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Squirtle was never an indigenous specie in the Kroel Region, but it was introduced as a pet and soon raise in popularity. However, its popularity died many people began to release them in the wild where they started to thrive. Since Kroel rivers and ocean are already packed with fierce predators, this pokemon made it home in Kroel swamps which brought a very obvious change. Kroelian squirtles have become ground type pokemons and had grown strong shovel-like claws that help them burrow its way across the muddy waters of the swamps, and their hard shells has evolved to be tougher to protect them from the swamp predators they might find. A kroelian Blastoise is a sight to see, for once a little squirtle reaches this stage of evolution, it will no longer have any predator at all. A kroelian Blastoise is the king of the swamp, changing its cannons for drills that help it expand its territory by digging greater marshes and destroying rocks and trees that might stand on its way, armed with a powerful jaw and terrifying claws there’s no other pokemon that will dare to face it.


-The Tiny Turtle pokemon
-Ability: Strong Jaw -Rain Dish

–>Evolves at lv. 16<–

-The Turtle Pokemon
-Ability:  Strong Jaw - Rain Dish

–>Evolves at lv. 36<–

-The Shellfish Pokemon
-Ability: Strong Jaw - Rain Dish

–>With Blastoisite<–

-The Shellfish Pokemon
-Ability: Liquid Metal- All water type moves are treated as Steel moves at the same time, and get a 20% power up boost

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I made this QR code after I finished my playthrough of moon, as I just missed my girl so much. out of the two outfits, she wears in the game I couldn't pick a favorite so I went with a Z form inspired outfit!

feel free to share and I’d love to see your mayor or villagers dressed up as everyone favorite girl!

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Marshmallow - a drabble

Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Fluff

Summary: Yoongi was being exceptionally clingy today

Word Count: 843

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A pair of hands grabbed onto your over sized t-shirt in an attempt to pull you back into the embodiment of eternal comfort aka your bed. 

You struggled to pry the hands away from the hem of your shirt, “Yoongi, I have to go.”

At the beginning of your relationship, you viewed Yoongi in the same light as many others had seen him: a certified badass. His glare could bring a wave of intimidation in almost anyone who dared to make eye contact with him. He was known for being savage, and some even claimed he was a cold-hearted man. 

‘HA! Cold-hearted savage my ass’, you thought as an annoyed grin grew upon your face.

“Noooo, stay for five more minutes.” 

He pulled out that adorable little pout that he knew you couldn’t resist, which was why he was so surprised when you successfully pulled him off of you without a second glance. With great strength, you managed to avert your attention away from your boyfriend’s futile attempts in using his rarely seen forms of aegyo as to lure you back into bed. When Yoongi saw you leave and head to the kitchen, he thought about giving up…but he was Min Yoongi, and “cold-hearted badass, savage” Min Yoongi never gives up.

You busied yourself by preparing breakfast. The pots and pans clattered in the cupboard as you tried to dig around for the frying pan. Just as you set the pan on the stove and cracked a couple of eggs into it, you felt Yoongi’s arms wrap around your waist and his chin against your shoulder,

“Yah. Yoongi, what are you doing? Don’t you have to get ready to go to the recording studio or something?”

He shook his head, “I decided to take the day off.” 

That was a major surprise. Yoongi? Taking a day off? In the three years you have been with him, you have never seen him take a day off. Even when he was supposed to be on vacation, he still chose to work whether it be by thinking of new lyrics to developing new melodies. 

“Oh really? Why? What’s the special occasion?” Your brain combed through your internal files of memory trying to scavenge for any important dates or holidays you may have forgotten about, but nothing came to mind.

“You’re off from work today so I thought I could spend some time with my jagiya.” 

While you were doubtful, still believing that he’d soon go to his office and work in just a few moments, you were still happy that he admitted he wanted to spend time with you.

You turned off the stove and dumped the freshly cooked eggs onto a plate, but such a simple task wasn’t so easy due to a certain someone being overly clingy today. By now, he’d usually unhook himself from you and retreat to his desk…but he was still here. In fact, he seemed like he was going to be glued to you for the remainder of your day off….and your prediction was more than just accurate.

It was Sunday, it was your day off, and on Sundays you liked to clean the apartment, do chores and all the other things that needed to be done after breakfast. House cleaning was normally a very therapeutic ritual for you…but normally you wouldn’t have someone back hug you the entire time. 

You tried washing the dishes, vacuuming the floors, doing the laundry, but all of your efforts were made double because Yoongi was hugging you like a sloth latching onto a tree. 

By the time noon rolled around, you had had enough, “YAH! MIN YOONGI!”

He was startled by your sudden exclamation, “What?”

“Why are you so clingy today?”

“I wanted to spend time with you.”

You squeezed the bridge of your nose with your thumb and index finger,

“Yoongi, does your definition of ‘spending time with me’ include hanging onto me like a koala while I’m trying to get things done?”

“Well, my definition of ‘spending time with you’ included cuddling and I wanted to, but you wouldn’t stay in bed. So I decided to cuddle out of bed instead.” 

‘What the hell…’, you thought, ‘Why does he have to be so fucking cute?’

Slowly, your heart began to melt at his extra boyfriend-y antics. You finally gave in,

“It is noon…and I am sorta tired…why don’t we go take a nap?”

Was it possible for humans to purr? Because Yoongi purred against your shoulder in satisfaction and triumph as he heard those words leave your mouth.

You plopped into the sheets allowing yourself to be once again engulfed in Yoongi’s embrace. In no time, you felt his soft snores resonate against your skin. 

Everyone first thought that this man right here, the man who purred against you like an adorable little kitten, was the most savage and badass member of BTS. While that may be true for some of the time, other times, times like this, he was just a soft little marshmallow…your savage, badass, soft little marshmallow. 

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Remember that alternate forms pokemon meme? remember it was soon replaced with the crossbreed pokemon meme? well, by the time those memes were hot on the internet I had no computer or scanner, and I had this Idea sitting there, but by the time I recovered my scanner the meme was no longer that relevant. However, thanks to pokemon sun and moon coming soon and thanks to some first gen pokemons having alternative “alola” forms, I think it was time I finally made this thing

I always tought it would be fun to se how different climates will affect a torterra’s shell garden, knowing the same plants dont grow in different ecosystems, and maybe crossing a torterra with different grass pokemon will make them suitable for their respective climates as seen in the picture

The first two are the most tropical ideas I had, one based on a tropical Island like hawaii and the other based on a rainforest or jungle, I know the moai heads are found on an Island too but please just coup with me a little

The third one is a frozen forest, this seemed to fit since off the 5 pokemons with alola forms, 4 are now Ice types, I asume we will be getting an island with snowe mountains and such

The fourth is based on a garden pond, it seems there will be a more asian inspired island, and all I could think about where japanese gardens, and even when we all see ludicolo as a mexican dancing tree, it is designed after lilypads and kappas, the latest being japanese not mexican

and thats pretty much it, I has been wanting to make this for a long time but couldnt find the inspiration to, until now


Another leak says the same major detail:

The last major difference is Pokémon Follow you.

“By this time, you should be preparing the team you’re going to use for Ultra Sun and Moon to walk.”

There are two files per Pokémon, each Evolution:

  • Walking Animation
  • Running Animation

MEGA POKEMON Animations (Possible) Walking and running will stay-in their Mega Forms, similar to POKEMON XY, Sun and Moon Anime. 

Mega Pokémon have “walking animations” too! A feature that has never-been seen before in previous games, including Pokémon Sun and Moon and HeartGold SoulSilver.


  • Shiny Animations are NOT CONFIRMED yet. But seeing as HeartGold and SoulSilver included them, they should be in USUM.

Having Mega-Evolved Pokémon in the Overworld in Ultra Sun and Moon means that Mega Pokémon may finally carry status items aside from their Mega Stone.

“I’d say that the largest drawback to a Mega Stone is that the Pokemon can’t heal itself, power up or cure status with items. However there are other ways to achieve this.”

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5- Mega Evolution

I had bunches of fun with this! Expect a reblog of this come morning!

Thank you so much for sending in a meme request, I was really hoping to do some of those ones you made! I hope this suffices, I’m really content with how this turned out! I think it’s the best my style can get right now.

I tried to include various music references while keeping the design a mix and match of the Aria and Pirouette forms. The form is mostly Aria, though, save for the Pirouette part of the hair, where it curls.

I would like to imagine that this is a Mega Evolution that is exclusive to when Meloetta is in its Aria Forme. I originally planned to make a Pirouette version, but I hadn’t any more ideas.

Voltron/Digimon AU (with digimon diagrams!)

I was watching the original Digimon with my best friend yesterday, so of course this AU popped into my head. Let’s just get right into it then, shall we?

So the first four digidestined to be sucked into the digital world were Shiro, Allura, Lotor, and Matt. If anyone remembers from the original show, time in the digital world moves a LOT faster than time in the real world. I think it was one day in the digital world equals one minute in the real world. This is relevant because the first four digidestined were missing for one real-world year, which—to them being in the digital world—equals about 1440 years.

But no one knows what happened to these four kids, only that Shiro and Matt were together when they disappeared. And no one knows that Allura and Lotor’s disappearances were related.

Fast-forward that year to the other four digidestined—Keith, Lance, Pidge, and Hunk. We’ll say they’re at flight camp for the summer, because parallels. Keith and Shiro are half-brothers in this AU, so Keith probably has a good dose of angst going for him. Keith lives with their dad, while Shiro lived with his mom. Guess we don’t know where Keith’s mom is.

Anyway, they’re at camp and they get sucked into the digital world where they meet their digimon. I think it will be a situation where Shiro actually shows up at their camp, and thus Keith is shocked, but before any kind of communication can be had, the other four get sucked in as well. Maybe some giant digimonster was trying to get through the hole from one world to the other and Shiro was stopping it with his partner digimon, which is why he showed up there, but had to quickly leave again.

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I don’t know, I was kinda not excited for the Mega Forms/Evolutions but then I am?

Hope other pokémons that didn’t had an evolution before can have a Mega Forme! Here’s my take on Kangaskhan… It’s very messy, too complicated but then it was fun to imagine this!

I would only keep the head and redesign everything else but I’m tired haha … Peace!

taintedvirus  asked:

Out of all the designs you've done for Jwittz's alola and mega forms, which from each category would you say you had the most fun coming up with and liked Tue most? In my opinion Alola Clefable was just beautiful, and I loved the Mega Flygon.

Thanks! My favorite from the Mega Evolution designs was Lunatone because I had to come up with what sorts of design changes for it would reflect its change in type to part Fairy, and giving it pretty clouds and a more opalescent color scheme was nice, but my favorite part was adding the bunny ears crater to its eye - giving it a reference real world folklore (tsuki no usagi)!

My favorite of the Alolan designs was definitely Clefable. Alolan forms are such a cool concept because Pokemon physically change based on environmental factors (and human interference). So I had to figure out what sort of changes like that would affect Clefable. My thought was, “lunar rainbows are such a fairy tale-like phenomenon, I wonder if they occur in Hawaii anywhere?” I learned that Hawaii is actually one of the more well-known places to view them, so basing Clefable’s Alolan counterpart around that was rather fitting!