mega heroes

  • Shadow: Rouge said that in order for friendships to grow, I need a better understanding of what they like. So why don't we play a game, of painball? You like painball right?
  • Sonic: Pretty sure we call it paintba-
  • Shadow: *shoots Sonic in the kneecap*
  • Sonic [ falls down in pain ]: SON OF A BI- NOW I GET!
  • Sonic: Hey Shadow, mind helping me out wit-
  • Shadow: There's nothing in the world that's more satisfying, than the rush I get from hearing a person scream in pain and agony.
  • Sonic: ...
  • Sonic: ...Hey Knuckles, do you mind helping me out.
  • *trapped by Yokai*
  • Gogo: We gotta get out of here!
  • Hiro: Yeah, thank you, Katherine Obvious!
  • Gogo: What?
  • Hiro: I said, thank you, Katherine Obvious.
  • Fred: Did he say "Katherine Obvious"?
  • Honey: It's "Captain Obvious".
  • Hiro: Huh?
  • Gogo: The expression is "Thank you, CAPTAIN Obvious."
  • Hiro: It's not Katherine?
  • Gogo: No.
  • Wasabi: Who would Katherine be?
  • Hiro: Katherine could be a captain!
  • Vector: All right Charmy, I think it's time Espio and I gave you that 'special' talk about the birds and the bees.
  • Charmy: I just want to be dead.
  • Vector: *Makes direct eye contact with Espio and whispers*
  • Vector: WHAT THE FUCK?
  • Espio[ sweats nervously ]: Wow.. I think Shadow has really influenced our Charmy.

Perhaps an oversimplification, but yeah. lol

Seriously though, I ADORE Boxman! :D

Jim Cummings is the best!

(edit: Yes, I’m aware of his resemblance to N. Gin, but that’s more superficial. I’m talking about not only design, but also things like personality, character relations, and thematic elements.)