touch with the beat.

“But I can appreciate you better from the sidelines,” he told you, folding his arms and walking towards his bed. You, nevertheless, were not having any of this, instead taking Mayuzumi by the hands and forcing him to dance; he tried his best not to give you a reaction but you were just so cute that he smiled anyways, despite thinking about how much of a fool he must look like.

“You got this!” You laughed, moving both of his arms in circular motions, jumping from foot to foot. It took a little more coaxing but eventually Mayuzumi lost whatever reservations he may have had and began dancing with you, your energy fuelling him as well as you. You danced around him in a circle and his eyes followed you, you then placed one hand on his shoulder and took one of his hands in your other. The two of you continued like this, spinning each other and, at one point, Mayuzumi dropping you down into his arms before pulling you back up with a laugh, until a new music track came on, one that was slower and steadier with a lulling beat.

Mayuzumi’s smile grew more affectionate and his eyes reflected an image of you. He pulled you closer to his body with the arm that he’d wrapped around your waist, bringing his other hand away from yours and instead placing them on either side of your waist. In return, you rested your arms on his shoulders, hooking your hands together behind his neck. You looked tenderly into each other’s eyes and, Mayuzumi thought, this was the quietest he’d ever seen you.

You both swayed to the music, moving in a lazy circle, lost completely in each other.

The moment was perfect, and Mayuzumi wanted nothing more than for things to stay like this forever; that was when you, with another sudden burst of energy, leapt up, wrapping your arms and legs around Mayuzumi, and captured his mouth in a kiss. His arms moved to accommodate your weight and hold you against him before he backed towards the bed and fell down with you still on top of him.

“You’re way too excitable,” Mayuzumi joked.

“You know you love it,” you laughed, almost squeezing him with a tight, affectionate hug.

Mayuzumi laughed softly; boy were you right.

GOT7 reaction to you wanting to spend Christmas with them for the first time

Hi~ Can I request got7 reactions when their gf wants to spend Christmas with them for the first time? :) Good luck with your blog! (may I also ask where are you from? I’m just curious 😊)

Hi everyone! I’m back, sort of.

I don’t want to talk too much this time, I just wanted to apologize who sent to me this request for waiting so long and answer the question above. I’m italo-polish and I lived most of my life in Italy. :)

Btw, the reaction can be a bit different from the previous ones, bc I like to change everything (?). Sorry if it isn’t what you expected. 

See ya!


-Christmas together? Oh, yeah, okay, cool.

*Rainbows and unicors appear in front of him for the happines (?). But only internally*

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*What you wanted to do to convince him and how it ended up*

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-Like together together? Only you and me?- *shocked Jackson*

-Something alla… yeah? You don’t want to?

-No, no, it’s not this. But I have to spend Christmas with my entire family, I need to see everyone. We can’t just spend it alone! If we fly to Hong Kong it would be much better, don’t you think?

-Jackson, please, don’t tell you already bought the tickets for the two of us to Hong Kong and you don’t know how to explain it to me.- Some sort of childish and innocent smile appeared on his face.

-Actually… well, I booked them three months ago? But you’ll forgive me, right? Remember, I’m your Wang Puppy! You have to forgive your Wang Puppy.

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-No. - he looked at you.

-Wait, what? Why?- you replied shocked.

-I need to plan it out one year before, what do you think, that talking about this two months before  it’s okay? You think I have planned nothing for December?

-Actually, you have nothing in your agenda…

*Starts to talk in an invented language to deconcentrate you*

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-Yay my [Y/N] wants to spend Christmas with me!

*Happy, probably too much*

Lol sorry for the gif, but it’s just beautiful.

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-Oh yeah, I like this idea, our first Christmas together in a big city.- *Wants to book a flight to Paris, but then he realizes that this it’s too expensive even for him*

-Hey, [Y/N], what do you think if we stay for Christmas in Seoul? We can do much more things here… like… understand what people on the street say.

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-Yugyeom oppaaaa!


-Are we going to spend Christmas together this year?- *for a second he dosen’t know how answer to you*

-Yes, we’re going to spend this Christmas together, only you and me! *so happy*

*Mega hug*

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