mega gyrados

but like. what if after one year- in real time- passed after you defeated team flare in XY, there was a chance (which increases day by day so that by the time like three months is up it has to have happened) that a new trainer will appear in Geosenge town.

All he will do when talked to is mention that the events that happened a year ago drew him there, then request a battle. You can deny it, but after this happens five times, the next time you enter Geosenge he’ll be talking to Trevor, who will ‘convince’ you to battle the guy.

Splash art shows him as well dressed, with a waistcoat and tie, fair skin, blue eyes, and short brown hair going ginger at the roots. His team consists of a level 69 Meinshao, level 69 Honchkrow, Level 71 Pyroar, Level 73 (Mega) Gyrados, and a Level 70 Ageislash

If you lose to him, he’ll offer an open rematch, saying something about how obviously the Hero of Kalos must not have been at full strength, but if you win, he says it was an honour to battle you 'under more friendly circumstances’, and flies away via honchkrow.

No further mention of this is made in the game unless you head to Lumiose City and go to Professor Sycamore’s office, where you will instead find Sina and Dexio, who will evaluate your pokedex, ect. If you haven’t completed at least the Kalos dex, you won’t be able to get further until you do, but if you have they will immediately send you off to the 'abandoned cafe- where, you know, it all happened’, meaning Lysandre Cafe.

When you get there, you see the professor storming out- he won’t stop to talk, and if you try and chase him down by going back to his office he’ll just do the normal dialogue. If you go inside the former cafe, you’ll find it’s been reskinned- it now does look very abandoned, except for the guy you saw in Geosenge sitting in one of the seats up the back.

He calls you over for a chat, and tells you he’s returned to Lumiose for a reason. One of his old 'associates’ from the incident one year ago has managed to wrangle themselves free of the police force, and may be out on the loose. He asks that you convince the detective girl nearby, Emma, to help you track down this criminal before any more damage is done- he says that she won’t listen to him because of 'demons of the past’, but that he honestly wants to help. You exchange HoloCaster numbers with him, so that you can call him for more information.

Then proceeds a redemption arc sidequest for Lysandre, because if Xerosic gets one, damn straight Lysandre’s gonna get one too. It would involve tracking down ex-Flare members trying to start up a new group, as well as working with the Masked Heroes of Kalos, and Professor Sycamore. And then maybe Lysandre and Professor Sycamore making up somewhat.

Yay I finally have time to draw something! Another Arcanine pokefusion, this time with Mega Gyrados. I dub thee: Arcados!


Type: Fire/Water

This aquatic sub-species of the more common Arcanine has evolved to survive in the dark depths of the ocean. It is far more hostile than its land relative. If angered, the water surrounding it will begin to boil as it lets off massive amounts of heat from its body.