mega fro

anonymous asked:

Last month I did the big chop n at first I was fine but now I feel so self conscious I dont even want to take selfies... I put a curling custard in my hair but my face is so chubby, I miss my longer hair but I dont miss the perms :( I dont (cont)

(cont.) Even want anyone from school to see me with my short hair, I blow dried my hair and my mom laughs at how it looks, and I think it’s too short to straighten too… Idk what to do.

Hey honey…

I’m sorry you’re feeling like this. I wish we lived in the same town so we could hang out and I could tell you how bomb you look with your short hair. We’d experiment with different makeup looks and I’d encourage you to ignore your mom’s laughter because she’s gonna be amazed at your mega fro in the next couple of years. Since we can’t hang out, I suggest you say a quick prayer and try your best to acknowledge that you are wonderfully made. Chubby face? Girl please… I’m sure it’s just fine. It sucks that our biggest critics are ourselves. Try using a contour powder if you really think it’s that big of a deal. I’ve found that makeup and cute accessories make people feel really girly after a big chop. Maybe that’ll work for you. 

I decided to include a photo of a beautiful person with SHORT natural hair to inspire you. Nobody from school or any place else can judge your for the length of your hair unless you give them that power. Experiment with products and find a regimen that’ll work for you and promote hair growth. Take selfies with confidence. Go back to school with confidence. That’s what you should do. 

Best wishes and be sure to keep me posted!